unless things turn out differently than I think they will, I am going to take Monday and Tuesday off, I will see about Wednesday. September is just going to be crazy for us.

Things are going to go wrong. That is true in everyday life. And it is also true when you travel your flight is going to be late. Your hotel is going to mess up your reservations. You are going to mess things up. Learn from them. Laugh at them.

You are going to want to bring your earplugs. You never know when you might need them.

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  1. So true that “you might never know” [about earplugs and other such sensory mitigation devices].

    If you are visiting an abattoir for instance, you may very well need them. The low sounds and the thrusting repetition. #SavageRiver

    And this is a good technique/strategy:

    Situational analysis.

    I believe this is done in the military to minimise unpredictability and uncertainty especially to make coherent and cohesive groups [such as would occur naturally and intentionally in a family].

    Best wishes for your time off, Sarah!

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