More hotels

We are going to take a look at some older hotels.

The first one we are going to take a look at today is The old No. 77. This is in New Orleans which is a great city to explore and also has some great food. The hotel was once a coffee warehouse. Today it kind of combines modern design with an atmosphere of the past.

The Ivy Hotel is in Baltimore. Here you will find leaded windows, carved wainscoting, and green marble.. All of these features have been carefully restored.

Do you like unique hotels? You should check out the Hacienda Xcannatun. This is an old hacienda. I didn’t know what a hacienda was so I looked it up. It sounds like a hacienda is like a plantation. This is in Mexico. It has just eighteen suites.

One thought on “More hotels

  1. Had not really picked up previously that a hacienda is a plantation

    [and I thought I had known something about Mexican mission histories]…

    Thanks for the hat tip!

    Xcannatun – is that the name of the town?

    And I will admit that I misread “Suites” as “States” briefly [and so my mental map of Mexico was distorted].

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