Staying safe


I know that there is a lot going on in our world these days. And I’m talking about everything from natural disasters, to epidemics, to mass shootings. People may be trying to decide whether or not it is safe to travel anywhere anymore. With few exceptions it should be are safe to travel anywhere you want, let’s look at few suggestions that will help keep you safe.

  • First, when you know you’re interested in going anywhere, start checking the news. Read up on the things that are going on there. If you start to feel uncomfortable about a place before you go on your trip, you can always change your mind. Watching some news while you’re on your trip is also a good idea.
  • It is also a good idea to stay in groups while you travel. Groups are much less like to be robbed from or taken advantage of. If you are doing a solo trip, consider joining a group you meet while you’re on the road.
  • Doing your sightseeing during the day is always the best idea. When you do go out at night, stay in places where there are crowds.

London/Cayman Islands

I’m sorry if my posts seem a little disjointed I have several things going. We’re in the midst of having several things to do with friends and making some decisions about my future. I’m doing what I can to work in between the other things. But anyway..

When you think of London, surely one place that comes to mind to visit is the infamous Tower of  London. A lot of famous people have been kept here, including some kings or their wives. Sir Walter Raleigh was held captive in this place for over seventeen years. You might also want to see the crown jewels. It looks like you will need to set up a guided tour in order to get look at these.

Let’s move our discussion from London to the Cayman islands. These islands make up part of the Caribbean. But these islands are more sophisticated. Tourism and finance are the biggest industries here, which means that they enjoy a pretty high standard of living. To be honest, you are going to find their prices slightly higher, but they do have exceptional service.

Let’s stop here for today. We will talk more about the Cayman Islands tomorrow.

Carnival Horizon

Today let’s look at some of the features of the new Carnival ship that they’ve named Carnival Horizon. This ship is going to have a lot in common with its sister ship Carnival Vista.

For starters, Horizon is going to have a couple of new restaurants. People should be impressed with their teppanyaki restaurant. There is also a new restaurant coming out by Mr. Guy Ferrar called Guy’s Pig and Anchor Smokehouse. The restaurant will serve barbecue favorites and some new crafted beers that they will make on board.

Horizon will have some of the fastest internet on board a cruise. To give you an idea of how fast this internet is, people should have no problems accessing Facebook Lives on board.

This new ship is going to have “destination elevators”, which kind of sound like something out of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Before you step into the elevator, you will go on and select your destination by touchscreen. Once you’re inside, all you will have to worry about is opening and closing the elevator.

The new ship is also going to have a Cat-in-the-Hat themed waterpark. It sounds like there will be a lot of brightly colored slides.

I would love to know your thoughts on any of this. I would also love to help you book a cruise. Please let me know if you are interested.

Saving on a trip to Mexico

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Let’s do something a little different today. Mexico, it’s one place that some people think you should avoid, and others say that this is a great time to visit. What I’ve heard as far as safety goes is that staying on resort property, you should be perfectly safe. If you’re looking for an inexpensive trip to Mexico, now may be one of the best times to go.

Like I said earlier, staying at a resort is your best bets when it comes to your safety, and fortunately Mexico has a lot of resorts you can choose from. And many of these will be all inclusives. That means that you will get your room, food, beverages and activities for one price. You will want to be sure to read the fine print to know exactly what is or is not included. Or if I book your trip, I can help you figure out all the details.

Where you book your trip in Mexico can have a huge impact on how much you will spend on your trip. For example, Los Cabos is a very inexpensive place to travel to. You may be surprised at how beautiful this place is. You will find plenty to do and lots of great food to enjoy.

Rivera Maya will have many different resorts you could choose from. The beaches there are absolutely stunning. Cancun would be another pretty inexpensive place to visit. You should be warned that this is a place where people will go to party. Are you looking to explore ancient Mayan Ruins? You will want to visit Tulum, which is a very quiet place.

If you’d like to try to visit Mexico at no cost, consider getting a Hyatt credit card. This will allow you to save up points which you will be able to spend on your hotel stays.

Do you have any questions? Please let me know.

