More winter destinations

Sorry this is fast.

  • We are going to start with Charleston, South Carolina. This place has some beautiful historic homes. They also have a lights festival from November until the beginning of the year. I also hear they have some fantastic restaurants.
  • Do you like the king, and here I’m talking about Elvis, you might be interested in visiting Graceland which is in Memphis, Tennessee. Memphis is known for having great barbecue and live music. And most places do not shut down for the holidays.
  • Washington D.C. is a great place to visit any time of the year. But winter is great because there are fewer crowds. You are going to find a lot of very nice museums. You can also tour places like the White House and the Capitol building.

More tips on Disney

I have had a crazy week as far as work goes. Hopefully next week is going to be a little less wild. I’ve been looking at some different jobs.. Anyway, decided to go through my spam folder, and from what I can tell, Disney is a pretty popular topic. First, I’m glad you like my work, and second I would love to help a trip to Disney if you are interested. Please just let me know

  • I mentioned that Disney has dining plans on Wednesday, but let’s look at that some more. Each of following describes what you will get each day of your plan. Choose the Quick Service Plan, you are going to get two quick service meals and two snacks. With the Disney dining plan, you will get two snacks, one quick service meal, and one meal at a restaurant. Now if you want to do a Deluxe dining plan, you will get three meals and two snacks.
  • I know with Disney you are going to have a lot to figure. That is why you will want my help. I can help you do all the research to figure things out. I can save you hours of work.
  • Believe it or not, there are some inexpensive souvenirs at Disney, you just have to find. There are also scavenger hunts you can do.

September 11th memorials

My last post was for yesterday. Today let’s look at some memorials commemorating today and all it stands for. It has been seventeen years since the attacks, can you believe it?

  • Okay, first there is a memorial in New York City. They are closed September eleventh, wondering if they consider it some kind of holiday? But it is usually opened each day, and you can purchase tickets up to six months in advance.
  • New Jersey has a memorial called Empty Sky Memorial. It was built to honor New Jersey’s victims, and this place was ready in time for the tenth anniversary of the attacks.
  • The Pentagon Memorial is located in Arlington, Virginia. It, of course, commemorates the victims of the Pentagon attack. Parking is limited, so you may want to take public transportation.
  • I guess this is to show England’s support of us. September 11th Memorial Garden has been opened in London just two years. They communicated with people who lost loved ones in the attacks as they built this.

I would love to know your thoughts on any of this. Would you like to do a September 11th tour? Please let me know.

Places to visit in the fall #2

Today is one of those days. I was out visiting this morning. And I’ve kind of come home to a bunch of things I want to get done here. Between looking for work and taking a course I’m taking this week. I have done what must be done today, but have a lot of other things I would like to do. But I do want to make sure this does is get done on today.

  • Today we are going to start with the Shenandoah Valley. This happens to be where my grandparents always lived, and so I know this to be an absolutely gorgeous place. It is rare that the temperature would get past ninety degrees in the summer.. You will get some snow most winters. There are all kind of quaint little shops to visit, and there is also some great fishing.
  • You probably have heard of Napa Valley, but have you heard of Walla Walla, Washington? Like Napa Valley, Walla Walla has some great vineyards. It is also known for being one of the friendliest small towns around. It is also just a beautiful place to visit.
  • There is always something to do in Savannah, Georgia, and if you go thirty minutes east from there, you will get to lovely Tybee Island. You will want to go in October when the whole island turns into a pirate’s festival. And be sure to check out their lighthouses.
  • Another up and coming city to visit is Asheville, North Carolina. I used to live near this city. there is the Bltmore Estate with their lovely gardens. You are going to find some great breweries. You will also find great shopping and restaurants in this fair city.

Places to go in the fall #1

it is Labor Day. Nearly everyone who isn’t in school already will start tomorrow. Summer is officially over, although technically autumn will not start for another twenty days or so. It is time to get back to our normal work-a-day routines.. But wait, you say, we didn’t really get a summer vacation, we were too busy, or maybe you just do not like crowds and want to take a vacation when no one else is around. Whichever the case, below are some destinations you might want to take a look at.

