I think I need to make some changes on what I’m doing with these blogs. My hope is to do a lot more reading on blogs, and figure out what they’re doing. I don’t think anyone is sharing their links each day, so I’m not going to do that. I’m sure some of you are quite relieved.

Let’s get to some more tips on camping.

You want everyone to have jobs that they can do. Little ones are going to be able to pick up pine cones, and you can use those to make your fire. Children in wheelchairs could help you keep up with what you’re making at each of your meals. They may also be able to help you to keep up with the other children.

What does your special needs child need to sleep? Are there stuffed animals they do not like to sleep without? Take those. Is there a blanket that they do not sleep without? Take it.

Long ago, when I was little, we went camping with our church group. One of the things that I remember doing is playing games with different friends. Playing games is something I can do with others.

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  1. Some people would indeed be quite relieved.

    [it might be a help if the links were on your About page or on the splash screen to get to the Business Blog].

    [or they could even be in the META section].

    Appreciate the camping tips. And the job carving/apportionment tips!

    Pinecones are indeed helpful for fires [though I think I prefer to have them decorated sympathetically in tone with the season]. I wonder where your pinecones come from? Plants like the Douglas fir or other Yuletide-associated trees? [or did you collect them all the year?]

    “Keeping up” and “catching up” is such a big part of this season – it seems that nothing and nobody is still.

    Ah – a sense of the big picture and of organisation.

    That is a counter point to the lack of spontaneity which can sometimes happen and is often inevitable.

    Yes – every friend likes their own game.

    A recent Christmas – many people played Uno.

    [and Uno is a game many people have made accessible – like you can have a button saying Uno or a communication device – or the numbers and symbols are in Braille].

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