Things not to do in Ireland

I had trouble with my communication device, which is why I didn’t post. I’m not sure what’s going on with this thing. We’re trying to figure this out. But if I miss another day, that is probably why. I havends that are talking about going to Irelan, so I’m interested in finding out more about the place. And I figured that it might make an interesting blog post.

When you visit a place, it’s nice to know their rules and pet peeves so that you don’t offend anyone. That is true whether you’re visiting a country or a family. Let’s look at some things you might want to keep in mind on your next trip to Ireland.

  • We think it’s cute when we ask the Irish about Leprechauns. They do not. They have gotten that question so much that they’re sick of it. Be nice, and do not ask about the magical creatures.
  • Again contrary to our way of thinking, the Irish do not eat corned beef and cabbage. We consider it their national dish and figure that it has to be served in just about any pub. Again, that is simply not true. This is not a dish that the Irish eat. You might find corned beef and cabbage in a pub that specifically caters to tourists.
  • Do you like it when people try to mimic you, and it just comes out all wrong? No? The Irish do not like it when you try to mimic their accent. It just comes out wrong and seems rude.
  • Most Irish, and for that matter most Europeans, tend to be pretty in their thinking. You might not want to get into a discussion of your great love for Trump or whoever.


Travel advice you might not want to follow

I’ve been looking into some other business stuff, trying to figure out a good place to send articles to. I would love to find a website that loved my work, and would accept anything I would send. ut I’m just starting out on this journey, sometimes I have to remind myself of that. But I do want to make sure that I get my normal stuff done.

Has anyone ever given you advice, and maybe you accepted it at first. But after a while you started thinking about it, and it just did not sound right? Today we are going to look at some travel advice that you might not want to follow.

  • Always stay off the beaten path. You might find that the hotel that is outside the city is less expensive, but then again you might not. There is also the fact that if you do stay outside the city, you are going to have to drive a while to get to the attractions you are going to see. And that is especially true with gas prices as high as they are. And then there is also the question of safety. You might think you’re safer outside the city. But there is safety in numbers, as the saying goes.
  • Don’t fall for all those tourists’ traps. Okay, there are reasons that these places are as famous as they are. Most people like to see these things at least once in their lives. Besides it’s kind of nice to be in the hustle and bustle sometimes. You might want to spread the major attractions out so that you don’t feel like you’re sitting in line the whole time, but do see them. Those are the places your friends will ask about once you’re home.
  • You will be in constant danger if you visit this place. You never know when something might happen wherever you go. If the place you want to go has health warnings or something like that, there are always precautions you can take. And places that people are afraid to visit because of violence, you can usually come up with ways to avoid the dangerous areas. That is one reason it’s good to book with a travel agent. I can help you figure out what’s safe and what isn’t.

I would love to know your thoughts about any of this, even if you disagree. Please let me know.

Tips for traveling with a disability #2

I have several things I want to accomplish today, so let me go on and do this.

Living with a disability makes life more difficult. Sorry.. I know some people who say that their disability is a gift and that they wouldn’t trade places with nondisabled people. And I guess I can see how disability shapes us. But if given the opportunity, I would love to be made well… But anyway, let’s look at some more thoughts on disability travel.

  • Having a disability makes it more important to plan out your trips. You’ll want to let the people at your airline, the hotel people, and any other travel vendors know about your disability. This allows them to better serve you. Let them know in adadvance that you are going to need that extra outlet in that room, or that it is imperative that you have a refrigerator for your medication.
  • You know yourself and your energy level better than anyone. If your most energetic times are in the mornings, let that be the time you do your big outings. Do you rest most afternoons. Do the same when you go on vacations. Especially when we’re disabled, our bodies do not like getting off our routines.
  • You may want to purchase travel insurance specifically with your health in mind. A lot of health insurance companies will not cover you once you leave the United  States. Make sure you have everything you might need as far s insurance.
  • Having a disability makes it more important to plan out your trips. You’ll want to let the people at your airline, the hotel people, and any other travel vendors know about your disability. This allows them to better serve you. Let them know in adadvance that you are going to need that extra outlet in that room, or that it is imperative that you have a refrigerator for your medication.

