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My disability is obvious .I can’t walk or talk. Everyone who meets me is going to know. But for some children, their special needs is that they have a health problem that no one can see, but it is there and has to be taken care of. What if your child has diabetes and you are trying to fly? Let’s look at some tips that might help you.

  • Ffirst, it seems pretty obvious, but you are going want to bring all your supplies. And put all of that in your carry because you do not know what might happen to your checked bags.
  • You are going to want to get into the special assistance line at the airport. They will know about medications and all that. And they will help you with that.

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if you do go to Lido Beach Resort in Florida, you will want to be sure to go to St Armands Circle. You will find a lot of great shops and restaurants here. You can take a shuttle from the resort or just walk. The shuttle does not have a wheelchair lift, remember that. The resort is going to have eleven special needs rooms.. They have a lift into their family friendly pool.

A resort

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I have a confession to make. My family did not go to any resorts.. We did not go on any cruises. Instead our vacations were to go see family and friends and friends. And I loved it. But where are the best places to go when you have a child with special needs?

Let’s start looking at one great place you might want to consider, and that is Lido Beach Resort.. Are you looking for a nice, quiet beach trip to Florida? Here you are going to find some great shopping. At the resort, you will be choosing between single rooms and condos. They have a family friendly pool and one is adults only.

  • to tell the complete truth, taking your special needs child on vacation might not not feel like much of a vacation for you. You are most likely still taking care of your child. Take time to go away with your husband or take a trip with your girlfriends to get to have real breaks. Trips with your special needs child are going to be mostly about them. E
  • veryone likes to get treats and prizes. When your children do well, reward them. It could be that special snack. It could be more time on their device.
  • You will probably be wise to figure out how long your trip is going to be, figuring in time for breaks, and then letting your children know. If they do not understand is time yet, you might want to describe it in terms of how many shows they are going to be able to watch. This may help with some of the, “when are we going to get there” questions.
  • For sure you will want to bring snacks for everyone. You will want is to bring things that are not messy to eat, but at the same time bring foods you know your family enjoys.
  • I’m the oldest of eight.. We were not allowed to bring toys or blankets.. Okay, a certain person brought her wheelchair and communication device. By the time everyone else brought necessary clothing, there was not a lot of space left. You may want to let each of your children bring one special thing. Do what works best for your family.
  • You are going to need to set ground rules, and let your children know up front what will and will not happen while you are on the road. Yes, you will need to remind your children of the rules, after all they are children. But set the rules and stay with them. I know that many parents like to put limits on their children’s screen time, but the car might not be the best place to do that. Kids are going to get bored on those long drives. Giving them their device is going to keep them busy. You may also want to try listening to books as a family.
  • I’m sorry, I like getting on the road and just drive until we get to wherever we are going. I don’t like making were were many stops. I know other people do. I know some people who like to stop every couple hours. For someone that pretty much can not get out of the car, that frustrates me.

Some more tips

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Let’s look at some more tips that you might want to keep in mind when traveling with your special needs child.

  • A lot of special needs kids strongly prefer the familiar over trying anything new.. They love their routines. Public restrooms can put some special needs children completely off. Going to a public restrooms from time to time when you are home would probably help with that.
  • Some children do not want to eat anything except these set few things. Personally, I like plainer, softer foods. Plainer is just my preference. Softer foods are a lot easier to eat for me to eat. Mom always brings food I eat whenever we are traveling anywhere.
  • Sleep can be another problem. I just need somewhere soft and pretty big. We go to a lot of the same places over and over. And we’ve figured out the places that are best for me to sleep in those places. Sadly some children simply not sleep while you are traveling.

More tips

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Let’s look at some more tips that might make traveling with your special needs child easier

  • Many children don’t like to be in the car for long stretches of time. Hey, many adults don’t like it either. I know for me it really helps if I can lie down.
  • Another common problem is that children can get bored on long road trips. You will want to take some of their favorite toys. Come some of their favorite snack foods so that no one gets hungry on the way. Being hungry makes everyone grumpy. Listening to a good book or watching movies can help pass the time.

Romantic getaways

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Let’s get back to discussing planning that romantic getaway.

  • Remember that in order to get a true vacation and reconnect with each other, you need to get rid of all your distractions.. Don’t take work with you. Leave your children with people you know you can trust. Try not to check in more than twice a day.
  • You are going to want to plan some activities for the two of you to do together. But you want to also plan to relax and have time for just the two of you to be together..
  • Try not to stress about anything. You have enough stress at home. Do you want to take a car yourself or is it easier to ride buses and taxis? Do you want to be somewhere where can cook or would you rather eat in restaurants the whole tim?