My name is Sarah Ellen Coiner. I have lived with Cerebral Palsy all of my life. My normal day is to sit in my wheelchair and work on my communication device which is like a computer most of the day. I write blogs most the day. I’m the oldest of eight children. And being an aunt is one of my greatest joys. Family has always been very important to me.

I spend most of my time writing blogs. https://travelingsarah59sblog.wordpress.com is the blog I’ve started and stayed with the longest. [You’ll have to go to “no catergories” to read my new posts, which is kind of embarrassing.] I’m writing all about travel on that blog. My heart is always for the family, and especially special needs families, and I write about that on https://wordpress.com/view/familytripsinc.wordpress.com. But how do I turn my passion into a business?? I’m trying to figure that on https://businessblog674360744.wordpress.com. I think it is going to have something to do with affiliate marketing. Also my Facebook group is https://www.facebook.com/groups/speciialneedsparepowwow.

I would love to have you following my blogs and joining my Facebook group.


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