We are going to keep looking at some ways you can save on a Disney cruise. Disney allows their authorized travel agents to give their clients something called onboard credit. And for those that don’t know, onboard credit is money you can spend while you are on the ship. You do need to use it while you are on the ship though, you can’t cash out at the end of your time there.

Do you shop at places like Costco or Sam’s? If you do, you know that they sell gift cards, sometimes with discounts. And they do sell Disney cards. . Getting several of those can add up.


This says that two adults and one child are going to spend two thousand dollars to go on a Disney cruise. And that is just your room and all of the fees. You will have to pay more for your excursions, any spa treatments you want to get, and any mealss you want outside to of the main dining room.

And then there is the matter of how you are going to get to the port itself. You may need to fly. And if you are going to fly, you probably want to arrive a day which means a hotel room. I’m thinking we’re conservatively talking $3500. Is there any way to save on a Disney cruise? Yes, there is..

First, you can have Disney choose your room for you. It saves you money if you don’t care where you stay.

And book your cruise on the off season when other people don’t want to go. Go on a cruise when everyone else is in school.

I hear that Disney cruises are amazing. They are very family friendly.. You and your family are going to get to meet all kinds of Disney characters.

I also hear that Disney does not discount any of their cruises. They don’t have to. They are always sold out.. Disney is not a budget cruise. But that means that you aren’t going to get nickel and dimed every time you turn around.

Like most cruises, you are going to be charged by the room you choose. And with your room you are going to get free meals in the main dining room. You are going to also get free non-alcoholic drinks.. You will be able to get into Broadway style shows too.

I think it’s rather interesting that one of the places mentioned as a great place to visit is where we live. The town is Hickory, NC, and you’ll feel like you’re in a small town that has all of the amenities of a larger city. This is a great place to go hiking, not too hot and not too cold for the most part. We do have a nice town square with shops and restaurants..

And next we are going to look at San Antonio. Winter days here are often in the sixties so that’s really not bad weather. They have a lovely Riverwalk which they will light up during the holidays. You will also find some great museums in this city.

We are also going to look at Lake Charles, Louisiana. This is a another little town that is going to have pretty nice weather. It is a nice place to take part in outdoor sports. They also have some great restaurants.

What is your dream winter vacation? Do you long for a cozy mountain cabin where you and your family can play in the snow? Or do you just want is to get away to some beach somewhere? Over the next few days, we are going to look at some of each.

And the first place we are going to look at is Alaska. Do you want snow? You are certainly going to get that here. You are also going to see a lot of cool wildlife. And of course, you can also do a lot of winter sports here.

Are you looking for fun in the sun? You might want to try Scottsdale, Arizona. No, it’s not an actual beach, but it is a warm place. You’ll find a lot of resorts with a lot of ways you can relax.

is the most important thing to you on your cruise to relax? You will be glad to know that Celebrity has a spa where you will be pampered at every turn.. Get a facial. Enjoy a massage.

Do you like that show, “Top Chef”?? On a Celebrity cruise, you will be able to take part in cooking competitions yourself.

But back to the relaxation thing, is your ideal relaxation laying by a pool? The ship Reflection has three pools you will be able to choose from.

I know that a cruise is a vacation, but you don’t have to give up on your fitness goals. Celebritiy has ways you can work out. They are going to have a nice fitness center. They will have personal and group sessions available. And of course, there is a sports center as well.

You will also want to look your best, especially in the evenings. You may want to take advantage of their salon. Get a new hairdo have your nails done

I did not mean to take that long off, I’ve had problems with my device, actually it’s my stand. I wasn’t able to use either of my devices well. I think we’ve figured it out now hopefully. I’m still not sure what is going to be going on over Christmas and all of that. We’ll see.

Today I think we are going to take a look at Celebrity’s Reflection. This ship is about ten years old, and it can accommodate more than 3,600 guests. And to keep everything straight, I’m reading an older article, I think the ship is about twelve years old now.. The ship has gone through some little adjustments here and there, but nothing major.

You are going to find their staterooms to be bigger than on a lot of other Celebritiy ships.

There are twelve restaurants that you can choose from. You’ll find an Italian restaurant, a steakhouse, and a Japanese restaurant among others..

Are you flying for the first time in a while? You will want to be sure to check out TSA’s guidelines. You don’t want to buy all of your gifts ahead of time, only to figure out nothing can go with you.

Checked bags are going to be another issue. Most of the time, you will have to pay for any checked bag you take.

Don’t count on finding a good parking place around holiday time. Make your arrangements ahead of time.