How to save

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it is Monday, time to do those links. My link on fiverr is, and for Groove it is Everyone knows that money doesn’t grow on trees, how many times did we hear that when we were growing up? And when you are part of a special needs family, your family always needs money. How are you supposed to save to travel? Let’s look at some tips that might help.

  • The first step is to look at everything you have. Look at everything that you have going out and everything that you have coming in. You want to know these figures inside and out to know what you have and what you need to do.
  • You might want to go on and set up a savings account to put what we are going to call your travel money. Put the money in the account and do not take any out except for when you travel.
  • You will want to find the right bank. Try to find a bank that is going to treat you and maybe even pay you some interest.

  • I’m sorry, I do know that some people do not live on a budget. But my parents raised me to believe that having a budget is the way to manage your money and see that you don’t get into debt. So when you start planning a cruise, you want to think through how much you want to spend. You will want to keep in mind is that that the more you spend up front the less you’ll have to pay when you are on board.
  • Where do you want to go on your cruise? Is that important to you? Some people go on cruises just to enjoy everything that they have on board.
  • If this is your first cruise, you may want to try something like the Caribbean. All cruise lines are different. Some newsletter cruises are best for families. Others will cater more to couples. Figure out what you would to do and then choose a cruise accordingly
  • New Orleans is growing in popularity again. I know they have an absolutely beautiful zoo, or it used to be beautiful thirty years ago when I went. You will be able to get French and Creole food. And they also usually have live music playing live music in several different places. However, I wouldn’t go this weekend since the city this city is probably busting at the seams with it being Mardis Gras.
  • My parents love going to Maine. It’s kind of their place to go when they can get away as just the two of them. I’ve never myself.. I know they’ve talked about Bar Harbor. This place has great seafood for sure.


  • has your family just been cooped up for too long? Are you looking for some excitement? You might want to try Altoona, Iowa. This is right outside Des Moines. You are going to find an amusement park here. You will also find a nice outlet mall. There is going to be a casino as well. I wonder if their hotel will be inexpensive because it is subsidized by the gambling?
  • Lawrence, Kansas is an university town. Here you are going to find wetlands, and this is a place that birdwatchers will especially enjoy. They also have a state park and some nice museums.
  • Is someone in your family into horses? Or maybe someone just loves baseball. Consider taking a trip to Louisville, Kentucky. This is the home of the great Kentucky Derby. They have a nice baseball museum too. And yes, Kentucky is also known for making bourbon.


  • Do you want to go somewhere with a lot of Southern charm? Try Savannah, Georgia. This is a place that artitechure enthusiasts are going to appreciate. There are also also horse-drawn carriages through the town squares. You may also enjoy their restaurants.
  • Where should you go in Hawaii? What about Maui? To start, it is a truly beautiful place. And it’s a good place to do all of the water sportys.
  • Those who love Portland are going to find Boise, Idaho to be a lot like it. You are going to find a lot of places to hke, ski, or raft. They also have some fine places to eat. So what is the difference between the two cities? You are going to find Boise to be less expensive.
  • You might be a foodie who has heard of the Chicago deep dish? This city has a fantastic zoo, great museums and parks. I’d guess you’d also find some nice shopping.
  • Or maybe you just want to get away from everyone and everything, and enjoy some nature. If that sounds like you, try Indiana Dunes National Park. National parks are rising in popularity, but few people know about this place, not yet anyway.

More places

  • You may have heard of this place, Los Angeles. I’m teasing about you not hearing of it, of course. You may want to visit the studios where all the movies are made. You may want to see the star walk. You might want to tour some of the places that the stars live.
  • Are you what people would call a foodie? You might want to visit Denver, Colorado. You are going to find a lot of good restaurants. You are going to find a lot of ski resorts in the area. But I hear that this city has a lot of wonderful parks if you want something to do in between meals.
  • Or maybe you have always dreamed of visiting New England. You might want to try Bridgeport, Connecticut. It is the fifth largest city of that area, but it still feels like a small town. This town also has a lot of great parks.
  • Do you want to go to the beach? You will want to consider Wilmington, Delaware. This was once the home of the du Pont family. You can learn all about that family here.
  • We are going to end with another very well known city, and that is Orlando. This is the theme park capital of the world. I know they have Disney World, Universal Studios, and LEGOLAND. They also have Sea World. And those are only the ones I’m sure of.