  • Are you going to need a wheelchair? I’m laughing at this because my wheelchair goes with me wherever I go 99.9% of the time. But I know some people who can walk some, but need a wheelchair for the long distances. Or maybe you use a power chair, but it might not  work everywhere you would.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.

Is Mexico safe?


I have had some other things I wanted to get done today today. I’m trying to figure out a place that will pay me to write travel advice. I want to do this to bring in some money for the business, and hopefully get some more clients. Figuring out when to look at writing jobs is hard. I want to get through everything I feel like I need to do each day, but then I often feel too tired to really concentrate on figuring out the writing jobs. I’m not sure what to do, but I am going to try to figure something out.

One of my sisters is going to Mexico next month… Of anyone in our family, she’s the one who likes to live on the dangerous side. As a travel agent, what I’ve heard is that as long as you’ll stay on the resorts, you should be just fine. But the United States has issued a new travel warning in light of recent events, so let’s take a look at what they’re saying now..

Basically there are certain parts of Mexico that have become unsafe because of violence. People have been asked to stay away from those areas, unless you absolutely have to go there. The big problem is that there have been battles between gangs themselves, and fighting between gangs and the Mexican government. At this point, United States’ citizens are not targeted, but of course you never know what could happen, and it’s wisest not to take that chance.

I would love to know your thoughts about any of this or any questions you might have.

One thing you should be serious about on vacation

I have to be honest, I’m kind of disappointed in myself in how little I got done yesterday. Yes, I got through my normal things, but I want to figure out ways to write and get paid, and I did nothing on that. True, the computer was giving me some problems. And I did have some things to do to catch up after being away. But finding a writing job is important, it’s a priority, and I need to make more time for hat if I want to get anywhere. My dream would be to find somewhere that pays per article and I could send in as many as I wanted.. I’m not sure if anything like this exist, but I would love to find it if it does.

But anyway, I’m a firm believer that when you go on vacation, you should leave your worries behind and simply enjoy being with your family. However, you need to be careful about insects and not getting bitten by anything, especially if you’re vacationing in another country. I’m sure many of you are thinking about the Zika Virus, but there are also other diseases like malaria and dengue fever to worry about.

The threat of malaria is especially real in Asia. And while they are taking steps to reduce the risk, it is still wise to use precautions. Okay, so you know to be cautious, but how exactly do you go about doing that? Read on to find out.

  • First, you’ll want to pretty much wear clothing that covers your whole body. That is generally wise to do so anyway to be culturally sensitive.
  • You are going to want to wear insect repellent wherever you go. And look for those repellents which have a higher degree of active ingredient.
  • e the place where you will be lodging carefully. Choose the places that seem to be kept clean and that have air conditioning. And sleep under a bed net.

I would love to know your thoughts or any questions you might have.

New York City in summer



“…And I’ll be doing whatever snow does in summer”. Sorry, just wanted to share the song that’s been running through my mind this morning.. Summer is one of the busiest times for travel. We’ve talked about the beach. We’ve talked about what to do with children while you’re traveling. we are going to do a little something different today.

When you think of New York City, you probably think of snow, ice skating, and huddling around hot chocolate. But there is a lot of neat things to do in the summer as well. Today let’s talk about some things you might want to do in New York City this summer.

  •  Everyone has heard of Wall Street. But hae you heard of Brookfield Place, the former financial district? They have now turned this place into an upscale shopping and dining place. It is now called Le District, and it is the place toibe if you want French food
  • They do Shakespeare in the park in Central Park. There are eighteen thousand seats in the theater. And if I’m reading this right, this is a free event.
  • There are also outdoor movies you can take part in. Apparently these events take place at various times throughout the city. Take a picnic and make an evening of it.
  • You just think that there is no beach in New York City. Try Jacob Riis park. This is one of the more peaceful beaches in the area. You can get away from the hustle and bustle of city life here.
  • Long Island City has what is called summer Summer Summer Nights. Tare outdoor concert. The events last from three until nine, so this sounds like a good place to hang out.

I would love to know your thoughts about any of this.