Guided tours

Everyone has different ideas when it comes to travel and what the perfect vacation looks like. Some people just want to go to a beach and relax with a good book and maybe some good friends. Then there are those who want to have all these adventures on their vacation. They want to go scuba diving and rock climbing and things like that. And still others go places to learn things. They may be interested in art, or maybe history is their things. It’s this last group that I am going to be specifically talking to today.

I know that some people do not want to have any kind of set schedule. They want to explore when they want where they want. But other people enjoy learning from other people.

A lot of guided tours are going to have some structured time where the whole group is together seeing all the sights. And that is one advantage of going on a guided tour. You will be seeing all of the major sites in the area that you are visiting. you will also have pretty much everything arranged for you.

But that does not mean that your entire vacation is going to be this rigid structured thing. You are going to get some downtime where you can go back to places you want more time in. Or you can also go to a cafe and enjoy some good food and maybe spend more time with the locals.

I would love to know your thoughts about any of this. Please let me know.


What’s trending on cruises

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In this day and age of social media, everyone wants to know what everyone else is thinking about and feeling. So today let’s take a look at some things that are trending in the cruise world.

  • Most of the cruise lines that are pretty established are concentrating on refurbishing their older ships as opposed to replacing them em with brand new ships. This is cost effective and will hopefully trickle down to savings for you the consumers.
  • Theme cruises are getting more and more popular. I know Disney does Star Wars cruises. There have been cruises centered around some very popular television shows. The interesting thing is that people seem to like them even more than the cruise line originally thought, so they expanding this idea
  • The less expensive cruises are learning from the luxury lines, and are putting together more inclusive packages together. People seem to really like paying one price up front and then not having to worry about money the rest of the trip. Some lines are even including things like pre and post cruise packages.
  • River cruises are expanding their activities. It used to be that these cruises mostly did walking tours. But as their business grows and more active travelers join these cruises, the lines are adding more adventures to their itineraries.

I would love to know your thoughts about any of this. I would also love to help you book a cruise if you’re interested. Please let me know.

Why you should travel

They say that we travel agents should have an easy time talking about what we do for a living because everyone at lest likes to hear about travel. They may not be brave enough to travel. I’ve heard people say that they’re afraid to fly. Other people do not like to drive in a car. But people are always curious about other countries and cultures. Today we are going to look at some reasons to travel.

  • Often people feel like they’re getting stuck in a rut. They get up, go to work, maybe to a job they enjoy if they’re fortunate. And then they come home to family. They may hang out with friends an evning or two a week.. Traveling is going to get you out of your day to day routine.
  • Travel can change your perspective. You are hopefully going to see how other people do life. You may discover a new hobby that you want to take up. Or you might find that you want to learn a new language. You may decide that you need to change careers.
  • Traveling itself is going to teach you new things. Different cultures place value on different things. And of course, people cook and eat very differently. You can learn all kinds of things about cuisine in other countries.
  • Going other places can make you reflect on your own life. Are you happy where you are? Are there things you know that you need to change? maybe you haven’t traveled much in your life, and realize that needs to change.
  • Traveling by yourself has some of its own advantages. But travel ing with others brings you together and gives shared experiences and memories. It might be an overdue romantic getaway. Or maybe you want to reconnect with family. Whatever you decide to do, the group you travel with will form lasting bonds.

I would love to know your thoughts about any of this.

Ways to save on a Mediterranean cruise


A cruise is a great way to explore a destination for the first time. There are several reasons for this. The first is that you will have your lodging covered wherever you go. The cruise staff is going to take care of all the logistics for you. Most of your food and beverages should be covered on a cruise, so that is something you will not have to worry about as well.. Okay, these are some advantages to cruising new places. The Mediterranean is a popular place to cruise because there is so much to see in this region. So today let’s look at some ways you can save on your next Mediterranean cruise.

  • First, remember that all cruiselines are not created equal. There are some very inexpensive cruises to be had out there as well as some that are not so inexpensive. But I should point out that the less expensive cruises are going to be much more likely to charge you for all the little things. The higher end cruises are going to give you more for your money in most cases.
  • How flexible are you when it comes to taking your cruise? You are going to get much better rates when you go in the off season. Going between October and May, with the possible exception of the holiday season, is going to save you a lot of money on your trip.
  • Getting the nicer, bigger cabins will also cost you more. And how much time do you think you’ll be in your room anyway? Most of the time, you’ll be in your room to sleep and dress and that’s pretty much it.
  • There are always deals you can get on cruises. Take your time. Do your research. Better yet, let me help you do your research.

I would love to help you book a cruise. Please let me know if you are interested.

Luxury cruiselines

Whenwe talk about luxury when comes to cruises, we’re talking about some of the most all inclusive vacations on the market. Today let’s look at some of the luxury lines that are out there and what they offer.

