there are several different types of suites you will be able to choose from. Staff is going to help you get settled into your rooms nicely.
Whichever suite configuration you choose, you should have a nice bathroom. Enjoy a nice shower, and then get into some comfortable cruise clothes.
You are probably going to want to have some dinner. Go to the Haven restaurant, or enjoy any of the other restaurants on board..


The Haven

On Norwgian Cruise Line ships, they are going to have what they call The Haven. It is kind of like a ship within a ship, at least that is what they say.. Let’s look at some of what they have.
He will see some of the advantages of being part of The Haven as soon as you get to the ship. There will be staff to see to your needs. While all the others standing in those long lines, you will be in a comfortable rooms with snacks. The staff takes care of everything you need to do for check is in.
You are going to have your own restaurants where your servers are going to learn your likes and dislikes. The Haven has their own is clubs and their own pools..

Yes, you can send your children to the kids club at the resort, and you should. Everything I read says they’ll love the clubs. But you are going to want to make sure to have some family time too.. Enjoy the beach. Play games together.
Resorts usually have several different restaurants for you and your family can choose from. Go to the restaurants that don’t have American food and see what you and your children think of the different foods you try..
Different foods is not the only things that you can try. Vacation is a great time to pick up a new sport or hobby.

Why a resort?

Let’s start talking about some reasons you may want to consider staying at a resort on your next vacation.
First at all, at a resort, there’s no need to worry about anything. Resorts have different restaurants you can eat in, so you won’t need to worry about that.. Most resorts are going to have kids’ clubs so you won’t need were to worry about the the kids..
So kick back and relax… Sleep in if you want. Or get the kids to their clubs and then get back to bed. Snooze on the beach.
Most resorts are going to have classes where you can learn different things. take a cooking class or an art class

More tips

Most hotels are going to be able to accommodate any disability you, or your child, might have.. Are you in a wheelchair and need more space? They’ll have that. Is your child likely to run away and so you need higher locks on your doors. Hotels can help you. They just need to know what you need before you are to arrive. Telling them what you need as you’re booking your room.
Tell your hotel what medical equipment you will be bringing.
And I would add, be flexible. Vacations are times to relax and enjoy yourself. You may not want to do all of the things. You may want to relax by the pool more than anything.


If you are in a wheelchair, or if your child is in a wheelchair, the airline is going to give you tags. You need to be sure to put them on.
This is talking about doing your pre-boarding paperwork. I’ve never seen that when I have flown… I have seen that customs paperwork that you do when you are in the air.
They are going to have those transport chairs. But some people can’t sit well and so can’t use those.. Ask them to give you a seat near the door..

When you’re disabled, you are probably going to want to get to the airport even earlier than normal people would. Things may take longer??
You may also want to be sure to do things like eat and use the bathroom right before you board

Disabled travel

I’ll be honest, I love going to see family and friends, but I’ve never really liked traveling itself. It isn’t especially comfortable, and I’m unable to use either of my devices because I can’t sit well enough to use them. However, I know I am able to travel.. I used to not be sure whether I would travel outside on the country. My siblings made sure I did.
I know that every disability is different. Every special needs family is different. Some special needs kids need to stay pretty close to their doctors.. Other special needs kids hate leaving their familiar routines.. But it is my opinion is that everyone should travel sometime. It is good to take breaks sometimes.
First it does take some preparation. You are going to want to start small. Here I’m thinking something like going somewhere an hour away and stay at a hotel overnight.

I know I say this all of the time, but bad stuff is going to happen when you travel. You are going to get sick or hurt yourself. Reservations aren’t going to work right. People are going to be late. Learn to laugh at this kind of thing and it will help.

Your cruise is going to put out a newsletter each day. These are going to tell you all about the things that are going on that day. They’ll tell you where you are going to stop. They’ll tell you about the shows that are playing.
Remember that you don’t have to be hot to get sunburned. On a cruise, the best thing to do is to put on sunblock before you leave your cabin,, and then keep reapplying.
Cruises are going to be busy places with lots going on all the time. You may want to figure out a quiet place to go from time to time.