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The article I have been reading says that you always want the highest floor in your hotel that you are able to get. They site less street noise and great views as their reason for saying this. Obviously it is different if you have a child in a wheelchair and the hotel doesn’t have elevators

It’s always a good idea to wear your sunscreen. Make it your habit to put it on before you start out for your day. And take some with you if you need to reappl.


One thought on “More tips

  1. Good point about sunscreen.

    Make sure the sunscreen is supported by the American Cancer Society [or indeed the Cancer Council Australia – or the relevant organisation in your country or region].

    And there are pocket and mini sunscreens.

    Hopefully there will be a sunscreen sale at your tourist destination in case you have forgotten this vital to your skin.


    * slip under a tree
    * slop on the sunscreen
    * slap on a hat

    [and seek shade].

    As for the street noise and the highest floor…

    Another reason is exercise and probably more salubrious neighbours?

    For anyone with mobility issues or limitations – the ground floor / zero steps is probably your best bet/option.

    [and when the ground is uneven ground].

    If you are near a hill or mountain the street noise can be minimised.

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