  • And the first one we are going to take a look at is Bald Head Island, North Carolina. If you are looking for a quiet beach, this is the perfect place to go. The 160 residents have agreed to not even have cars on the island. You will be free to swim, even as it gets cooler outside. There are also some great golf courses and places to watch birds.
  • I personally love reading about the Amish, and one of the large gathering places for the Amish is in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Do you want some real quiet? Go here. These people aren’t allowed to have cars, radios, tvs, or anything like that. They do sometimes run bed and breakfasts, and I can tell you that their food sounds scrumptious. This is a great place to shop for antiques, and to learn something of what farm life was like one hundred years ago.
  • Have you always wanted to go to Octoberfest, but aren’t quite sure you want to go all the way to Germany? Try going to Leavenworth, Washington.. This place is set up like a Bavarian village, and in October, you are going to get all the authentic cuisine and imported beer you want. This is a nice village to visit any time of the year.
  • Looking for beautiful fall leaves? Try Mackinac Island, Michigan. This is another place that will take you back in time. This place is especially known for its Victorian architecture, its beautiful fall foilage, and its fudge..
  • Mill Valley, California is near the great city of San Franciisco, and will attracts those that love great outdoors. This place has gorgeous mountains. You will also love the Red Wood. There are also some interesting shops and great restaurants.

Not taking vacations leads to…

I must confess that I often have no idea what I am going to write about each day until I get ready to write, unless I’m in the middle of a series or something. I often look at travel news for inspiration.

But there are certain things I’m passionate about.. My heart in this business is to help families reconnect through travel. Families are extremely busy these days. Both parents usually have careers they are working on. They may have parents they’re trying to take care of. And then somewhere, somehow, even grown ups need some time to relax and have fun. And children have their school and then all their extracurricular activities. Families hardly take the time to sit down and eat together.. I think families spending so little time together is why so many families are breaking up. And that is devastating. I think the breakdown of the family may be part of why this country is getting so messed up.. But let’s not go there.

BUT ANYWAY. Work\life balance is so important. I talk about that balance a lot on my Facebook group Back to what I was saying earlier, usually I don’t know what to talk about, but I again wanted something about this passion I have for work\life balance today.

And then I saw this article on the travel news about how Americans taking fewer vacations. And not only are we as a society taking fewer vacations, taking fewer vacations is leading to depression in some people. This is especially true of people who have not taken a vacation in two years or more.

Is that you? I would love to help you plan a vacation. All you have to do is to write me at I’ll help you work through everything you need to in order to plan an excellent vacation. Please let me know.

Why travel with children


Traveling by yourself is one thing. You can go anywhere what you want any time you feel like it. Traveling once you’re married is a little different. You have to consider the other person’s needs and wishes. It is still two adults traveling and making memories together. But will you be able to travel once you start your family? Don’t children need a routine to get on and stick to? Can they understand anything about why things are so different? Won’t they hate the different food? Will they do things that will offend the native people?

  • Okay, first, I am the oldest of eight, and we traveled ALL THE TIME. Most of our trips were to visit family or friends in places we used to live. We never seemed to mind getting out of our routines. It was nice to visit with loved ones. And every one of us now loves to travel.
  • We’ve all seen the meltdown children have in restaurants or on airplanes. The truth is that children are resilient, and the more we expose them to other cultures, the more they’ll want to experience for themselves.
  • I know some would call this cruel, but children will eat once they get hungry. Exposing them to many different foods when they are young will be good for them. They may enjoy more than you think they will. Children can learn languages quicker than adults can. It is just a fact of life.
  • And hearing other languages will also improve their English as well. Children are more adaptable. They see other children do something, and they’re likely to want to do it too. They’re more likely to make friends wherever they go.
  • Travel helps build their confidence. At home, you have your established routines, everyone knows what’s to happen when. Travel can be unpredictable. Problems can come up, and this can help teach children problem solving.

I would love to know your thoughts about any of this.

