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In this country, if you don’t find toilet paper in the bathroom, you probably feel cheated, don’t you? But toilet paper is not seen as a necessity in other countries. You might want to take some with you. And if they have a little trash can near the toilet, use that for the toilet paper. Other countries do not have the sewer systems that we do.

You may think that a hostel will always be cheaper. But that is not necessarily true, especially when you comes to families. You will want to check out each individual hostel in decide for yourself.

You are going to want to check each country’s rules when it comes to tips. Some tip and some do not.


One thought on “More travel tips

  1. A relative of mine was in Sri Lanka this past fortnight and they had a really good tipping system.

    People like the tour operator and the driver and one other person were tipped.

    Also the people in the hotels were tipped.

    Hostels do have their false economies, that is true.

    Especially when it comes to bulk.

    They get most of their money’s worth from students and retirees – probably not so much from your traditional nuclear family.

    I appreciated your “words to the travelling wise” about different cross-cultural toileting practices.

    A lot of South Asia – and the Pacific Islands – are some of those sewerless countries.

    And it is important to remember that 250 years ago – at the founding of the USA and the settlement of Australia – that the people who lived in those times could not take mass sewerage for granted.

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