More about Disney

Let’s talk some more about Disney and some of the differences between the two big parks.

  • Okay, there are different character at Disney World rather than Disneyland. You can find out specifically which characters are where with Disney’s App. It seems like you will see more characters at Disneyland. Disney World’s characters are usually in or around their own pavilions.
  • Magic kingdom and Disneyland have a lot of the same themed areas. But that doesn’t mean that the rides are exactly the same. And of course, Disney World has a lot more.
  • Disneyland can easily be seen in one day, having about five hundred acres. On the other hand, Disney World has over nine thousand acres filled with attractions. And it will take you several days to enjoy everything.

Disney World/Disneyland


You may think that if you have been to one of these parks, you have seen what Disney has to offer in the way amusement parks. While there are similarities, there are some well Let’s look at some of those today.

  • First, there is a big size difference between the two. You are going to find four theme parks as well as two water parks. You will find twenty-five hotels. Disneyand has two parks and three hotels.
  • And how can we forget that they have different castles? Isn’t that why a lot of these little girls to go, to see those castles and meet owners? Disney World has Cinderela’s castle. Did you know that they made a castle a certain height, if they would have made it a foot taller, they would had to put red for airplanes? At Disney, Sleeping Beauty’s castle is not as tall. You can in at both castles, but’s is the only one in which you can eat.
  • You are going to find some of the foods, but there are some differences here as well. You might want to take at some recommendations that have on Pinterest so that you do not miss out on anything spectacular

More 4th of July destinations

I would love to know what your 4th of July traditions are. Do you love to cook out? Maybe you have a city celebration your families loves going to. Or maybe it’s a day your enjoys being together. Or maybe you don’t have any traditions, and are looking for something to do. If that best describes you, please read on.

  • You may want to visit Denver, Colorado. They have an celebration that starts with lives music, and ends with, guessed it, fireworks. There is a twist though, they always do their celebration on July third.
  • If you are feeling extra patriotic, you may want to visit our national Capital of Washington D.C.. There are all kinds of monuments and historic sites to visit. AnNational Mall, which is not a mall like we think, will have all kinds of free activities for you to enjoy.
  • I first read this, I wasn’t sure what to think. When think New Orleans, I think of Mardis Gras and not 4th of July. But apparently they do well with a number of holidays. This is a great city for you and your family to enjoy the holiday together. They will have hotdog eating contests, face painting, music festivals and more.

Plan an inexpensive vacation

June will be here before you know it, and in June we are going to be celebrating Father’s Day. A lot of fathers work really hard to provide for their families. And sometimes fathers don’t want to spend anymore money than necessary. In light of that, we are going to look at some things you can do to plan an inexpensive vacation.

  • When you go on vacation and really want to stick to that budget you created for yourself, the first thing that you will want to do is to do some careful planning. You will want to figure out exactly where you are staying. Are you flexible on when you take your vacation? You can always find better prices when you go after everyone else leaves.
  • And when it comes to traveling inexpensively, do not overlook flying as a consideration. You can get some amazingly cheap planes. But when you think about that, you will also have to consider how you are going to get around once you reach your destination.
  • Eating out at restaurants can get quite costly. What my family usually did when we were going out of town and were not staying with family or friends is we would go to a grocery store and get food for breakfast and lunch, and then we would eat out somewhere for supper.
  • Okay, you know where you want to go. You have your hotel booked. And now you know what to do about food. But what are you going to do when you are on your trip? Sure, everyone is going to want to be at your hotel pool some of the time. But what else do you want to do. There are free things you can do in every city. There also coupon books that will have discounts on some interesting things you can do. You can usually find those online.

More on cruises

Let’s look at a few other things you might not want to forget on your cruise.

  • Unless you have a really crazy family like on the movie, “Home Alone”, you will not be forgetting your children. Hopefully they will make it point to remind you. But what are you going to do about your pets? Make a plan for them long before you are to leave on your cruise to have that that taken care of.
  • It is always wise to bring snacks on your trip. You never know what might happen along the way. I think my mother used to bring some kind of snack even when we were driving around town. Of course, there were eight of us, so someone was bound to get hungry. Have snacks that aren’t going to make such a mess.
  • And don’t forget to bring some of that old fashioned thing called cash. You never know when you might need that. You might want to tip someone, or need to take a cab somewhere, or any of things like that.

And now for some other cruise news.

  • Disney has been signing agreements for terminal right for twenty years and beyond. It doesn’t look like they’re planning to get out of the cruise business any time soon. Of course, when your cruises are always booked solid, why would you?
  • Carnival has done a makeover on one of their ships. It is now called the Carnival Sunrise. And its godsmother is the daughter of some bigwig in the Carnival Cooperation.

Vacation tips #2

Trips are like everything else in life, you can’t prevent every single thing from going on, but you can do some things make things go better. Read on for some more tips that will help you.

