More long weekend getaways

Let’s keep looking at some destinations that you might consider were going to for a long weekend.

  • Now, it would take a lot of long weekends to explore everything that New York City has to offer. If you live somewhat close to the city, you could do several long weekends and choose a theme for each weekend you go. If you do not live close, you might want to look online and decide on the places you want to go to the most.
  • You will want to choose the restaurants you want to go to as well. I know I’ve mentioned this before on this blog, but I used to live near Asheville, North Carolina. It is a beautiful city in the Smoky Mountains. You are going to find a lot of neat places to shop and explore. This is a very artsy city as well.
  • Like New York City, it would taking longer than three days to see all of Chicago. But one thing you might want to concentrate on is their art institute.. You will also want to be sure to visit Wrigley Park where a lot of sports history has been made.
  • Take a long weekend and explore San Francisco. Take a ride on the cable car. You can also take a boat out to Alcatraz. Drive over the Golden Gate Bridge. You may also enjoy touring their wine country.
  • Is California on the other side of the country for you? Is Alabama closer to you? You might want to try their Gulf Shores. You will find some nice cottages right on their beach. This is the perfect place just to relax if that is what you’re looking to do.

Summer cruises

Are people starting to think about their summer vacations? Part of me kind of doubts that considering how many people do not really take vacations anymore. But maybe you are thinking about planning a summer vacation while you take your spring break. If that is you, I would love to help you plan something. Please let me know at Today we are going to take a look at some cruises you might want to consider.

  • Some of the most popular cruises are to the Caribbean. With these you are going to find your typical fun in the sun vacation. Norwegian Cruise Line does an excellent job with these. You are going to get to see several different destinations, including Norwegian’s own Harvest Caye. You will be gone a week on this cruise.
  • Is that too long a cruise for you? Norwegian also does a four day cruise which will take you to Cuba and the Bahamas. There are quite a few of these sailings will take place this summer.
  • Have you always dreamed of touring Alaska? Consider going on a Holland America cruise. And yes, this is one of the nicer cruise lines. But you are going to still be able to get a cruise for one person for under a thousand dollars. And remember, nicer cruises are going to get you more for your money.

About traveling with a disability

A study was done that shows that one in four American adults have some sort of disability, be it physical or mental. And yes, I said disabled, and not differently abled. I am disabled, trust me, there is plenty that I can’t do day to day. There is no way I can hide my disability., I’m basically unable to do anything for myself. Please let me know about your disability up front, this is only going to help me be more of a help you better. I’m not going to talk about it to everyone I know. I just want to help you better. How is knowing you are disabled going to enable me to help you better? Let’s look some examples.

First, how are you going to get from the airport to your hotel? A lot of people take a taxi or bus. Could you get your wheelchair in one of those? A lot of hotels have vans that will transport their guests. But what if yours doesn’t? I can help you arrange for the transportation that you need.

I have flown, and have had no problems. The airlines that I have traveled with have been amazing. But I know that other disabled people have gone through nightmares. They’ve had medical equipment lost or damaged. And some people just do not want to mess with flying at all.

The good news is that traveling with a disability is getting easier. Hotels have more accessible rooms. More of the sites most of us want to visit are becoming more accessible to all of us.

Luxury cruises

I’ve had a different kind of day. Let’s see if I can do this.

Have you ever wondering what the advantages of taking a luxury cruise are. Let’s take a look.

  • You may be thinking that there is absolutely no way that you can afford to take a luxury cruise. You could be quite surprised. Luxury cruises are going to include a whole lot more than your average cruise. You are going to get all your food and drink. You are likely going to get to go on your excursions at no extra cost. In essence you will pay one time and get everything that you need.
  • Cruise ships can take six thousand people. That is like a small city. You are not going to have that on a luxury cruise though. I think fifteen hundred is huge on these ships.

Why try new places

I am getting a lot done today. And yes, that does include doing some writing. I am hoping that if I start talking about this on here, I will start doing better on this. We will see.

Okay, I have a confession to make, I love visiting familiar places. I guess a big part of that is my favorite reason to travel is to visit family or friends. Going to the places they live is like coming home. You know where you are going, and you also know the people you’re about to see. But there is also something fun about visiting places you’ve never been. Let’s look at some of those reasons today.

  • The fun begins even before your trip starts. You can start planning what you will do and see. You can start dreaming about what the people will be like. You may even experiment with cooking their food.
  • I know that you can always learn new things about your favorite destinations. But with a new place, everything you do will be new. There is something thrilling about that. A
  • nd this will enable you to have all kinds of fun stories to tell family and friends. And having those stories to tell, or post on our social media accounts, is a big reasons a lot of us Americans travel.
  • Exploring a new place is going to get you out of your comfort zone. You may not like that idea. But you are going to get to try a lot of new things. And we all need that push from time to time.

