Why go to the Caribbean? #1

Taking a trip, getting away from your day to day routine, is usually pretty nice. Everybody needs breaks from time to time. But getting away to the Caribbean can be just what the doctor ordered. Today let’s take a look at some reasons why.

  • If you are looking for an all-inclusive resort, the Caribbean is definitely a place that you will want to consider. There are just so many of that these resorts here. Are you looking for kid friendly? They have that. Are you looking for a place to reignite the romance? They’ll have a wide variety of resorts that will meet those needs as well. Going to an all-inclusive means that you will pay one price and then be able to enjoy everything without spending extra.
  • There is also a lot of luxury to be had here. The resorts are just one option that you will have. There are also some beautiful villas whether there are two or twenty of you going. And the Caribbean is always a beautiful place in general.
  • Another reason to visit the Caribbean? Winters are never too cold, and summers are never too cold. Temperatures are always between sixty and eighty degrees. And it is usually great weather to play outdoors.
  • The water is beautiful down there, and absolutely fantastic to swim in. These are some of the clearest waters you will ever see. And that is especially true in places like Turks and Caicos, and Grand Cayman.
  • Since the waters are so clear, this makes a great place to snorkel. You will be able to see all kinds of tropical fish, and you will also get to watch my favorite animal which is the dolphin.

We are going to get back to this discussion tomorrow. I would love to know your thoughts.


Visiting family #2

Happy Monday everyone. I have several different things going on. But first, I want to make sure this does get done. Today let’s get back to our discussion on how to survive visiting family.

  • First, if you are relatively [ha ha] close by, and have a difficult family situation, consider going for a very limited time. Maybe you could just go for a day. Keeping your visits short will help prevent baggage being brought up. It might be more relaxing for everyone involved.
  • If extremely short visits are not a practical option for you, remind yourself, and maybe more importantly, remind your spouse, that this visit is only temporary. You will return to your own home. You will return to the life that you love.
  • If it is possible, try spending some one on one time with the family member you have most trouble getting along with. Try to do this when no one else is around, so that others are not made uncomfortable. Is there anything you like doing together? Try doing that.
  • If you are the one who has left the family home, and the rest of your family lives right around there, take some time to be with each person individually, not leaving anyone out.
  • Just because you are visiting them does not mean you have to spend every second of every day with them. Take some time to enjoy the are area. Enjoy an old favorite restaurant. Visit your favorite haunts. Do some date nights.
  • They are your family, you know the hot spots. Does your mother think you’re too hard on your children, and your sister think you’re too easy? Try to avoid conflict when you can.

Visiting family #1

Traveling to visit family is one of my favorite things to do. But sometimes it can be stressful too. We may have expectations that the people we’re visiting doesn’t think about, likely they have no idea what we were thinking or feeling. They may also have expectations that aren’t being met. Old hurts may come up.. Anyway, today let’s look at some tips that might help all of us.

  • Staying at your loved one’s house is though a lot of fun a. You won’t have to worry about leaving at a certain time each night because someone in your own family needs to get to bed at a certain time, or won’t get are up in the mornings. You can enjoy helping one another put meals together, and will probably get more of a feel of what their day-to-day life is like. Staying with your parents may have  a fringe benefit, they may want time to enjoy their grandchildren without you parents, allowing you and your husband to do some date nights while you are visiting.
  • On the flip side, maybe you do want to get your own hotel room or condo. You might be someone that really likes your privacy. Maybe spending too much time together brings back too many memories of the past. Maybe your parents can’t handle guests full time.

We are going to get back to this discussion Monday.

More tips on Disney

I have had a crazy week as far as work goes. Hopefully next week is going to be a little less wild. I’ve been looking at some different jobs.. Anyway, decided to go through my spam folder, and from what I can tell, Disney is a pretty popular topic. First, I’m glad you like my work, and second I would love to help a trip to Disney if you are interested. Please just let me know

  • I mentioned that Disney has dining plans on Wednesday, but let’s look at that some more. Each of following describes what you will get each day of your plan. Choose the Quick Service Plan, you are going to get two quick service meals and two snacks. With the Disney dining plan, you will get two snacks, one quick service meal, and one meal at a restaurant. Now if you want to do a Deluxe dining plan, you will get three meals and two snacks.
  • I know with Disney you are going to have a lot to figure. That is why you will want my help. I can help you do all the research to figure things out. I can save you hours of work.
  • Believe it or not, there are some inexpensive souvenirs at Disney, you just have to find. There are also scavenger hunts you can do.

