Our family had a wonderful trip. My brother is happily married now. Let’s get into some more travel tips.

You do not want to eat at restaurants that are near the tourist sites.. Everything is going to be expensive, and the food isn’t going to be that good. Get out of the area before looking for food. W

e’ve just gotten home from Guatamala, which is considered a third world country. I heard that “third world country” has something to do with the Cold War. They had running water. They had toilets. They don’t have air conditioning in a lot of their residences. They don’t need it because the weather stays pretty nice.

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  1. I know Guatemala from international adoption, and, yes, missions.

    Very true.

    First World: USA; UK and allies. Mostly capitalist

    Second World: Ex-Communist countries and currently-Communist countries like Vietnam and Laos. They follow[ed] general socialism. Many were under the Warsaw Pact.

    Third World: Officially those nations are nonaligned with either capitalism or communism. They may have mixed economies.

    Fourth World: Otherwise known as the Least Developed Countries – like Timor-Leste and some of the small island Pacific nations.

    So the weather is consistent in that part of Central America?

    I would again find the same in Vietnam and Thailand.

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