Traveling cheap


First, I want to share a link,, this is my first paid published article. I am going to be looking for more opportunities like this.

Today let’s look at some tips to travel on the cheap.

  • First, who needs an expensive hotel room? You are not going to be in that room much anyway. You can get a pretty clean room pretty inexpensively. Looking on those websites like Expedia will give you a lot of options. You will also be able to read reviews of the hotel to make sure other people enjoyed it.
  • And when should you book your flights? Experts say that you should book them about two months before leave. If you are able, book your flights on Tuesday. That is usually the least inexpensive day to fly.
  • Cities are always going to have things you can do for free. You just have to go online and figure out what is available. Are there free museums in the area? Might you be able to catch a free play or concert while you are there?
  • Does your family love the great outdoors? Consider visiting a state park. You will find plenty of things to do outside at these parks. You will also usually find nice places to camp. Usually they’re pretty inexpensive, but be careful about that. Some of the most popular parks can get expensive.
  • Are you traveling to celebrate a special occasion? Don’t be shy. Let your hotel and the different restaurants you eat at know that you are celebrating. Who knows what they might give you for free.

Even more about Disney cruises

It worked out that I took a long weekend. Even that has left me feeling pretty energized. Let’s get back to our discussion of Disney cruises.

  • You should always have a camera with you. Disney characters need to take vacations too, you know? You are going to see plenty of characters aboard each ship. Have your camera ready just in case.
  • Many children love to swim, and Disney knows that. Can you imagine a place where you can swim and watch Disney movies at the same time? That sounds like a child’s dream come true. You can do just that on Disney cruises. Little ones will also enjoy Disney themed splash pads. And don’t forget the water slides.
  • Every time Disney does a cruise, the whole crew gathers in the lobby of their theater to trade pins. This is a great way to get to know your fellow guests and crew alike.
  • Around the theater, you are going to find all kinds of shops. In these shops, you will find pins, tshirts, mugs, and things on like that. Disney Vacation Club members get a discount.
  • Like most cruises these days, you can do Do you want to learn everything you can about Disney, take part in all the parties and everything? That is perfectly fine. Do you want to just hang out by the pools the whole time? They will have no problems with that either.

Would you like help planning your next Disney cruise? I would love to help you figure everything out. Please just let me know.

More on Disney cruises #2

We are going to get back to our discussion on Disney cruises.

  • I know we’ve already talked some about things you should not forget to bring along. But are you going to bring your costumes? Disney cruises have themed days. It might be Star Wars, or it might be Marvel, or it could be another theme. Dressing up is not required, but it is part of the fun, so why not?
  • Even Disney knows that sometimes adults want to have fun by themselves from time to time. They have pools that are just for adults. You will also have an entertainment district that will close to all those under eighteen at nine in the evening.
  • Inside the Cove Cafe, an adults only coffee bar, you will find sweet snacks morning and evening. The sweetest part? The snacks don’t cost you anything more. However, they do charge for the coffee, so you will want to keep that in mind.
  • But they also have spaces just for for children, as you might imagine. I mean who wants to be around their parents all the time? Disney has an excellent children’s club. Your children will love it because everything revolves around Disney.

More inexpensive destinations

Do you have plans for spring break? Have you thought about summer vacation plans yet? Let’s look at some more destinations that can really stretch your dollar.

  • The first destination we are going to look at today is Brazil. They want more tourists to visit. That is why they have eliminated visa requirements for citizens of the United ±¸States. I hear that this is another absolutely beautiful country. You are most likely to find excellent service anywhere you go here.
  • Denmark is another very budget friendly destination. While most anyone would love to be in Copenhagen during the holiday season, that can be a really busy time. Do you want to know the perfect time to go? It is in the autumn, right after the children go back to school.
  • I hate to disappoint you, but the perfect time to go to England was right after Brexit. But now is still a good time to go. You can still get a great deal while you explore this country rich in history and culture.
  • Costa Rica is a beautiful country from everything I’ve heard. I know a couple of people who have honeymooned here. Do you like the idea of ziplining through a rainforest? Or do you want to go somewhere and just relax? Either way, you’re in for a treat in this country.


  • I think that most of the all inclusive resorts I hear about, [and believe me, writing this blog, I’m always reading about resorts and such], are outside the continental United States. But today we are going to look at an all inclusive resort in Florida. Specifically, this resort is in the Everglades. You are going to be about sixty miles from Miami. The resort is made up of 135 bungalows. This is an adults only resort, so this sounds like a great place for romance. You are going to have three restaurants you can choose from.
  • Let’s look at some other travel news. Airfare seems seems to be going down. That’s nice. But you’ve got to remember that these airlines are also adding fees. Be careful to look everything before you buy.
  • You might also want to know that things may be a bit slower at Southwest Airlines. This is because some of the unionized mechanics are working to make it that way. But the airline is listening to them and working with them to try to resolve the problems.