Not only does containing your child help with the infamous bolting, having them in a stroller or something like that is going to help with the flop and drop thing. For children who might be too old for a stroller, consider getting a nice wagon and figuring out a way to keep them in.

When it comes to food, you are going to know what your child likes and doesn’t like. You will know if your child needs to have all foods separated. You will also know their favorite foods, the one they don’t like living without. Mom almost never travels without a cooler. She brings foods that she knows I will eat. And with me, I’m kind of a picky eater, my family says I am anyway. I like foods I’m used to.. But there are also foods that just work better for me. Softer foods are easier for me.

What about communication? Some children with Downs are going to have problems with communication. You want to be sure to bring any Touch devices that help them with their communication.


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  1. Big difference between “liking foods you’re used to” and “picky eating” [indeed selective eating and then there’s the whole Avoidance and Restrictive Food Intake Disorder].

    Soft foods are important.

    There are a lot of wagons on the road these days and on the footpaths/sidewalks/pavements.

    And people without Downs have more problems understanding because we are inexperienced in listening to Downs voices and accents.

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