Random travel tips #2

You might be starting out on this adventure called travel, and you may have more questions than answers about everything when it comes to travel. We started this discussion yesterday, so please go back and read those tips as well. Rxandom tips #1

  • Okay, let’s get real here, we tend to be pretty spoiled when it comes to cleanliness. When you visit other countries, they might not have the same standards, especially in the bathrooms. You might want to seriously consider bringing your shower shoes.
  • Part of the joy of traveling is experiencing different foods. Try the local cuisine. You might not like all the food, but you might be surprised at just how much you do enjoy not. Personally my favorite places to go would be the bakeries. To my way of thinking, you can always find good bread, and I pretty much always enjoy pastries.
  • You will want to visit the market of any city you might visit. It is interesting to look at the places the locals shop. You can find out a lot about the culture this way. And you may also meet some interesting people too.
  • Research the city, or cities, you are going to visit and find out about the transportation system. If you have a friend who has been to the place you are about to visit, pick their brains about it. Sometimes the bus system simply is not safe. But if you will be safe, you might get to some places that you will not be able to get to by taxi.
  • Did your mother teach you to ALWAYS carry tissues with you. They’re extremely light, but can be used in so many ways.
  • You do not want to only go to McDonald’s and Starbucks while you are out of the country, but you might not want to completely ignore them either. If nothing else, they are likely cleaner bathrooms and free internet.

We will get back to this discussion tomorrow.

Solo travel

Some of you may not not know this about me, but I’m disabled. Someone else has get me out of my wheelchair in and out of my wheelchair. Someone has to give me anything I eat or drink. So solo travel is not an option for me. I’m not sure I would like it anyway. When I travel, part of the joy for me is catching up with friends or family. Maybe you’re like me and are hesitant to try solo travel. Or maybe you are just dying to get out there on your own. For those that are hesitant, let’s look at some reasons why you should consider it.

  • The first reason that you might want to consider doing a solo trip is that this is one time where you can be totally selfish. You are going to have no time that you have to get up or go to bed. No one will be demanding to go to a certain restaurant while you are craving another type of food entirely.
  • Along with that, you are going to be able to do exactly what you want when you want. Find something interesting that is not on your original itinerary? Go for it. Meet someone interesting you want to spend time with? No one is going to stop you. Sometimes you might even be able to extend your trips, though I’m not exactly sure how that would work for Moms.
  • And just because you are traveling alone does not mean you have to be completely by yourself. Travel is a great way to meet new friends. Stay in hostels and hang out in the common areas. Go to a restaurant and sit at the bar. Talk to people as you’re out exploring.
  • Solo travel also helps you see that you don’t have to be in your small area with your same group of friends all the time. It will build your confidence that you can do things on your own. You can climb that mountain or take on that adventure by yourself and do it.

Even more cities

Checking my personal Facebook earlier, I saw that a lot of my friends’ kids have either started school this past week or are starting today. I do wonder how much the starting of school varies across the country. But anyway, there may be time for your family to do a quick weekend getaway.

  • The first city we are going to look at today is Portland, Maine. Traveling to this city will give you a good feel for what it’s like in New England. Explore some of their lighthouses. Feast on the seafood that is abundant up there.. You will also be amazed at their arts and entertainment scene. Families are going to love their outdoor concert venue.
  • Everyone knows about New York City. [I’ve featured the big city on this blog a number of times]. But have you heard of Buffalo, New York? This is a city that has lots for families to do together. This is a place that is often crowded during the busy summer months. But families will enjoy going to their football games in the fall.
  • Is someone in your family especially interested in prisons? If anyone has this strange fascination, you might want to visit Boise, Idaho. There is an old prism you can explore, complete with gallows, cell blocks, and the places where they kept people for solitary confinement. They also have a nice National park and a beautiful river.
  • Eugene, Oregon is best known as a university town, but it does have other activities that will draw people. This is a fantastic place for those who love the great outdoors. They also have an impressive arts scene.
  • Have you ever wondered what there is to do in Salt Lake City? First you have to see their temple and its grounds. I’m pretty sure they are talking about the Mormon temple here. They also have some lovely parks and gardens.
  • Have you ever visited Grand Rapids, Michigan? This is another city that is well known for its breweries. And again, you are going to find a lot of outdoor activities and a great arts scene.

I think we are going to stop here. I would love to know your thoughts.