What to do on those long layovers

Everyone that flies is going to experience something of a layover. After all, it isn’t wise to rush through the airport at the last possible second. And then you’ll also have to wait on your connecting flight. Today let’s look at some things you can do during those long layovers

  • not Most airports are going to have shops and restaurants right there for you. If you have a couple of hours to kill, why don’t you take in some of the shops . Enjoy a nice meal at one of your restaurants.
  • If you have more than a couple of hours, you might want to go outside the city and take in some of the sights. My sister had a lay over in New York City. You will want to be careful to watch the time, you will not want to miss your next flight. But sometimes it’s fun to just go walk around a city.
  • If your layover is going to be longer than ten to twelve hours, consider getting a hotel room. Airports can only go so far in offering a comfortable place to sit and wait. Getting a room will help you get more rest. And there is always at least one hotel that is near the airport.
  • An alternative to this would be to go up to the counter, and see if there is an earlier flight you can catch. There is usually a fee, usually under one hundred dollars. But often that would be money well spent to get to your destination earlier.

These are some ideas. Have you and your family come up with other fun things to do at an airport? Please let me know.


Tips for traveling with a disability #2

I have several things I want to accomplish today, so let me go on and do this.

Living with a disability makes life more difficult. Sorry.. I know some people who say that their disability is a gift and that they wouldn’t trade places with nondisabled people. And I guess I can see how disability shapes us. But if given the opportunity, I would love to be made well… But anyway, let’s look at some more thoughts on disability travel.

  • Having a disability makes it more important to plan out your trips. You’ll want to let the people at your airline, the hotel people, and any other travel vendors know about your disability. This allows them to better serve you. Let them know in adadvance that you are going to need that extra outlet in that room, or that it is imperative that you have a refrigerator for your medication.
  • You know yourself and your energy level better than anyone. If your most energetic times are in the mornings, let that be the time you do your big outings. Do you rest most afternoons. Do the same when you go on vacations. Especially when we’re disabled, our bodies do not like getting off our routines.
  • You may want to purchase travel insurance specifically with your health in mind. A lot of health insurance companies will not cover you once you leave the United  States. Make sure you have everything you might need as far s insurance.
  • Having a disability makes it more important to plan out your trips. You’ll want to let the people at your airline, the hotel people, and any other travel vendors know about your disability. This allows them to better serve you. Let them know in adadvance that you are going to need that extra outlet in that room, or that it is imperative that you have a refrigerator for your medication.

  • Are you going to need a wheelchair? I’m laughing at this because my wheelchair goes with me wherever I go 99.9% of the time. But I know some people who can walk some, but need a wheelchair for the long distances. Or maybe you use a power chair, but it might not  work everywhere you would.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.

Tips for traveling with a disability

Sometimes I truly wonder if my computer can somehow sense that there are several things I want to do, and chooses those days to do weird things.. It’s doing better, so I’ll be quiet about that… We’ve been doing some things with family, and so I’ve kind of been doing the bare minimum, but I have so many things I want to do, like getting articles out there, I need to get back into everything..

I’m disabled, have been since I was born. I don’t know anything other than life in this wheelchair. I’ve done a good bit of traveling with my family. But thanks to my Dad and brothers, I don’t feel like I’ve been particularly left out of anything I’ve wanted to do. Now as I’ve gotten older, there are things I don’t want to anymore. So when I saw this article about traveling with a disability, I got curious. So look at this today.

My family has traveled as long as I can remember, and I’ve gone with them more than not… Now I did wonder if I would ever travel out of our fair United States, but now that I’ve done that, it doesn’t seem that difficult either.

If you are disabled and want to travel, please talk to me. I can help you figure out which trips would work best for you. I would love to help you figure that kind of thing out. Please let me know.

My disability is obvious to anyone that meets me. I’ve never been able to hide anything. But I know that it isn’t like that for everyone. I know a lot of people would rather not discuss their disability. But please when you’re traveling, let someone know you need a little extra help. Travel is tiring for anyone. Getting the help you need is going to make life easier on everyone, especially those who are traveling with you.

I think we are going to get back to this discussion tomorrow please let me know your thoughts on any of this.

More reasons to cruise

I am going to try to get this done, so I can just relax later on. Let’s get back to the discussion about reason you might want to cruise.

  • If you’ve been reading this blog long, you probably know that there are a lot of different kinds of cruises. There are cruises that mostly appeal to families who want a fun in the sun vacation. Other cruises are perfect for those who love history. There are cruises or those who want to explore art or cooking..
  • Cruises are great places to meet people. It is pretty common for you to be seated with a pretty large group at dinner, so you’ll be getting to know that group pretty well. Looking to meet people in other countries? Cruises are great for that. Looking for a life partner? Cruises can make that happen as well.
  • Cruises are great ways to explore countries you might not want to visit on your own. The cruise companies are going to plan all the details. You’ll be in large groups. And if there is going to be real trouble somewhere, you are going to change directions and go somewhere else..

I would love to know your thoughts about any of this, or any questions about this.

What to pack #2

I am going to be with some family we don’t get to see often. I’m not sure how much I am going to work. I feel like I am going to just take it one day at a time and just see.

Okay… You know you’ll need to take clothes, toiletries and things like that. But what kind of things do you need specifically for a cruise? Let’s take a look.

  • You might want to bring some sodas and bottled water. Take a bottle to keep water in. A lot of the less expensive cruises are going to charge for drinks. It will be nice not to have to pay their prices. They also might not have exactly what you prefer.
  • You will want to bring sunscreen. The sun is going to be brighter and stronger out on the ships, so you will want to be extra careful. Bring one of those big hats too.
  • Medical care can get expensive on board. It is wise to bring your own first aid kit. Bring things like bandages and aspirin or whatever you use. Bring aloe for sunburns.

