Carnival Radiance has a wide variety of staterooms that you can choose from. I always say that unless you are on a romantic getaway, you’re going to be in your room to sleep and to change and that’s about it. Personally, I don’t see why most people would want to pay for anything more than an interior stateroom. However, the higher-level staterooms are also going to have higher levels of service, so that’s something you’ll want to consider.

When you go on a cruise on this ship, this says that you are going to get access to restaurants. I think that means you’ll eat at most places at no charge, but you’ll want to check on that. You will get to enjoy all of the ship’s outdoor activities. They also have a lot of indoor activities for you and your family.


Carnival Radiance

I think we are going to take a look at Carnival’s Radiance today. You should know that this ship was once the Carnival Victory, and it was built in 2000.

But the ship has recently been refurbished and renamed. You might want to know that its home is now Long Beach, California. This ship can hold almost 3000 guests.

So what did Carnival change on this ship? Well, the biggest thing was to add more eateries and entertainment venues. They have also added the SportSquare entertainment complex, and that includes a ropes course, and their waterpark.

Have you and your family been wanting to go to Portland, Oregon? Consider going to Hotel deLuxe. It has been a hotel for a hundred years. It started out as Hotel Mallory in 1912, and it was a luxury hotel. They now call it a glamourous place.

The Hyatt Regency Cleveland at the Arcade is an homage to a bygone era. The Arcade Cleveland opened as the first shopping center in America in 1890. It was modeled after something in Milan. And then this Arcade underwent a remodel in 2001. The hotel itself is pretty modern with all of the amenities, but you will be surrounded by history.

You are going to find lots of history in Charleston, South Carolina. You might want take a vacation and visit The Spectator Hotel. This is in the city’s historic district. And you are going to feel like you’ve stepped back in time with personalized butler service, a bar and lounge that is prohibition style, and complimentary bicycles.

Do you want to get to Cleveland and explore some of their history? Did you know they built the first in door shopping center in 1890. It is called The Arcade, and it was modeled after something in Milan. Anyway, the hotel is called Hyatt Regency Cleveland at the Arcade the hotel itself is pretty modern, but the area is steeped in history.

More hotels

We are going to take a look at some older hotels.

The first one we are going to take a look at today is The old No. 77. This is in New Orleans which is a great city to explore and also has some great food. The hotel was once a coffee warehouse. Today it kind of combines modern design with an atmosphere of the past.

The Ivy Hotel is in Baltimore. Here you will find leaded windows, carved wainscoting, and green marble.. All of these features have been carefully restored.

Do you like unique hotels? You should check out the Hacienda Xcannatun. This is an old hacienda. I didn’t know what a hacienda was so I looked it up. It sounds like a hacienda is like a plantation. This is in Mexico. It has just eighteen suites.

Do you want to feel like you’ve gone back in time? You might want to try Hotel Carmichael, which is in Indiana. Here you are going to find black-and-white checkered floors which are neat. They also have large curved windows. And there are also some fantastic event spaces.

Are you into Texas history? You might want to try Hotel Icon. I think this place is in Houston. It was once a bank. The hotel is twelve stories. It has a classic style, but with all of the modem comforts.

Old hotels

I had written what I posted earlier on Saturday, but got busy with church stuff and didn’t manage to get back to work. But anyway..

Today I think we are going to take a look at some older hotels you might want to try sometime.

Do you want to go to the Big Apple? You might want want to try their Lotte New York Palace. This hotel was once several brownstones where wealthy people used to live. And then they renovated it into a five-star hotel..

Do you and your family dream of going to California? Consider staying at Hotel Californian. It looks like this place was built in 1925, going through an earthquake only a week after its opening.

Would you like to go to a hotel that is really old? Try the Woodstock Inn & Resort. It was once a tavern. It has also been owned by a Rockafellar. This place has been completely rebuilt, but it has a lot of its history within its walls.


Some people think travel is expensive. And while it is true that some travel is expensive, other travel can be very inexpensive. It really depends on what you want to do.

Do you want to stay in the nicest hotels and eat finer foods? Yes, that can be a pretty penny. Do you want to stay in hostels and eat street food? That will cost you a lot less.

You are also going to find that traveling when everyone else does not want to travel is going to be a lot less expensive.

About cruises

How much is a cruise? That is a good question. Some cruises advertise very low rates and then charge an arm and a leg in fees. You are going to need to be careful and read all of the fine print before you sign up for any cruise. Cruises say that they are all-inclusive.

You are going to be paying by the room that you decide on, so you are for sure going to have your room takien care of. A lot of cruises are going to give you some food. Some cruises are going to give you the food in the main dining room and that’s about it. On other cruises, you are going to get food in the main dining room and other select restaurants.. On other higher end cruises, you are going to be able to eat anywhere you would like.

A lot of ships are going to do everything they can to make sure that you are not bored. You are going to be able to play any number of sports. Most cruises are going to have several pools you will be able to choose from. They will also have theaters with shows for you to enjoy as well.

More on traveling with special needs

everyone wants to have fun on while they are on vacation. That is expected. But you also want to make time to relax. Don’t rush around from one activity to the next. Take your time. Sleep in if you want. Take the time to sit down and enjoy your meals as a family. Set aside some time to enjoy binging some of your favorite shows. Relax by the pool. This downtime may be especially good for families who have special needs children.

When I think of vacation, I think of taking a break from your normal routine. But that may be difficult to do when you have a special needs child. Your child may need to take medicine at certain times of the day, which means they need to eat at certain times. You know what will work best for you and your child.