Keeping kids happy on vacation #1

Vacations are supposed to be fun and relaxing. But sometimes, they are anything but that, especially when traveling with young children. Let’s face it, they can get bored easily, they may not like the foods that are available on your trip, and they are going to get tired and cranky before you want to stop exploring your destination. Today we are going to look at some ways to try to keep the children happy on your vacation.

  • I know it is often easiest to placate your children with screen time, like your phone, any time there is a lull in the action, but you might not want to do that. But you know how it is, the more they get it, the more they want it. Besides, this is a family vacation. You’re supposed to be doing things together.
  • They are going to need guidance from you, no question, but let them make some of the decisions about your trip. This helps them get excited about things you’re doing. Let them pick some of what you do. Let them pick some of the restaurants you eat at.
  • They are going to get tired. Everyone is doing things they don’t normally do. Even if your children never nap anymore, you’ll want to plan some downtime each day. You may want to put on a a movie on that everyone enjoys. This will also give you the excuse to nap as well, and what adult doesn’t like to nap on vacation.
  • A couple on their own can decide to do whatever we want whenever they feel like it. But say you decide to go to the beach. Do you have sunscreen for everyone? Jesus are you prepared with drinks and snacks for everyone? Do your little ones have what they need to swim? And you will want to be prepared to swim even when you think it’s quite chilly. A lot of children love to swim and want to get into the water even when we adults think it’s ridiculous.
  • You might also want to consider bringing along someone beside you and your spouse and your children. Vacations make perfect times for dates. Maybe you want to bring along another family, and kind of trade off who watches the kids, and who has couple’s time. Want to take someone who will want very little couple time? Take your parents.were

Planning your honeymoon #1

Your honeymoon may be trip you’ve dreamed of most of your life. This is an important trip, a trip where you and your new husband will be getting to know each other on a whole new level. Today let’s look at some ways to make sure it’s wonderful.

  • You are going to want to decide where you want to go on your special trip as a couple. [If you’re a man that’s thinking of surprising your bride, please make sure to discuss her honeymoon dreams before you start your planning. You don’t want to plan something that is totally going to disappoint her, dowhen, do  you?]
  • What are some things you enjoy doing together as a couple? Does food and its preparation fascinate you? Do you like taking adventures together? Are you trying to do something luxurious? Is there a place that you’ve dreamed of going together? It is probably best if you start planning this trip soon after you agree to get married.
  • Booking trips well in advance is One way to save a good bit of money. If you decide to get married, or put off your honeymoon, until early spring or any time in the fall, you are going to save even more.
  • You are going to want some down time for sure. Weddings can get pretty stressful, especially if you are the one doing all the planning. The two of you may want to take time just to be together after the flurry of activity. Keep that in mind as you’re doing your planning of things you’ll want to do.

Interesting destinations for young adults #2

A lot of young people today don’t seem to like just going to the beach and laying around for seven days, especially if that’s what you do year after year. Most like exploring new places. Let’s look at some more destinations you might want to consider.

  • Have you ever been to Rome? Maybe your family loves learning more about history. You can visit some of the coliseums, and maybe even the catacombs. If you are going to this city, you will also want to see the Vatican. You will also love their food.
  • Is anyone among your party taken with the stars, as in Hollywood stars? Consider going to Los Angeles. Here is where you can see iconic places like Sunset Boulevard. For those that love the latest fashions, there is a lot of shopping you can do. And who knows, you might get to meet some of the stars themselves.
  • Is your family maybe from Ireland? Ancestry travel is big these days. From everything I hear, Ireland is one of the greenest places you’ll ever see. You will also find a lot of great pubs.
  • Did you know that there are more bars per capita in Madrid than in any other European city. There will be historic sites to explore. You will also find a lot of art.
  • Go to San Francisco if you and your family would like to ride the cable cars, and see their Chinatown. They also have some interesting art you may want to see. And don’t forget to indulge in their seafood.

Interesting destinations for young adults


Maybe you are a young mother. You and your husband have two small children, and you want to know where your peers are going on vacation. Or maybe you have college students in your family that you would like to take on vacation. You are just unsure of where they might like to go. Today we are going to take a look at some destinations you just might like.

  • With everyone crazy about Meghan Markle and her marriage to Prince Harry, what young person wouldn’t want to go to London? Most everyone would probably like to visit the palace. You are also going to get a taste of many different cultures here. This city also has a lot of free museums you might want to explore.
  • Or maybe you would like to go to Paris. This is another city that will have a lot of fine art. You will want to take selfies at the famous Eifle Tower, if for no other reason than that every other young person does that. You will probably also find some nice vineyards to explore. And don’t forget to enjoy their many cafes.
  • And what young person wouldn’t want to go to the Big Apple? Most would love to take in at least one Broadway show. You may also want to greet Lady Liberty. Times Square offers a lot in the way of shopping. And you will want to try real New York pizza.

More travel tips for women

Women are doing more and more traveling on their own. They might not have found their special someone yet. Or maybe they’re at a place in life where they can leave families for short periods of time. They may have some place they have always wanted to see. Or they might need to go somewhere on business.

