We are going to look some more at Disney’s Wish.
when it comes staterooms, you are going to find around 70% of them have verandas.. A lot of rooms are going to be connected to give families or groups a nice. And Disney does something most other cruise lines do not by offering tubs in every room.
the rooms look spacious which is somewhat also unusual on a cruise ship.
The Wish has three main dining rooms where all of the guests will be able to eat for free.. You will be rotated through the three of these. There will also be a buffet and a cafeteria style restaurant you can eat in for free. Room service is also free


I’ve heard a lot of great things about Disney cruises. Yes, I know they are on the more expensive side of things, but you are going to get a lot for your money. Their shows are going to be a lot more family friendly.
Today I think we are going to start taking a look at Disney’s Wish. This is their newest ship and it is their fifth ship of the fleet. It was built in 2022. It is larger than the other ships. And I think we are going to get back to this discussion tomorrow

a lot of cities are going to have city walking tours. It is wise to go on those in the first day or so of your trip. It is a great way to get a feel for the city and what you would like to see.. You might also make some friends along the way.
Does the place you are staying have a spa? You might want to get a massage, especially when you are first there. Travel can be hard on a body, and you’ll enjoy everything better if you feel well.

You are going to want to downlioad the maps you will need while you are traveling. You do not know when you are going to be online and when you aren’t.
These maps are going to show you a lot of different things. They are going to tell you about restaurants and museums you may want to visit.

If you can help it, you do not want to check a bag. Pack everything in your carryon. You will be on vacation, no one is going to care what you wear.
Maybe when you are flying, you will want is things to do. Take snacks you can eat. Take your laptop or an ereader

You will not want to bring only new shoes on any trip you take.. You always end up doing a lot of walking, whether or not you think you will. You want to take your more comfortable shoes.
Do you want to take an actual camera, instead of just the one that is on your phone? Do not forget to take your charger and maybe another battery too.

When it comes to packing, you do not need to take everything you think you do. You will not use it. You are going to be to too busy enjoying your travels.
You may love to read. It may be something you do to relax before bed. You probably want to take an ereader.
Are you wanting to start doing a lot of flying, you see to get a good backpack. This will let your hands go free.
Take a first aid kit.. Take medicine you might need.. Take band-aids.

how do you prepare for one of those long flights? Let’s let’s look at some ideas.
First, you want to book early. And by early, we’re talking about at least three months out. You want to make sure you get a good seat and things like that.
Can you get there at night? It really helps when you can get there and just go to bed. However, you do not want to go right to bed in the day time. That is going to mess up on the time thing.