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You may want to talk to your doctor before you do any traveling with your special needs child. Get the doctor to write a description of what exactly your child has. You may want to show that letter to some people along the way. You are also going to want to have a way to get in touch with your doctor in case of emergency. You are going to want to take extra medication.

Most people say that you want to take twice what you will need. And keep all of that in your carryon bag.


Special needs travel

I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of talking about general travel, and not a lot about special needs travel. General travel is somewhat easier to write about, and since I’ve been on a partial vacation for I don’t know how long.. But anyway, enough about all of that. Let’s look into some special needs travel tips..

Hotels and places like that are required by law to accommodate you. However, they won’t know what you need unless you let them know. Call the places beforehand and tell them what you’ll need. Are you going to need an accessible bathroom? Are you going to need locks that your child can’t reach?x You will want to let them know at least a couple of days before you are to arrive.

We all have lingo we use when talking about our, or your child’s, disability. But most people will not understand that. Make sure to use language that everyone will understand.

Is your child dependent on medication? You will want to be sure to take that somewhere that you know you can access. The same is true for any equipment that they may need.

More on why

it is so easy to get into our own little world and forget that there are other people who live life differently than we do. Going on vacation will help you see other sides of life. It will broaden your horizons.

Airplane air might not be the best for you. However, getting to other places and eating their food will help your immune system. And you may be surprised how much you like it.

Are you feeling more and more anxious? Getting away from your normal life and relaxing may help.

More on why

Studies have shown that taking vacations can be good for your health Stepping back and getting more rest is always going to be a good idea.

Taking vacation can also help you lose weight. This is about cortisol levels. Taking a few days off helps you lower those levels which in turn will help you lose weight.

Taking vacations together will also help improve your relationships. Think about it. We get into our own routines and don’t take the time to enjoy our families.. Vacations are great ways to bond with your family. Play together.

Why take off?

Most people do not like doing the same thing day after day, week after week. They like trying new things. Vacationing gives you the opportunity to do different things, new things. Doing these new things will help you become more creative. This is going to help you both at work and at home.

Once you get through college and decide on your career, you settle into your life and have fewer opportunities to make new friends. Vacations give you that chance. You never know what good friends you might meet along your way.

You may not like your job, or you may love it. But everyone needs to take breaks. Everyone needs time to just to have fun and relax.

Why take off?

I took two days off this past week, and I’m feeling way better, more like working, than I have been. We will see how long it lasts. I will need to take a week, or maybe a little longer, off in September. I’m looking at that as my formal vacation.

Have you taken a vacation this summer? Are you planning to take one? Many Americans don’t. They don’t think taking vacation is necessary. They worry that taking vacation will make them susceptible to losing their jobs. So why do we need to take vacations? Let’s take a look.

Everyone is busy. Everyone is stressed. Stress is part of life, we know that. But we need to take breaks from all of that. Go have fun. Doing the same things over and over gets old.

We get to points where we can’t think straight anymore. We don’t want to think about our jobs anymore. We need to take vacations to get our focus back.


I’ve decided to take this weekend off. I feel like I need to do this.

Bad stuff happens when you are traveling, it just does. Some things just happen, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Other things can be avoided if you know what you are doing. Today we are going to look at some tips that might help. T

hings do go wrong when traveling, we’ve already been over that. The key is to learn to be flexible. Laugh when the hotel messes up your reservations. Play games while you are waiting on whatever it is.

You want to make a list of things you want to take every time you go anywhere. You probably want to take less than you think you will. You will learn this the more that you travel.

You do not have to learn the language. But learning a few phrases is a common courtesy.

More on the Silhouette

We are going to get back to our discussion about the Celebrity Silhouette. I always say that unless you are on your honeymoon or something like that, you are probably going to be in your room to sleep and to change, and that’s about it. Getting an inside stateroom is no big deal.

You should know that Celebrity has recently upgraded all of their bedding and all of that. Yesterday we were talking about their elite Retreat that is for suite guests only. However, Celebrity has upgraded some of their other restaurants as well. You will find more of their spaces has more seating.

They have also done things like upgrade their wifi. The spa rooms have been updated, as have their shops.

Celebrity Silhouette

Today we are going to start taking a look at Celebrity’s Silhouette.

It is one of five in the Solstice class ships. It was ordered in 2007, but didn’t debut until 2011. The ship is able to hold around 3,000 guests, along with a 1,500 crew. Here are some things you might want to know about this ship.

First, a lot of ships these days have these elite clubs where only certain people can go. The Celebrity Silhouette is no exception to this. They have The Retreat which is for suite guests only. The Retreat Sundeck will have you are going to be able to soak in the sun while enjoying some great service. They have a hot tub. I find that interesting because most of these type places have a pool.

The Retreat Lounge is an indoor space that is opened 24/7. Here you will find complimentary food.. This is also where you will find your coincierge service. And there is also a great restaurant that you are going to enjoy.

Interesting places

t is Monday, and my mind feels like it is going every which way with things I want to do. We are going to look at some places that are popular destinations where people are going to lately.

The first one we’ll be looking at today is Qatar, which is the number one destination. This is in the Middle East. Why is this such a popular place? First of all, you are going to find a lot of historical sites. They also have a lot of interesting art that you will want to see. It is on a beautiful ocean too.

And Anguilla deserves more recognition than it gets. This British Overseas Territory is a a perfect place for families. You will find ancient records carved into the rocks. You are going to the beautiful nature and wildlife there. And you will also find a great beach there.