Traveling with your dog

Earlier this week, we were talking about traveling with kids, and how to do that right. But what about when the four-footed members of your family come along? Today let’s look at some tips that might help you with that.

  • I have seen a lot of hotels that advertise that they are pet a friendly. But I’m not sure that means the same thing to everyone. So you will want to call ahead to make sure your dog will have everything he needs.
  • Before you leave on your expedition might be a great time to take your pet to the vet, just to make sure that there are no health problems to watch out for along the way.
  • Some hotels, campgrounds, and other accommodations provide everything you may need for your pet. But that is the exception and not the rule. So at the minimum, you will want to take your dog’s food and a leash. Did the vet put your dog on any medicine? Be sure not to forget that.
  • Buckle up for safety, ever heard that expression? That’s true not just for you, but also for your pet. Pet stores sell doggie seats and harnesses. And keeping your dog secure also means that your pet will not do anything crazy while you’re driving keeping you safer as well.
  • Going to the bathroom, it’s something all of us do. Does your pet go on command? That’s something you might want to work on before your trip. It will make bathroom breaks quicker, and will enable your pet to get used to going anywhere.
  • Your pet is going to need to take a break out of the car every few hours. Factor those stops in when you’re considering your overall driving time. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Look up some vets in the place you are going just in case an emergency comes up. Keep that information on your phone.
  • Never feed your dog right before your trip. Feeding them a couple of hours will help ensure that your dog will not make a mess in your car.
  • Take your pet on a test drive just to make sure they do well in the car. Drive for at least an hour or two to make sure they do well. If they do not well on that drive, you are going to be better off to find a dog sitter for your trip.

About Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival

When you think of Disney, you think of the most wonderful place on earth for children, way? And while it is true that a lot of what Disney has to offer puts big smiles on children’s faces, Disney also also has plenty that adults will enjoy as well, and I’m not just talking about those adults that never seem to grow up. Today we are going to look at something that may be geared mostly for adults, Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival. This festival started in 1996 and has grown steadily ever since. It used to last only a month, but now it lasts 75 days.

  • Have you been to this festival before. Don’t worry. There are always new foods and wines that you can try.
  • If you’re like me and have a real sweet tooth, you’ll be happy to know that there will be over 100,000 desserts served.
  • You’re more than welcome to explore all the food options which are available online.
  • Disney does nothing that isn’t pretty big and meant to awe. For this event, they’ve gathered almost one hundred chefs from eight countries and twenty states. And some of Disney’s own chefs will be included as well.
  • And this festival isn’t just about the food, there are workshops, seminars on beverages and cheeses, and a lot of musical performances.
  • Disney has something special going on on Sundays here at the festival. The event is called “Sunday Brunch with the Chef”, and will feature all kinds of different chefs.
  • Do you enjoy scavenger hunts? Disney puts on a scavenger hunt that will feature Remy from Ratatouille. Completed maps will earn you a prize.

I would love to get your thoughts on any of this. I would also love to help you book a trip Disney.

Traveling with kids #3

Having children can add a lot to your life. True, there is a lot you have to think about and plan for when you have children, but life is so much richer with their smiles, giggles, and funny sayings. And traveling with them is always an adventure. We can learn so much when we see things from a child’s perspective.. That is especially true when we’re traveling together. So let’s get back to tips.