  • Consider using a travel agent. Personally I charge nothing over and above what your vacation costs. I can help you do all the planning you want to do.
  • You do not want to forget your electricity adapter. A lot of countries are going to have different voltage than we do. Their plugs work differently than ours. Be sure to take something that will charge all your devices.
  • I’ve said it before, but you can’t plan away every emergency that might come up on your vacation. That is the reason that we have travel insurance. They will help you when things go wrong on your vacation.
  • Pay attention to your credit cards. Do you know which ones will give you money back on the different things that you will need on your vacation. Credit cards are tools, use them wisely.
  • Some places simply will not take credit cards. Make sure you take cash, or can get it easily.

Cruising with children

Okay, I’ve talked you into it. You are sure you want to go on a cruise. You just aren’t sure which one, because you have kids that you want to take with you. You want them to have the best experience that they can. Your question is, which cruises are good for children? Read on to find out.

  • I have heard amazing things about Disney cruises. I know adults who have gone on Disney cruises without children. Disney cruises are going to have a great kids’ club, good things for tweens and teens to do. They are going to have babysitting for you to go out and enjoy yourselves as a couple at night. They have Disney movies that they have turned into Broadway plays.
  • I think it was earlier this week that we were talking about the Norwegian Escape. Well, it is good for children. Toddlers are going to have their own dedicated staff. They are going to have a quiet rooms for their naps. Older kids are going to have a blast at the water park.
  • Celebrity Edge is reworking their children’s program, and they will be ready for your children in 2020. Celebrity is collaborating with Lonely Planet for their new program. Let me know if you want to book a cruise with your children.

Affordable destinations

Can you believe that we are only a couple of weeks away from Memorial Day weekend? Summer is just around the corner. Have you thought about what you might want to do for a summer vacation? Maybe you’re at a place where you would love to do a vacation that is on the nicer side, but you do not want to spend a fortune. You can’t, there is just not a lot of money in your budget. Today I have some suggestions that might just work for you.

  • Sure, everyone knows that Orlando, Florida is the amusement park capitol. Unfortunately, that place can get awful expensive. Instead you might want to try Lakeland or Winter Haven. You will still be fairly close to places like LEGOLAND. These are towns where you can get accommodations at much more reasonable prices..
  • Or you might want to try Daytona Beach. Your family doesn’t love racing? That is no problem. You are going to find lots of other things to do in this city. You will be able to enjoy water parks, museums, and beaches here.
  • Does your family love being in the great outdoors? Tuscon, Arizona is a destination that you might want to seriously consider. Here you will find plenty of outdoors activities to keep you busy. Do you need things to do in case of bad weather? This city also has a lot in the way of historical and cultural attractions. There are also a lot of great shops.
  • Are your kids dying to go to an amusement park? You might want to try checking out Branson, Missouri. Their amusement park is called Silver Dollar city. Table Rock Lake is another attraction that you will not want to miss.

Why vacation as a family #2

Let’s look at some more reasons why family vacation is so important.

  • Vacations are going to give your family time to actually be together. You will be away from everything you usually do, and will be able to concentrate on one another. And you will not have to do anything extravagant. Sometimes doing the simple things in life can be the most fun. Take a day and go to the zoo. I know I loved it when my family ordered pizza and hung out by the pool.
  • A lot of parents don’t really think about this, but you are going to have an average eighteen summers with each child that you have. After that, you are going to have to compete with college, summer jobs, and significant others. It is a good idea to make the most of the time that you do have with them so that they will want to come home when that choice is theirs.
  • Make that time to kick back and relax while you are on vacations. Some people jam pack their vacations just as much as their normal schedules. Make time to relax in front of good movies that the whole family can enjoy together. Do not make evening plans so that you can enjoy one another over nice dinners. Do you love playing board games together? Make time to do that.

Why vacation as a family #1

I am a travel agent who likes to help families reconnect through. I know that a lot of families have given up on vacation. Traveling as a family, especially when you have little ones, can be difficult. It can also be difficult to find time to take off of work. And you may other reasons why you do not want to go on vacation. But today let’s look at some reasons why it is important for your family to take vacations together.

  • First of all, the family that vacations together stays together. We live in a crazily busy world. It is common to have both parents working outside of the home. And then there are hobbies that they want to pursue. Hopefully they are also making time to spend together. Children have school, and then there are sports and other activities that most of our kids are involved in. When do families actually make the time to really be together? Vacations help us get away from all of the distractions of our busy lives and focus on our families.
  • A lot of the experts say that hands on experience is the best experience. Sure, we can read about different parts of the world, or watch television shows about them. But there is so much that you miss when you do not go to the places that you are interested in. You get to meet the people there. You get to experience their food and their culture and and their food.
  • And this may be even more important for children. You may tell them everything you know about a certain place, but experiencing it for themselves is going to help them understand so much better. They’ll love getting to explore museums, especially the hands on kind. They will love getting to see the Statue of Liberty or Liberty Bell. They may even enjoy seeing some of those battlefields.