What to pack for a cruise

Today has been busy with a lot of things besides work. I have been trying out a new communication device, and need to figure out whether to go on and get that or just fix my older communication device.

Let’s say you’ve decided to take your very first cruise. You have a lot of questions about what it will be like. But one thing you know you’ll need to figure out before you leave is what you should pack to feel like a cruising pro. Let’s take a look at some things you’ll not want to forget.

  • You may be someone that loves to sleep, but please bring an alarm clock. There are so many things you can do on a cruise. If you spend a lot of time sleeping, you’re probably going to feel like you’ve missed out on a lot of great stuff.
  • One thing you will want to be sure to do is to try to make the most of the space in your cabin. These rooms can feel rather small. Bring things like a shoe holder that will go on your door. Make sure to have your toiletries all together in one place.
  • Do you want to avoid the high laundry costs? Bring enough shampoo or something like that and wash things out in the sink. At the very least you’ll want to bring some kind of stain remover to make sure your clothes are not ruined.
  • Even while enjoying a cruise, you don’t want to be without your gadgets. It is always wise to bring a power strip to make sure that all your things can get the charge that they need.

I’m not 100% sure whether I’ll have internet access tomorrow. I should be back Wednesday if I can’t get on tomorrow.

Where to go to see the fall leaves

Most of my growing up years were spent in North Carolina and Tennessee. And we had my grandparents as well as some other family in Virginia. When I think of fall leaves, I think of those places. We do some fall colors here in Georgia, but to me it isn’t as lovely. Today we are going to take a look at some places you might want to go to enjoy the loveliness of fall. And to be clear, the best time to see leaves is the middle to end of October, but it’s never too late to start planning.

  • The best place to see fall leaves in the United States is anything anywhere in New England. Vermont is a great place, because you are going to also be to try their famous maple syrup.
  • You are going to be able to find some great hotel deals in St. Louis. You are going to be able to find deals on hotels for around eighties a night.
  • If you want to do a somewhat longer trip, consider going to Montreal. Canada has some excellent fall foilage. They will also have some great pumpkin and apple farms for you to enjoy.

I would love to know your thoughts about any of this. Please let me know.

Choosing your cruise #2

I have some personal things going on this week, which is kind of making work time shorter than normal.. I was kind of worried that what I wrote yesterday may have just been too basic, but people have liked yesterday’s post, and I’m not sure what else to write. So let’s get back to this. Today we are going to look at some of the more popular places to cruise.

  • Alaska is one of the harder places to get to in the United States. If you drive, you are going to have a pretty substantial drive, at least several days of pretty much doing nothing except driving. Or if you fly you’ll have to catch several different planes, which can get tricky as well. But cruising you’ll be on a nice ship for your traveling. You’ll also have a nice place to stay if you cruise. People love seeing the scenery and wildlife of Alaska.
  • Hawaii is another very popular place to cruise. And something I’ve learned from Norwegian Cruise Lines is that they’re the only cruise that allows you to see several of the ,main islands in just a week’s time. Hawaii is especially popular with people who are on their honeymoon. This is a beautiful place to just enjoy one another in the beaches.
  • Cruises usually combine Canada and New England. Someone I know went on one this past summer, and I know one of the things she saw was Prince Edward Island. And for those that do not know, that is the setting for Anne of Green Gables.

I would love to help you plan a cruise to any of these destinations. Please let me know if you are interested.

Some cities your family might want to try

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Figuring out what I need to do each day, and in which order, is a challenge. I’m trying to write more articles that will be paid for. I’m also looking for other ways to make money and save money on the business. With doing a little more at church these days, it’s been kind of crazy.

Cities make great places to take a family trip. Cities  are going to have a lot for families to do together. And you’ve likely to find inexpensive food and lodging. Let’s look at some specific cities you might want to try.

  • Washington D.C. is rated number one for families. You will find a lot of museums there, because the Smithsonian complex is there. Not only do they have museums, they also have a fantastic zoo. And then you’ll also find a lot of the nanational national monuments and the Capitol buildings and all of that.
  • Or if your children are studying the Revolution, you might want to go to Boston where so many of the main events took place. Again, you will find several nice museums toexplore. They’ll also have some nice restaurants and shopping centers in this city.
  • If your family is looking to simply have some fun, Vegas might be a great destination. There is a lot to do besides gambling. You’ll find many tourist attractions, including many rides, on The Strip. You are also going to see a lot of interesting people there. A lot of what goes on in this city is funded by the gambling industry, so things like food and lodging are going to be particularly inexpensive here.

I would love to know your thoughts about any of this. Please let me know.

Finding the right travel agent

We all know that finding the right people to do business with is important. There are some really great doctors out there, but if you see your health differently than they do, you are going to clash, and that can be no fun of either one of you. The same can be true for any number of professionals you may work With, and that includes travel agents. People may have personality conflicts, or you may not like how they’re always pushing you to spend more money. Today let’s look at some questions you may want to ask before deciding to work with a travel agent.

  • Your first question should always be to ask if the travel agent has a specialty. We are told to specialize all we can, to learn specific destinations and sell them all we can. Knowing the destination will help the travel agent answer all your questions about what you want to do and if this is the right place to take your vacation.
  • Make it a point to ask for their references. Like a lot of businesses, it would be good to talk to some people who have worked with this travel agent recently. Ask the people who have worked with them before questions like, are they timely, is their information reliable, and if they feel the travel agent is friendly.
  • Is the travel agent well traveled? Travel agents can get special deals on trips. And being there lets us know how accurate what we’re reading and learning online is. Travel agents should travel often and to various places to always be learning.
  • How much do you charge? Some agents charge a service fee up front. Others work for the commissions they’ll make when you book your vacations through them. You’ll want to know exactly how the money side of things works.