You do not want to wear your purse on one shoulder when you are traveling. Wear it across your body.. The world is full of pickpockets. Please be careful.

When you book your hotel room, you will probably want to ask for the highest floor that you can get on. This is likely where you will get the least noisy. You will also have great views.

You are probably more likely to burn in other parts of the world. Wear your sunscreen.

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  1. About the sun:

    And that tip is for Americans travelling in the Antipodes.

    Because the ozone layer is stronger and closer in Australia and New Zealand.

    [indeed many of the Pacific Islands and some of the islands on the US/Canada side of the International Date Line].

    And the sun, well, it is sunnier…

    A lot of the world is droughting at the moment.

    “The highest floor you can get on” … unless that hotel has a rooftop restaurant or dancing or other entertainment.

    [And that hotel had better have a decent lift or another way to get up and down].

    Our shoulders can become quite unbalanced if we put too much on them, that is true.

    Which is why backpacks are so important – and other carriers.

    Again – this is a language difference.

    I would have to qualify “purse” to mean something smaller or bigger than a bag.

    Like the classic coin purse.

    You want to make it fairly inconvenient for the pickpockets – so that they would have to actually and actively do you harm.

    [you might like an alarm inside your bag and/or a device which calls emergency if you are incapacitated].

    [you would have to do a lot of previous programming of key decision points that you are likely to encounter in your travels – like the ones you wrote about last week and the week before that].

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