Flying with a disability

I am going to be honest, before I flew for the first time, I was not sure flying was for me. But Mom and I flew to Washington state to help my sister with her new baby, and that went well. We then went to Cyprus and then to Israel, and those trips went well too.

So let’s talk about flying as a disabled person.

The first thing you need to do is to know your rights. You can and should call the airline and discuss what you will need as you fly. Are you going to need help getting on the plane? Let them know. Is it going to be helpful to have an extra seat? Tell them.

We have been fortunate to have no serious damage to my wheelchair. Airlines are required by law to make right any damage done to your wheelchair or any other device you have.


How to book a cruise

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I know I did.

How do you book your cruises? Today we are going to look at some different ways to do this.

The first way we are going to look at is booking online. There are a lot of online sites where you can book travel, and that includes cruises. These sites often make deals with cruise lines, and of course, they let you in on those deals. They can give you good deals and extra perks.

You can also book your cruise directly with the cruise lines themselves. When you do that, you’ll be working with what they call a personal travel planner. These people are going to know all about the ships and itineraries and all of that. You will be able to get a hold of them< but they are usually v busy and may not follow up well.

Have you been on a cruise? If so, how did you book?

More don’ts

Happy Saturday. I am trying to get my stuff ready quickly. So here we go.

Do not try to hang laundry on the balcony. It will just fall off into the ocean..

And it’s not nice to leave your room a mess. Yes, you will have someone come clean it, but straighten up”. It’s just courteous.

More don’ts

We actually have two more of these. So let’s get started.

A lot of these staterooms are going to have a mini fridges. And they are going to put beverages and snacks for you. However, the cruise line is going to charge you for anything you take. And these things are usually not cheap.

And remember not to tape anything to your wall. Yes, I know that doing that can be awful convenient, but it is going to damage their walls. Doors are often made of metal, so you can put stuff up there using magnets.

More don’ts for cruises

I have something to do a little later, so I am trying to get my work done before we leave. We are going to look at some more stuff that you should avoid on cruises.

Those great towels and plush robes are not for you to take home. They are washed and reused for the next guests. I know that sometimes people take some of this stuff home on accident. But you don’t want to do that because you will get a hefty bill.

It sounds like walls between staterooms are thicker than the walls of some hotels I have stayed in. But you still don’t want to be the loud room on your hall. You don’t want to play your music too loud or anything. Just be polite. You are sharing your vacation with a few thousand others.

Some more don’ts

Today we are going to take a look at some more of the things that you really need not to do on a cruise ship.

I know that you want to have that nice, relaxing sound of the ocean, and smell the sea air, but you don’t want to leave your balcony door open. First of all, you are going to make your air conditioner work that much harder. And secondly, you are going to create a wind tunnel if you were to order room service. It will also make a loud bang when you shut your other door, which will disturb your fellow guests. When you want that wonderful breeze, go sit on your balcony.

You do not want to sit on any of the ship’s railings. Cruise lines do not allow you to do that. Most of the time that someone has fallen off a cruise ship, the person was on the railings. So just don’t go there.

More on what not to do on a cruise

I have several things I would love to get to, for once I have some time to do more than just race through my blogs, and I am trying to take advantage of that. So let’s get to some more things that you should not do on a cruise.

You are fine to put the toilet paper they provide down the toilet, but nothing else. You don’t want to put your feminine hygiene products down there. You don’t want to put wipes in there. All the noise that their toilets make, you would think that they could handle anything, but they really can’t.

You might think that since you can’t see anything except the ocean from your cruise balcony that you are perfectly safe to walk around wearing anything you want. But again that is not true. You do not know when you might run into another cruise ship.

What do you love doing on a cruise?

Tips for cruise cabins

Saturday was just kinda a weird day all around when it came to computer stuff. Hopefully it won’t happen again for a while.

I feel like we need to change things up a little around here. So today I think we are going to look at some things you might not want to do in your cruise cabins.

I have heard did this on this subject, but this article that I am reading now is saying that you should not bring your power strips. No, reading it again, the problem would be the surge protectors. It has to do with the ship’s wiring. You do want to bring power strips, but only those your cruise line approves of.

You never want to have an open flame on a cruise ship. Looking for romantic candlelight? Use the battery powered tealights. And you do not want to smoke or vape on a ship.

More places

I’m going to be honest here, I lived in the state of Georgia for 25 years. And I still have a lot of family there. So when someone says Georgia, the state is the first place that comes to my mind. However, we are going to look at the other Georgia today. This country is in Eurasia. Here you will find friendly people. This is a beautiful place that has a lot of great food.

If you have been to Saudi Arabia as a tourist you are among the first. They just opened their borders to international travelers in 2019. Wonder how they handled COVID? This doesn’t say. They market themselves as having a lot of ancient traditions while also being modern.