  • Try to plan your flights around the time the children usually go to bed, so that they will sleep while you’re in the air. True, sometimes evening flights can be more expensive, but the peace might be worth it. You will also want to bring snacks to make sure no one goes hungry. And bring your Ipad in case someone can’t sleep.
  • If you are breastfeeding your, do some research to figure out whether it is acceptable to feed your baby in public. Some countries will frown on that. Other places will not give it a second thought.
  • You’ll also want to research questions like… Will you need visas for your desired destination? What is required, and what is recommended as far as health precautions? What kind of currency do they use, and what is the best way to obtain that?
  • Talk to your child about the trip you’re planning to take them on. Explain as much as they can possibly understand. Children love to be in the know.

Traveling with kids #2

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I know I did. When you work from home, it seems extra important to try to get out and do some fun things on the weekend. I did have some fun this weekend, and that makes starting work again much better. We are going to get back to some tips you might want to remember when you’re traveling with children.

  • Okay, if this is your first time traveling with your first baby, you would be wise to remember that traveling with a baby is going to be different than traveling as a
  • couple or group of adults. That resort you and your friends absolutely loved might not be the best to take your children to. Were there a lot of hills to walk that you might not want to push a stroller up and down? Were there long waits at the restaurants? Were people coming up and down the halls at all hours of the night?
  • If you are going to be vacationing at a place where you are going to be in seas of people, make sure you have your name and a way to contact you inside all your child’s clothing. And please remember what your children are wearing.
  • Planning on going to the beach? You might want to make sure that the place you’re staying has a pool as well. Some children love the ocean, others will not go near it. However, most all children I know love playing in pools.
  • A fairly common question for most new parents is, what should I take to hold my baby? Should we take a stroller, or should we just take a sling and be done with it? There are a lot of factors to this. Is the place you are going hot, or will it be pretty temperate? How much packing room will you have? What do you and your baby prefer?

We are going to get back to this discussion tomorrow. Would love to know what you are thinking.

Tips for traveling with kids #1

Yesterday we were talking about why it is important to travel with kids. Today let’s look at some tips on how to best do that.

  • The first thing to do is to remember that this is good for your kids. Everyone learns when traveling. And of course, traveling is also a great way to bond. I know this may seem a little daunting, but everyone will become accustomed to it the more you travel together.
  • Traveling with your family is not a time you want to rush around. Take your time. Enjoy being together, use your time to actually talk to one another and listen.
  • People have babies in other countries too, you know. You do not need to pack every last thing you might need. You can always buy things you need once you’re there. Resorts and cruise ships will often everything you might need are, everything from formula and baby food, to diapers and cribs.
  • And that kind of brings up a big question. Would you rather go to a hotel or resort where you will pampered at every turn? Hotels have maid service. Resorts will also have that and will places where you can eat your meals. Or would you rather have a vacation rental where you might have more room, but pretty much have to figure everything for yourself??

We are going to get back to this discussion Monday. I would love to know your thoughts?

Why travel with children


Traveling by yourself is one thing. You can go anywhere what you want any time you feel like it. Traveling once you’re married is a little different. You have to consider the other person’s needs and wishes. It is still two adults traveling and making memories together. But will you be able to travel once you start your family? Don’t children need a routine to get on and stick to? Can they understand anything about why things are so different? Won’t they hate the different food? Will they do things that will offend the native people?

  • Okay, first, I am the oldest of eight, and we traveled ALL THE TIME. Most of our trips were to visit family or friends in places we used to live. We never seemed to mind getting out of our routines. It was nice to visit with loved ones. And every one of us now loves to travel.
  • We’ve all seen the meltdown children have in restaurants or on airplanes. The truth is that children are resilient, and the more we expose them to other cultures, the more they’ll want to experience for themselves.
  • I know some would call this cruel, but children will eat once they get hungry. Exposing them to many different foods when they are young will be good for them. They may enjoy more than you think they will. Children can learn languages quicker than adults can. It is just a fact of life.
  • And hearing other languages will also improve their English as well. Children are more adaptable. They see other children do something, and they’re likely to want to do it too. They’re more likely to make friends wherever they go.
  • Travel helps build their confidence. At home, you have your established routines, everyone knows what’s to happen when. Travel can be unpredictable. Problems can come up, and this can help teach children problem solving.

I would love to know your thoughts about any of this.