  • We are going to look at Crystal Cruises first. not One thing I noticed right away is that they do have a children’s program. A lot of luxury cruises actually discourage children coming aboard their ships. Another thing you will find about luxury cruises is that their ships are much smaller than other ships. And one good thing about these smaller ships is that you are going to get a lot more personal service. And even though Crystal has some of the larger ships in the higher end cruise industry, they still offer high personal service.
  • And then there is Regent Seven Seas. They are known for having one of the most all inclusive programs out there. I’ve never heard of this, but they even include pre and post cruise packages. They are also going to have specialty restaurants for your enjoyment. A lot of these ships are going to have a country club feel to them. Most of these ships are going to take less than a thousand guests.
  • Seaborne has some of the newest ships among the luxury cruise lines. This article I’m reading says that they are “relatively all inclusive”, I’m not 100% sure what that means. But they do have exquisite dining and excellent service. If you want to experience life with the people the places you are going to visit, this is the cruise line you’ll want to use. You’re also going to find some great pools and spas on these ships.
  • And lastly we are going to look at SilverSea. This is the line you want to book with if your ultimate goal is to relax. They do not have any kind of children’s program. They offer few onboard activities. However, you will have butler service in any suite you book.

I would love to know any questions you might have about any of this.

About river cruises

We’ve been talking about church talking a lot about cruises lately. Today let’s talk some about river cruises and some of the advantages.

  • First, river cruises are usually on much smaller ships. And that means you are going to enjoy a much quieter, more intimate experience. The crew will have more time to see to your every need.
  • The smaller ships are also going to get you you into much smaller ports. You will be getting to see a lot of places the larger ships could never take you. Like most cruises, and a lot of other tour companies, develop relationships with different shops, restaurants, markets, and all kinds of places that will give you the inside look at how these places.
  • Most of these cruises are going to be pretty inclusive. You are going to get all your meals, all your drinks for your initial cost. Some are going to give you a free shore excursion. Some will give you a free excursion each day.
  • The entertainment on a lot of ships is going to be entertainment pretty raunchy at times. River cruises are not going to have anything like that. The entertainment is going to be more classical. You are going to have many more opportunities to get to know your fellow passengers.


I would love to know your thoughts about this, or any questions you might have.

More reasons to cruise

I am going to try to get this done, so I can just relax later on. Let’s get back to the discussion about reason you might want to cruise.

  • If you’ve been reading this blog long, you probably know that there are a lot of different kinds of cruises. There are cruises that mostly appeal to families who want a fun in the sun vacation. Other cruises are perfect for those who love history. There are cruises or those who want to explore art or cooking..
  • Cruises are great places to meet people. It is pretty common for you to be seated with a pretty large group at dinner, so you’ll be getting to know that group pretty well. Looking to meet people in other countries? Cruises are great for that. Looking for a life partner? Cruises can make that happen as well.
  • Cruises are great ways to explore countries you might not want to visit on your own. The cruise companies are going to plan all the details. You’ll be in large groups. And if there is going to be real trouble somewhere, you are going to change directions and go somewhere else..

I would love to know your thoughts about any of this, or any questions about this.

Why cruise?

We’ve been talking about cruising a lot lately. But if you’ve never cruised, you may be wondering why you think you should take that first cruise. Let’s take a look?

  • Cruises can be great money saving deals. You are going to get everything you need in one price. You aren’t going to need to worry much about money once you’re on board. A lot of cruises will even do “kids sail free” deals. Cruises can take you several places on the same same trip. There is no need to unpack every time you move on. And they are going to handle all of the details for you.
  • Cruises want to attract business from families, so they have activities for all ages. Most cruises will have excellent children’s programs that group kids in reasonable programs. They’ll also have a wide variety of activities for adults. Want time as a family? They are going to have things you’ll love to do together as a family.

I think we are going to get back to this tomorrow. Let me know what questions you feel.

What to pack #2

I am going to be with some family we don’t get to see often. I’m not sure how much I am going to work. I feel like I am going to just take it one day at a time and just see.

Okay… You know you’ll need to take clothes, toiletries and things like that. But what kind of things do you need specifically for a cruise? Let’s take a look.

  • You might want to bring some sodas and bottled water. Take a bottle to keep water in. A lot of the less expensive cruises are going to charge for drinks. It will be nice not to have to pay their prices. They also might not have exactly what you prefer.
  • You will want to bring sunscreen. The sun is going to be brighter and stronger out on the ships, so you will want to be extra careful. Bring one of those big hats too.
  • Medical care can get expensive on board. It is wise to bring your own first aid kit. Bring things like bandages and aspirin or whatever you use. Bring aloe for sunburns.

What to pack for a cruise

Today has been busy with a lot of things besides work. I have been trying out a new communication device, and need to figure out whether to go on and get that or just fix my older communication device.

Let’s say you’ve decided to take your very first cruise. You have a lot of questions about what it will be like. But one thing you know you’ll need to figure out before you leave is what you should pack to feel like a cruising pro. Let’s take a look at some things you’ll not want to forget.

  • You may be someone that loves to sleep, but please bring an alarm clock. There are so many things you can do on a cruise. If you spend a lot of time sleeping, you’re probably going to feel like you’ve missed out on a lot of great stuff.
  • One thing you will want to be sure to do is to try to make the most of the space in your cabin. These rooms can feel rather small. Bring things like a shoe holder that will go on your door. Make sure to have your toiletries all together in one place.
  • Do you want to avoid the high laundry costs? Bring enough shampoo or something like that and wash things out in the sink. At the very least you’ll want to bring some kind of stain remover to make sure your clothes are not ruined.
  • Even while enjoying a cruise, you don’t want to be without your gadgets. It is always wise to bring a power strip to make sure that all your things can get the charge that they need.

I’m not 100% sure whether I’ll have internet access tomorrow. I should be back Wednesday if I can’t get on tomorrow.