You may want to try traveling at night, so your children will sleep through a lot of it. But sometimes that plan does backfire. Your children may not sleep well. Speaking as someone who has Cerebral Palsy, I do not sleep well. I can’t get comfortable.

Pack your snacks. Bring things they like and not necessarily things that are good for them. You are going on vacation, let them enjoy what they eat. Take some things for yourself as well.

Take their devices. Make sure everyone has their devices fully charged before you leave. That will keep everyone busy.


When you are flying with children, whether or not they have a disability, you are going to want to take snacks. You want to take several things that everyone can choose from. You are not wanting to just go with whatever the airline will give you.. You’ll never know what you will get, or when you will get anything.

You will want to take something can chew during take off and landing. Chewing helps your ears. Gum is a special treat for some. Give it to them. Bottles or pacis work well for little ones.

It is the Monday before I take a little vacation time. I’m having trouble finding anything about what I would like to write about. And I’m ready to get work over with. Today we are going to talk about flying with a child who has autism. I’ve read that one in ten children with Cerebral Palsy also have autism. So if your child has both, here are some tips that might help..

Whether or not your child is in a wheelchair, you should be able to board first. This is going to help you and your family gets settled before everyone else takes their places. Personally, I do not sit well at all. I would be falling all over the place if I tried to use a transfer chair. So Mom just carries me to my seat. And if they can, they’ll give us extra seats so I can lie down..

I’m fortunate to have a pretty good bladder. I can go right before we board, and then I wait until we’re at the next airport. Airport bathrooms are tiny. They do make bigger diapers that you might want to consider, even if your child doesn’t wear them normally..

We are talking to about these girl trip as. As a mother of a child with Cerebral Palsy, can you take such trips? I am going to try to delve into this more in upcoming posts. For now, I am going to say to please find ways to leave your child. It will be good for you AND your child..

Anyway, today we are going to start by looking at is Miami, Florida. This is another beautiful beach destination which will have a lot of great nightlife. This city is kind of like a mix are between Nashville and Vegas, but it’s on the beach too.

But maybe you and your friends aren’t especially into night life. You might want to wonder a trip to the up and coming Jackson Hole. You might want to go hiking one day. Another day you might want to shop ’til you drop.

I have pretty much decided that I am going to work Wednesday and then take off the rest of the week. We have a whole bunch of family coming in. I don’t want to miss anything. Besides I don’t know what the rest of my summer is going to be like. We are going to get back to some places you might want to go on a girls’ getaway.

Do you want to know the number one place for a bachelorette party? It is Nashville, Tennessee. You might enjoy their mural tours. I hear they have some great honky tonks, we would call them bars, and a lot of great restaurants.

Do you and your friends just want to go to a nice beach? You might want to go to North Carolina’s Crystal Coast. Some great novels have been set here. You might enjoy riding bikes. And most of you will love their seafood.

Sometimes you are going to take a family vacation. Other times you are going to need to get away with just your husband for some romance. There are other times where you just need to get away with some girlfriends. It is this third type of trip we are going to take a look at today. We will be taking a look at some places you might want to go.

The first place we’re looking at is Scottsdale, Arizona. This place has warm, dry weather, making it a great place to vacation. I’m pretty sure there are several resorts in the area where you will be able to make your homebase. Relax in their spas. Play in their pools. Enjoy their restaurants.

Or you might want to try Denver, Colorado. This is an absolutely beautiful place. It has mountains all around it, so it is a great place to hike. You will also find lots of great shopping, what girls’ trip would be complete without it. You will also find great restaurants.

When families have these big gatherings at the beach, you will usually rent a condo, or maybe several. Sometimes special needs children, those with Cerebral Palsy, get overwhelmed. Do you think your child would do better if they had somewhere to go to be quiet from time to time? Think about it and make your decisions.

Part of the fun of family gatherings is everyone eating together there’s always a lot of great food, great conversation and great fun. Sometimes Cerebral Palsy children don’t like to eat what everyone else does, and sometimes they can’t eat whatever it is. If your child is a picky eater, take some foods you know he likes.

Many times, some people will not want to just lie on the beach all day. They’ll plan different outings. If your child wants to go along with him. You don’t have to go if you don’t want to.

Your family wants to go to the beach. It may be just you, your husband and your children. Or maybe your larger family wants to gather at the beach. Please don’t say to yourself, “This just will not work for me and my child with Cerebral Palsy. I’m not going to go.” People with Cerebral Palsy can and should take vacations. It just takes a little more thought and planning. Let’s look at some tips that might help.

I know that jumping the waves can be a lot of fun, but the older I get the more I don’t like swimming in salt water. Are you going to have access to a pool? Let your child decide where and when they want to swim. Are you going to be staying in a hotel or condo?

Do you know where your child is going to sleep? Some people with Cerebral Palsy have problems with balance. It can be difficult to sleep when you think you may fall at any time. Sometimes it works best to let your special needs child sleep on the floor.

Something that a lot of families like to do when they go on vacation is to go to the zoo or aquarium. It is fun and educational all at the same time.

The question is, are these places accessible? The truth is that some places are accessible and others are not. And some places that are not are working to become so. A lot of families are affected by disability, and more businesses are thinking about how to make everything accessible. Let me try to give you some tips that might help.

Sitting in the wheelchair, your child is going to likely be lower to the ground. Get your child out of their wheelchair when you are at an exhibit. Take your time. Don’t rush through everything. Relax. Enjoy yourself.. The animals aren’t going to go anywhere. Go when the place opens and just go through everything slowly.

You are going to be there a while, take water that may be half frozen. Take some food too. Food can always be taken somewhere in the wheelchair.