Wave Season

Does anyone know what Wave Season is? No, it isn’t when the waves are huge. Surfers would love that, wouldn’t they? Wave Season is actually when you can get some of the best deals on cruises.

Why do the cruise lines do this? They want you to make as many bookings as possible. This season takes place between January and March.

This is when most travelers are planning their summer vacations. Maybe people need something to look forward to when winter feels so bleak. This is kind of like Black Friday for cruisers. And think about this, this is the time of year when everyone is making all kinds of planning for their year.


Bed and breakfasts

Are you looking to get away for a few days to just relax? Maybe it’s time to get away with your husband? Or maybe you need sometime for just yourself? You might want to look into some bed and breakfasts. Let’s look at a couple.

The bed and breakfast, Anchorage, is in South Carolina. This is one of the oldest buildings still in use. This is a place where they will take care of you for sure.

Or you may want to visit Monmouth Historic Inn. This is in Mississippi. You will enjoy their gardens. You will also enjoy their food.

Holiday tips

Celebrating the the holidays with your special needs child may be a bit tricky. Let’s look at some more tips that might help. Special needs kids can be a lot other children. They like to play with their cousins and do the things they do. Mom’s side of the family was big. One aunt are had five children, another had six. We were closer to the six from the one aunt… You might want to be sure to bring foods you know your special needs child will eat. Also think through whether it would be best to have your special needs child eat before everyone or with the big gathering. Holidays can be some of the busiest times.. Make sure your special needs child gets the rest he needs.

Traveling tips

When we get into the car to travel somewhere, I get in the car and ride. I’ll eat before we leave and then eat again once we arrive.. Of course, I do have to stop if it’s an especially long drive.. But I’m an adult, I understand that we’re going to get to wherever we are going in a certain time.. Usually we are going to see my family or friends that I want to see, and I can be patient while we drive.. I do enjoy traveling more when Mom is on the phone or we are listening to something. I have no use of my hands..

When it comes to traveling with a special needs child, think about what he needs do and take anything you can to keep him entertained. Can he snack by himself? Take things he enjoys that will not make too much mess. What are some of his favorite toys he can play with?? Take those..

Tips for the holidays

Today is one of those days I have no idea what to write about. Nothing seems right.. And then I remembered that my favorite time of year is coming up. And I’m not talking about Halloween, I really don’t like that holiday at all. But Thanksgiving and Christmas and all of that is coming up.

As a special needs parent, that may thrill you, or terrify you. Let’s get real. Sometimes family gatherings are wonderful, and sometimes they are things you have to endure. Let’s look at some tips that might help, at least with your special needs child.

Sometimes special needs children really cling to their routines. They like to know what’s going was on when. Talk to them about your plans.

It may also help your special needs child to know that he has somewhere he can go no to be by himself. Set that up from the first day

Today we are going to take a look at some ways you may be able to score a free cruise. Now just because it’s free does not mean that you won’t be doing something to get on the ship..

The first way is if you know someone who is on the crew of a cruise ship. Ask them what it would take to get on one of their cruises. You may also have wealthy family or friends that might want you to go with them on a cruise. They’d pay for you to go, of course.

Sometimes the cruise lines themselves give cruises away.. It is a way they can promote new ships. Or they might be celebrating an anniversary.. You are going to want to read everything they say that it takes to win.

I’m sorry,. Writing these tips is so easy for me. I do not have a lot of time lately, hopefully life is going to slow down some and I will have some more time to work.

Everyone likes to go to the beach. There is nothing hard about going to the beach. Well, unless you are a special needs family, then going to the beach can be difficult for sure. But taking a trip that is going to cost you is going to be more memorable and rewarding..

I was surprised to find out just how much noise there was in Guatamala. They do not have air conditioning, so they do not close their windows. And we were there during a holiday..

Time has not been my friend this past week, at least as far as work goes. I think we’re past that, and hopefully things are going to return to normal, at least until the end of the year celebrations start up.

The next thing the website of travel tips we are going through says brings up is to know how to use a squatty potty. Personally I have not run into this, and I’m glad.

Your hotel staff know a lot. Ask them your questions. And you can do that even before you arrive.