Places to go

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I wasn’t sure what to do today, so let’s start taking a looking at some of the places you can go to in each state.

  • Do you and your family just love watersports? Are you looking for a beach vacation? You might want to look at Orange Beach, which is in Alabama.. It has been growing in popularity for several years. In warmer weather, their amphitheater is going to have live music. They also have nice shopping.
  • Is all you want to do when you are on vacation is to be outside? I don’t think you are going to want any time in winter, but Juneau is a beautiful place. You have to go to their waterfalls. You and your family might also enjoy their wildlif
  • e. Another place that is growing in popularity is Sedona, Arizona. You might want to take in the beautiful scenery. Or you might want to go and relax at their resort. Or you might want to do some of both.
  • This sounds good to me, I love being in hot water, as long as it is literal hot water. Arkansas has a Hot Springs. They say that their waters are healing. There is also an amusement park called Magic Springs.

Saving on cruises

  • Think about whether you are going to want to get a cruise’s dining package. Are you going to want to just eat in the main dining room all of the time? Will that make you happy? Look at the cost and make a decision for yourself.
  • Are you going to have to fly to your cruise destination? How much is that going to cost? Will it be worth it? Think about that before you book.
  • Your cruise is not the place you will want to spend a lot of time on the internet. It is going a pretty penny to be online. And besides, there is so much else you will want to do.
  • Discounts are going to be everywhere on the ship. You just have to know where to look.. Restaurants have deals during off hours. The spa usually offers discounts that first day.

Saving on cruises

  • You are going to want to book your entertainment before you are actually on the cruise. This will help you in more than one way. This is another way you are going to save money. It will also help you get to the shows that you want to go to for sure.
  • Okay, I know that we have talked about this lately, but I think I want to go over it again. If you are brand new to cruising, you are going to want to go on your ship’s excursions just to get a feel for what they are like. The problem is that these tend to be expensive. They are also likely to be mostly opportunities to shop. So once you get a feel for cruises, you are going to want to try to do excursions on your own.
  • You are going to want to keep your eye on cruise fares to get a feel for what cruises are running. You might want to sign up for newsletters and things like that.
  • This kind of works both ways. You will get a better deal if you book early, or if you book late. Book early means that you are going to get exactly what you want. Booking late you will need to be pretty flexible.. But like I always say, most people are going to use their room to sleep and to get dressed. That’s it.

Saving on cruises

You know you want to take your family on a cruise. But the question how are you going to do that. You are a special needs family, you do not have a lot of extra money. Today let’s look at some tips that may help you save on a cruise. And please let me know if you’re interested in booking a cruise with me. My e-mail is familytripsinc1@editingsarah59

The first thing you need to remember is that not all cruises are not the same. A lot of cruises say that they are all inclusive, but you’re really going to have to read the fine print. They may say that you will eat for free. With some cruises that means you are going to eat in their main dining rooms at no charge, you might pay for drinks. On other cruises, you will be able to eat pretty much anywhere you want at no charge. A good rule of thumb is that the more you pay up front, the less you will pay once you are on board.

You will want to be open about when and how you travel. Is it feasible to drive to your port instead of flying? Can you get up at o dark thirty to drive there? You do not want to be late to a cruise.

Unless you are a huge drinker, [and we’ve talked about this, getting drunk and cruising do not mix well] you do not want to get the drinks package. It will not save you money. Sometimes they allow you to bring your own sodas and waters on board. Again, read the fine print.