More for the bucket list

I have a lot of other things that I would really like to get done. So let me go on and get started on this. We are going to talk about some more destinations you might want to consider for you and your family.

  • Today we are going to look at Great Wolf Lodge for starters. They have different locations throughout our fair country. This is an indoor water Park in a resort. And if I’m reading this right, they have a special place for families who have a special needs child. They have water slides for all types of skill levels and abilities. They will also have splash pads, a swimming pool, and several hot tubs. Their rooms and suites have kind of a rustic feel. Children are going to feel like they are camping. And all of the food is served buffet style so you will have little waiting time when it comes to food.
  • And you might want to also want to take a look at Beaches Resorts.. They have trained all of their staff to be able to work with children who have autism. So everyone is going to know about sensory issues, and other aspects of autism. Their kitchens are also going to work with you when it comes to dietary needs.

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