Finding peace on a cruise #2

Let’s get back to our discussion on how to find true relaxation on a cruise.

  • Norwegian Cruise Lines and MSC have these places that are kind of like a ship within a ship. These are much more exclusive and offer a much higher level of service. Yes, you are going to have to pay a lot more for these places, but it may be well worth it to you.
  • Want something a little less expensive? Try booking a room that is not near their laundry room or elevators. Make sure you are not right above or below anything like that either.
  • When it comes to dining, you’ll want to stay with the flexible dining. lines now at least have the option of flexible dining, if that’s not what everyone does.
  • Do you want an extra quiet meal? Try room service. You will not be charged anything extra on most cruises.

Cruises for 2020

I know it is early to think about resolutions. I am listening to Christmas music. But as my sister pointed out earlier it’s Thanksgiving season and not even the Christmas season yet. However it is great to start planning your cruises e, so let’s take a look at some more cruises.  

  • If you dream of going to the Mediterranean this time next year, you might want to consider MSC cruises. You are going to see Italy, France and Spain in five days. And you can do this for under three hundred dollars. Does this sound like too short a vacation? Stay in Europe before or after your cruise.
  • MSC is higher class than Carnival for sure, but if you are looking for true luxury, you will want to try Costa. Again on their cruises you will be exploring places on the Mediterranean, but their cruises at the beginning to of the year instead of the end.
  • Or is the Mexican Riveria more to your liking? Holland America is going to be doing cruises there this spring. This would be the perfect thing for spring . And you are going to pay around seven hundred for a cruise.
  • Does the thought of a cruise scare you because you don’t want to get out of your welness routine? Try AmaWater ways. They are expanding their wellness programs. And they will be going to Southeast as

Disney resorts

Disney does their best to ensure that everyone has what they want when guests come to visit them. The good news? Disney has a lot of choices when it comes to their resorts. The bad news? They have a lot of choices when it comes to their resorts. Let’s see if we can try to start untangling the web and make things a little clearer today.

First, why do you want to be sure to stay at a Disney resort and not another hotel close by? First of all, there is is Disney’s Magic Hour where only their resort guests are allowed in their parks. And okay, I need to be honest , Disney will overbook their ticketed guests, and sometimes they do not allow everyone who has a ticket into the parks. Resort guests are always allowed in. And now for some other reasons. Disney resorts have childcare and transportation. You will also get complimentary wifi at any of their resorts. Now on to the resorts themselves.

  • Bay Lake Tower is the closest to the Magic Kingdom. You could even walk to the main gate. Try to a room where you can see Cinderella’s castle. Doing that will allow you to see the fireworks each night without leaving your room. This is a Deluxe Villa, and you will enjoy luxuries like your own kitchen and living area.
  • Another Deluxe Villa is Boulder Ridge Villa at Disney Wilderness Lodge. Here you are only a boatride away from Magic Kingdom.  You will feel like you have stepped back to the American Wild West, but there will be amenities. You’ll has access to a washer and dryer, kitchen, living area and separate bedrooms. They will even have a heated pool for those traveling in the winter.

A chocolate cruise

They say that there is a cruise for everyone. The latest cruise that they’re working on is for chocolate lovers. Okay, I do love chocolate, but I find myself kind of skeptical at this point. There is a chocolate festival in Italy, and whoever goes on this cruise will be attending that. Here are some other things you might look forward to.

  • Chocolate experts are going to reveal their secrets.
  • There will be chocolate and pastry making workshops you can take part in.
  • You can also take part in classes taught by chocolate artisans
  • Learn how chocolate goes with wines and other food, especially food from the Mediterranean.
  • I think it goes without saying that your menus will be infused with chocolate.
  • Your excursions are going to revolve without chocolate

Okay, it does sound kind of interesting. But I’m still not sure about this.

Luxury cruises #3

We are going to look some more at luxury cruise and what you might expect.

  • Think of these kind of cruises as extended times at a country club. Everyone is going to have their mani-pedi before starting on the cruise. everything anyone wears will be designer quality. You’ll want to wear your nicer clothes, and not your jeans and t-shirts.
  • You will want to figure out the dress code,especially when it comes to dinner. Unlike most cruises, you will be asked to Know what people are expecting,and be sure to pack several of these outfits. I don’t think they look kindly on you wearing the same things.
  • Fine dining and luxury cruises go hand in hand?. You will be experiencing some of the best cuisine wherever you eat. However, if you want to try their specialty restaurants, book your reservations as quickly as you can. They go quickly.

