We are going to look at something besides cruises. Today we will be looking at Alderbrook Resort and Spa. This is a great place for it is also on the beach, and is a great place to soak in nature. It is also friendly and accessible. Looking for luxury? You can get it at this resort, making it perfect for either a couple’s getaway or a family vacation.

When you call to make a booking, you are going to need to think through what you want in this vacation. Are you looking for the utmost in privacy for you and your husband? You probably want to book one of their cabins. Do you and your family want to be near all of the activities? Book one of their suites.

What is there to do? can take one of their classes they offer. If you’re an avid reader who thinks no vacation complete without getting several books read, you’ll probably enjoy curling up in front of the massive fireplace in the lobby.


Answering a question

I had a question from yesterday about how important it is to be on time to your cruise ship. That seemed like an important enough question to look up and get an answer to. I don’t know the answer to that because I’ve never been on a cruise to be perfectly clear.

I’m reading that if you go on the cruise’s excursions, the bus is not going to leave until they have each person back was on that bus. You should also know that a lot of the cruises’ excursions will be little except shopping trips.

You can actually do anything that you would like on these shore excursions. You can go on a long hike, or you could do water sports. You can also find places which are going to give you cooking classes. You can also just walk around the city.

But I know that all of this is not answering our question, “How important is it to be on time after an excursion?” Okay, I think I’ve finally found something. The ship will normally sail thirty minutes after everyone is supposed to be back on the ship. Usually, there is going to be a large sign at the gangway letting you know when you are to be back on board. Remember to have something that will let you know the ship’s time.

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  • Now you are going to want to do a bit of research when it comes to the ports that you will be visiting on your cruise. You will want to know what language they speak and which currency they use. You will also want to figure out what you will want to do at each of these ports.
  • You will want to leave anything that you aren’t going to need on the excursions on your ship. But bring a back pack to bring your essentials. You will want to bring your camera and extra battery. You are going to also want to bring a bathing suit.
  • You may be safest to go on the excursions that your cruise puts on. Unfortunately, safest does not necessarily mean least expensive. If you do go out on your own, it is important that you keep up with the ship’s time, and know exactly when to be back.
  • Are you planning to do a lot of water sports on your cruise? You would be wise to take some kind of dry bag. You don’t want to get your possessions, do you? You could buy A wet bag online. You could also take a good Ziploc bag.
  • You are going to always to want to keep your sunglasses with you. The same can be said for sunscreen. You will also want to always have a camera with you to take all of the pictures to give all of your friends fomo. And keep a water bottle with you, but don’t most people always do that.?
  • You are also going to want to take an extra camera battery. You will never know when you might run out of juice. Take something with you so you don’t get frustrated that you didn’t get that perfect picture.
  • You are going to be doing a whole lot of walking on your cruise. You do not want to forget a good pair of walking shoes. Take something that you know that you will for sure that you will be comfortable in.

I have lots I’m trying to figure out with the business. Doing these cruise tips is fairly quick and easy for me. I hope you find them interesting. I know I do. And obviously, most of these tips are going to work on any cruise that you were to go on.

  • This is something Celebrity does that I’m not sure other cruiselines do. They have a package called their dining package. With this you are going to be able to eat at of their specialty restaurants for one price instead of paying for the meals individually.
  • And I know that I’ve said this before, and I’m sure I’ll go over this again, but you do not want to drink too much when you are on a ship. Think about it, that ship is going to be in the ocean. You get so drunk that you do not know where you are going, and who knows where you might end up. It’s just not a good idea.
  • They are always going to serve you lunch when you do excursions. But sometimes that is a long time coming. Check to see if the port is going to allow you to bring food in, and if they do, pack yourself some kind of snack before the trip starts.
  • The ship’s cooks are going to have the menu for your entire voyage all planned out by the time you get on board. Go down and look at that and see which days you are going to want to eat in the main dining room and which days you don’t. Do this before you you make your specialty reservations so you’ll know which days work best for you. They will also have themed days which most cruisers will not want to miss.
  • You can bring two bottles of wine with you on board. They will charge you something if you were to drink that wine in a public area. But they do not charge you to bring a wine glass to your room. And you just might be able to pour yourself a glass in your room and then take it on up to dinner.
  • You may be in for some rather late nights with all there is to do on the ship in the evenings. Go ahead and sleep in. Order room service for breakfast.
  • You should also know that they do not have nearly all of their food available for room service. But you can always order food and take it back to your room.

We are going to look yet again at some more tips about Celebrity Cruises, and what you should do while on them.

  • Is enjoying some private time something that is going to be important to you while you are on board? There are going to be a lot of people on that ship. If you are going to be traveling with someone besides your husband, you might want to get adjoining rooms so that your group can get together in privacy. It is not clear from this article how many rooms can actually be connected.
  • Are you, or someone you’re traveling with, prone to seasickness? You are going to want to book an interior room. You will find being in an interior room to be less rocky.
  • You are going to want to book rooms away from the areas where a lot of people are going to be in and out of.. You do not want to be above or below these areas. I’m talking about the places like the dining rooms or pool areas. If you, or someone you’re traveling with, have trouble getting around, you want to book a room near the elevator. If everyone is able to walk, elevators are probably going to be another place to avoid.

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  • Sometimes it takes a while for you to get access to your stateroom. But once you do gain access, you will want to go to your room, familiarizing yourself with the room and unpacking. Most people are not going to use their room except for sleeping and changing. And take the time to go ahead and meet your stateroom attendant and go over any concerns you might have.
  • You are going to be tired, sure, but do not waste your first day sleeping. You will want to go to the ship’s meetings figure out anything you can about the ship.
  • Are you looking for the ultimate in relaxation on this voyage? Try book one of their aqua spa staterooms. Celebrity has some of the best spa as around. And by booking a spa cabin, you will get to take advantage of some of their exclusive deals.

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And now we are going to look into some more about Celebrity Cruises.

  • We are going to start by looking some more at the specialty restaurants. A lot of times they are going to have free samples and discounted dining on your first day onboard. You are going to want to take full advantage of that. This may help you decide which of these restaurants you want to go to during your cruise.
  • And the restaurants might not be the only people giving away discounts. That very first day you will want to go to the spa and see what they have available. And besides, your body might be in need of relaxation and comfort after all of the traveling you had to do to get to the cruise.
  • You are going to want to pack a carry on and have that with you on the first day of your cruise. Be sure to pack your swim suit and sunblock in case you want to take a dip, which is another good way to work out those travel kinks. Take an extra set of clothes. This is probably also where you’ll want to put your laptop or other devices if you might want to use those that first day.