  • This may be a thing of the past since most everyone now has GPS, or maybe it isn’t such a thing of the past, but do you remember getting lost? If this is something that gives you trouble, take notes as you go. Remind yourself of landmarks along the way.
  • When traveling by yourself, you might be wise to stay in one of the larger hotels in the middle of the city. This will make you less conspicuous. It may also help you make some friends while you are on your trip.
  • Getting a nicer place may also cause you less worry when it comes to knowing what to do about dinner. It is probably best to do your traveling during the day while it is light outside. Having a restaurant, or more than one to choose from, is going to really help you. Some hotels are also going to have entertainment in the evenings.

More travel tips for women

We’re talking tips on how women should keep safe when they are traveling on their own. We started this discussion yesterday and are going to continue it today. So let’s get started.

  • You may want to consider checking with the consolate once you get to where you are going. It just helps for them to know you are there in case there are any emergencies where you are visiting, or if anything should happen and they should need to contact your family for any reason.
  • Making sure you have access to a cell phone is always a good idea. You will want to check with your service provider to see what is available. An alternative would be to go to buy one of those cheap flip phones. Have a phone with you at all times.
  • Having cash on you is pretty much a must when you are traveling out of the country. So as a woman traveling alone, you will want to have a money belt. Or, keep your money somewhere like on your body. For example, my Mom carries her money in her bra. And if you find yourself needing to go to an ATM, please do so in broad daylight.

Woman to woman travel advice

Women are getting out and doing more and more traveling on their own. While it is true that a lot of women are waiting until later in life to get married and start them families, other women are finding the freedom to take breaks from the families they love in order to pursue travel. Let’s take a look at some precautions that we, as women, may want to take into consideration..

  • It is always wise to learn about any destination you’re thinking about traveling to. Learn about its history and culture. In some countries, it is looked down on for women to leave their homes without their husbands. You will also want to learn about their food so that you will know what to expect.
  • Part of your research should probably be to join some discussion boards, and talk to other women travelers, and talk to them about the places you may want to go. Ask them about what they liked and didn’t like. Ask them about the places they felt especially unsafe?. Ask them about favorite places.
  • Since you’re going to be traveling on your own, it might be wise to pack as lightly as you can. You are not going to have anyone to help you to carry anything. You will also probably not want to carry around expensive bags or phones or anything like that. Doing this will help protect you from pickpockets. If you want to bring something like a laptop, you’ll probably do best to leave it in your hotel room.

St Tropez

Have you ever been to St. Tropez? This is an up and coming destination in the French Riviera. And apparently, this is one of the places that some rich and famous people have taken a liking to. I’m not saying that if you go here, you are for sure going to see a star, but you might just get lucky. St. Tropez is also a great place for those of us regular folk who just like fun in the sun vacations. Here are some things you might want to do when you get there.

  • You might want to take some hikes. This place is on the Mediterranean Sea, and I can tell you from personal experience that this is a beautiful body of water. You will enjoy looking at it from different angles. You might also enjoy looking at some of their homes and other buildings.
  • You are going to find different spots along the way where you can cool off in the water. But this is not something only tourists do, locals do this as well. You might meet some of them if you time it right..
  • There is beautiful beach everywhere you look. If you like to swim with a lot of a lot of other people, this is the place that you will want to be.. But how do I say this? You might want to be careful which beaches you choose are. Their standard of swimwear is different than ours.
  • This is in the south part of France. Once you get to a town, you are going to find lots of places to eat. You are going to find anything you want, from savory to sweet. Be sure to try a crepe for me, and I’m sure they will have great bread anywhere you go.

More about Disney

Let’s talk some more about Disney and some of the differences between the two big parks.

  • Okay, there are different character at Disney World rather than Disneyland. You can find out specifically which characters are where with Disney’s App. It seems like you will see more characters at Disneyland. Disney World’s characters are usually in or around their own pavilions.
  • Magic kingdom and Disneyland have a lot of the same themed areas. But that doesn’t mean that the rides are exactly the same. And of course, Disney World has a lot more.
  • Disneyland can easily be seen in one day, having about five hundred acres. On the other hand, Disney World has over nine thousand acres filled with attractions. And it will take you several days to enjoy everything.

Disney World/Disneyland


You may think that if you have been to one of these parks, you have seen what Disney has to offer in the way amusement parks. While there are similarities, there are some well Let’s look at some of those today.

  • First, there is a big size difference between the two. You are going to find four theme parks as well as two water parks. You will find twenty-five hotels. Disneyand has two parks and three hotels.
  • And how can we forget that they have different castles? Isn’t that why a lot of these little girls to go, to see those castles and meet owners? Disney World has Cinderela’s castle. Did you know that they made a castle a certain height, if they would have made it a foot taller, they would had to put red for airplanes? At Disney, Sleeping Beauty’s castle is not as tall. You can in at both castles, but’s is the only one in which you can eat.
  • You are going to find some of the foods, but there are some differences here as well. You might want to take at some recommendations that have on Pinterest so that you do not miss out on anything spectacular