Luxury cruises #2

Okay, so you have decided to take a vacation where you will be pampered at every turn. And you’ve decided that you want to take a luxury cruise. Let’s take a look at some things you might expect when taking your cruise.

  • From the moment you step on board, someone is going to be there offering you a nice drink. Are you wanting to get your stuff into your room and everything? You will have a porter that will get all that ready for you.
  • On other cruises, they are going to want you to tip them at every turn. Luxury cruise lines actually pay their people well enough that you do not have to tip anyone. In fact, they will not look on you favorably if you do tip, because it kind of messes up their whole system.
  • On these luxury cruises, everything is already paid for. Not only that, but their wait staff is trained to see to your every need. They will notice that your drink is low and refill it. Do you want to be careful how much you drink, something everyone should do on a cruise ship? Sip your beverage slowly.
  • Luxury cruises usually have far fewer people on them. You shouldn’t be shy. Go on and make some new friends. You might be surprised how much time you will spend with  them.

Luxury cruises


Humans are very interesting creatures. I mean, we all have our basic needs, food, clothing and shelter.. But some of us are pretty much happy with anything that is set before us, while others strongly prefer the finer things in life. And that could be true in just one of these categories or all three.

Okay, why am I bringing this up this on this blog. After all, we are talking about travel and deep things of life. Well, this does apply to travel too. Some of us are happy to slum it while vacation, we just want to get a taste of in different parts of the world. We don’t mind sleeping in hostels, in fact, we rather enjoy the people that we meet when we stay to in places like that. Other people will not go anywhere unless they know that they are going to be waited on hand and foot at every turn.

Of course, not only does this apply to all types of travel, it also applies to cruises. Some people see the inexpensive cruises and think nothing could be better. Of course, they don’t know, and sometimes don’t care, that they’ll be getting low quality food, minimum service, and be nickel and dimed every time they turn around.

When go on a luxury cruise,sure you will pay more up . But you will get much better food. Get a much higher level of service. And you usually do not have to worry about paying for anything you get on board.

Travel tips for Europe

You have made a decision that you are for is sure going to go to Europe in 202. You may have always wanted to go to Europe. You may want to escape the craziness of the upcoming elections, I have heard that fall is a great time to go. But anyway, let’s go over some tips that should help you with a trip to Europe.

  • The first tip I’m reading is that you do not want to go in the summer. That is when everyone else goes. It is also when a lot of the natives take their vacations. A lot of the shops and restaurants close up. Things like that make traveling Europe in the summer a nightmare instead of a dream. Spring and fall are the recommended times to go. r
  • You know about all the tourist traps, the Eiflle Tower, Highclere Castle, the Vatican, etc. Sure, if this is your first time, you will want to see those too. But make sure to see some of the spots the locals recommend as well.
  • Europe has a lot of different language. Unless you are a genius, you are not going to become fluent in anything, but learning a few of the phrases will help you. Most everyone should be able to point you to someone who knows English.

Tips on Hawaii

Hawaii. A lot of people want to get there. But a trip to Hawaii is kind of hard to plan. everything you need. For example, which islands will you visit on your trip?

  • There are six major island, each of them is going to give you just a little taste of the whole of Hawaii. You are going to be traveling such a long way to get there, why not go to more one island?
  • Not only are the islands very different, various places on each island are going to be quite different. You might want to book hotels in more than one section of the island. This will give you a better feel of the different parts.
  • You are going to need to rent a car when you go to Hawaii. There is just no getting around that. Buses will not run fast enough to make it worth your while.
  • Everyone knows that the children are off during the summer. And yeah, taking them would be nice.. Or winter would be the best time to see the whales. But going in autumn or spring will be the best way to beat the crowds and get better prices. Hawaii never has bad weather to speak of.


Acapulco, its very name sounds exotic. Today let’s look at this destination.

This is where the idea of resorts in Mexico first got started. This is a spot where you can have beach and mountains in the same proximity, which is quite lovely. You will want to keep in mind that there has been some crime in this area, so you will want to keep to the resort areas or with a group of some kind.

If you are looking for a great fun in the sun destination? This is a place that you may want to check out. Do you love water sports? You are going to find lots to do at the beach. But of course, you also have are the option to do absolutely nothing at all. There is a lot of nightlife you can enjoy.

Some of the top reasons to go are :

  • The cliff divers have been amazing guests for decades. You will love watching their daredevil moves.
  • I’ve mentioned the beaches before, but they are absolutely beautiful. And this is true whether you’re into water sports or just sit and look with cool drinks in your hands.
  • There are also some great places to fish if you like that kind of thing.
  • There are some great history and art museums that you might want to visit if you do get tired of the beaches.