More on Excellence Resorts

Yesterday we started talking about Excellence Resorts. Today let’s continue that discussion, and we are going to start by discussing their restaurants.

  • Each resort is going to have several different restaurants you can choose from, and each will have its own cuisine. You are likely going to be able to choose from French, Italian, Asian at least. And then there is always Mexican food, although it may be different than what we’re used to here in the States.
  • There will also be an impressive number of bars and lounges at any Excellence Resort. Do you want to go somewhere where you can dance the night away? They will have that, and probably have several that you can choose from . Do you want to go watch some shows? They will have that as well. They will also have places where you can watch your favorite sports team play.
  • And what is there to do during the day? You will have access to outdoor Jacuzzis. You can also play games like pool, table tennis and darts. You will also have access to snorkeling equipment, and nice fitness centers. Or do you want to just stay in your suite, playing on your laptop and eating room service all day? You are free to do that as well.
  • Like I said yesterday, this is the perfect place for romance. Do you have a honeymoon that you are planning? They are a great place to do that. Or you could go all the way and make it a destination wedding.

Does everything I’m saying make you want to book a trip? I would love to help you plan a getaway of any kind. Please let me know.


Excellence Resorts

You have heard that when looking for a fun in the sun vacation, you are going want to try the Caribbean at some point. And as great as you know cruises to be, taking a cruise is not what you want to do this trip? Maybe you have been on a cruise, and you’ve discovered an particular island you want to explore. If the trip you are wanting to go on is romantic trip like we were talking about last week, you might want to try going to an Excellence.¬†And here are some reasons why.

  • To begin with, Excellence chooses some of the most gorgeous locales for each resort that they build. They have their resorts in places like Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, the Mexican Caribbean, and Jamaica. If going to the most beautiful beaches in the area is something that is important to you, these are resorts that you will definitely want to check out.
  • Is getting spa treatments one of your top priorities? Excellence is going to have an excellent spa for you to enjoy. They are going to have many different spa treatments that you can enjoy. And of course, they are going to offer couples’ treatments that you can enjoy together.
  • Excellence Resorts are adults-only properties to be sure. This is part of why it is perfect for romantic getaways. You are going to be able to choose between a junior suite and seven other types of suites. You will enjoy great enjoy great views, and may even get your own plunge pool.
  • Personally swimming is one of my favorite things to do on vacation. These resorts are each going to have a variety of pools. Do you want to go to a huge pool and hang out with everyone? They will have that sure. And like I’ve said, they also have plunge pools for when you want some privacy.

Cruising with children

Okay, I’ve talked you into it. You are sure you want to go on a cruise. You just aren’t sure which one, because you have kids that you want to take with you. You want them to have the best experience that they can. Your question is, which cruises are good for children? Read on to find out.

  • I have heard amazing things about Disney cruises. I know adults who have gone on Disney cruises without children. Disney cruises are going to have a great kids’ club, good things for tweens and teens to do. They are going to have babysitting for you to go out and enjoy yourselves as a couple at night. They have Disney movies that they have turned into Broadway plays.
  • I think it was earlier this week that we were talking about the Norwegian Escape. Well, it is good for children. Toddlers are going to have their own dedicated staff. They are going to have a quiet rooms for their naps. Older kids are going to have a blast at the water park.
  • Celebrity Edge is reworking their children’s program, and they will be ready for your children in 2020. Celebrity is collaborating with Lonely Planet for their new program. Let me know if you want to book a cruise with your children.

Advantages of river cruises

River cruising is still a relatively new concept. There are some similarities between the cruises most everyone has come to know and these newer river cruises. These similarities include you are on a ship for a week or more, and you do get to visit different destinations while keeping your same accommodations throughout your journey. But today let’s look at some things that are different about these river cruises.

  • Ocean ships are growing larger and larger with each passing year. Their goal seems to be to take as people as possible. And that’s great if you are looking for one gigantic party. But if you are looking for something smaller, river cruises are the way you want to go. There will not be as many restaurants that you can choose from, and you may find little to no entertainment on these smaller ships.
  • Hmm, I’ve never heard anything except that you will not feel any movement on these huge ships, but they are saying that you will feel so much less movement on these river vessels. You will not have to worry about any seasickness.
  • One big advantage of going on these smaller vessels is that you can practically get anywhere. These huge ships are going to be quite limited in where they can get to. The large ships are going to even have trouble getting you to the major cities, meaning you are going to have to take other transportation, which means you will be wasting valuable time.
  • On your typical cruise, you are going to pay for each and every shore excursion you choose to take. On a river cruise, that is simply not true. You are going to be able to go on the shore excursions at no additional charge. Everything is included in the price you pay up front.
  • And that is not just your excursions, you are going to get a whole lot for your money on these cruises. Free wifi is the norm. You will also get free wine or beer with lunch and dinner.

Are you interested in a river cruise. Please let me know at

Working with a travel agent

Are travel agents really a thing anymore? I mean, anyone can get on the internet and book a trip for themselves, can’t they? Travel agents do exist, and I know some make good money. Today we are going to look at some things you should do when you work with a travel agent.

  • First, be up front about what you would like to spend on your trip. Are you willing to spend more to know that your family is safe? Do you hope to have a trip where you are pampered? Are you just trying to get the lowest price out there?
  • Ask your travel agent about what they are going to charge you. They should be able to break everything down for you so that you will know what you are spending and why. You should feel good about where your money is going.
  • No one travel agent would be able to know every single thing about every single trip out there. Most travel agents are going to know other travel agents. Some travel agents are experts in one kind of travel or another. Picking other travel agents’ brains is part of what we do. And this will ensure that you get the best experience possible.
  • I would love to know how your trip went. I will usually follow up with you once you are home from your trip. Please write me and let me know how everything went.

Summer cruises

Are people starting to think about their summer vacations? Part of me kind of doubts that considering how many people do not really take vacations anymore. But maybe you are thinking about planning a summer vacation while you take your spring break. If that is you, I would love to help you plan something. Please let me know at Today we are going to take a look at some cruises you might want to consider.

  • Some of the most popular cruises are to the Caribbean. With these you are going to find your typical fun in the sun vacation. Norwegian Cruise Line does an excellent job with these. You are going to get to see several different destinations, including Norwegian’s own Harvest Caye. You will be gone a week on this cruise.
  • Is that too long a cruise for you? Norwegian also does a four day cruise which will take you to Cuba and the Bahamas. There are quite a few of these sailings will take place this summer.
  • Have you always dreamed of touring Alaska? Consider going on a Holland America cruise. And yes, this is one of the nicer cruise lines. But you are going to still be able to get a cruise for one person for under a thousand dollars. And remember, nicer cruises are going to get you more for your money.

Romantic getaways #2

Let’s get back to discussing how to plan a great romantic getaway for you and your spouse. I think we should start by discussing some things you two should discuss before you actually take your is trip.

No, I don’t think you should spring a trip on your husband. Too many things could go wrong.

  • You do not want to plan a is trip right before he has an an important project coming up at work. Plan something when you know you both can relax and concentrate on each other.
  • Make sure this is a trip that you are both looking forward to and will both enjoy. You don’t want to go somewhere only to find that he’s totally uninterested in doing anything in that place. Go somewhere you know you both want to explore.
  • And you want to make sure you are both on the same page when it comes to how much your trip is going to cost. Couples tend to fight about money more than anything. And you do not want to be fighting on your romantic getaway, do you?
  • If you’re thinking about doing a longer getaway, you might want to consider doing a cruise. Cruises can be all inclusive, which means you will pay one price, and then you can forget about money.
  • Do you and your husband love eating out together? Go online and research some restaurants you might like to try on your trip. Restaurants are going to have a lot of reviews online.

Planning a romantic getaway #1


Marriage is a lot like any other thing that is worth having, it takes time. And I’m not talking about the time it takes to get you to the altar. You need to work on your marriage throughout the years of your marriage in order to keep your marriage healthy and strong. And one of the ways to do that is to take regular trips together. Today let’s look at some of the first steps you should take to planning one of these romantic adventures.

  • First you need where you are going to go. Is there a place that is special to the two of you as a couple. It could be the place where you first met. Or it might be the place where he proposed marriage to you. Maybe it is that place where you took your moon? Or maybe it’s that place you’ve been talking about wanting to go together for years.
  • What kind of place do you want to stay in? Do you want to go to a hotel, maybe a nicer one, where you will be catered to hand and foot. Or does renting a cabin appeal to you more? You may have to do some more work, but this is going to give you some more privacy.
  • If you are just planning a long weekend getaway, you are going to want to find somewhere a couple of hours away from you. Unless you just love driving together. You will want to do your research to find the perfect place for the two of you. Or you might want my help planning your getaway. Please let me know if you do.

More on luxury cruises

I must confess that I was rushing through everything forward. We had been gone most of the day, and I was just trying to get something posted. But anyway, let’s get back to our discussion about luxury cruises.

  • Like I was saying earlier, you are going to find many fewer people. Instead of being on a ship with thousands of people, most of these ships will sail with fewer than five hundred guests. That makes for a much more peaceful time when you are on the ship’s deck. Sometimes soft music will playing. Sometimes there will be a deck party in the evenings. But one thing they will always be sure to have on deck is someone who will see to your every need.
  • Luxury lines will leave you feeling spoiled. They will have robes and slippers for you, and all the toiletries that you will need. And yes, you will also get sunscreen. You just need to bring your clothes.
  • And with so many fewer guests, you are going to get a much higher level of service you will find on the ships. You will have a lower crew to guest ratio. And so these servers will get to know your preferences.

Luxury cruises

I’ve had a different kind of day. Let’s see if I can do this.

Have you ever wondering what the advantages of taking a luxury cruise are. Let’s take a look.

  • You may be thinking that there is absolutely no way that you can afford to take a luxury cruise. You could be quite surprised. Luxury cruises are going to include a whole lot more than your average cruise. You are going to get all your food and drink. You are likely going to get to go on your excursions at no extra cost. In essence you will pay one time and get everything that you need.
  • Cruise ships can take six thousand people. That is like a small city. You are not going to have that on a luxury cruise though. I think fifteen hundred is huge on these ships.