New Orleans’ spots

Yes, I know that the French Quarter in New Orleans is beautiful and wonderful. However, there are a lot of other things to see and do in this city. Today let’s look at some of those.

  • If you are into the hip and the cool, you will want to check out their Magazine Street. You will find all kinds of cool restaurants and shops that you will want to explore. Check out their art galleries as well.
  • Bacchanal Wine is one of the most popular places in the Bywater Neighborhood. This is in an old house, and you will choosing your wine and cheese. Enjoy listening to the live music while you are there.
  • Staying in the French Quarter itself is the most popular thing to do, which, of course, makes it the most expensive. That’s why you should stay outside of the place. You might even be able to stay in some updated mansions.
  • The first Saturday of every month they have what they call Julie Street Art Walk? Julie Road is apparently full of art galleries

More about Hawaii

  • When you go to visit Hawaii, on thing that you will want to keep in mind is that Oahu is going to be the most civilized. You might want to visit this place first, so that you can get adjusted to the time difference and everything. and don’t just stay in the city.
  • When you go to a luau, sure, you might see someone in a grass skirt. But things do change in Hawaii just like they do everywhere else. Don’t go thinking that you will wear a skirt the whole time.
  • You are going to Hawaii, not a fashion show. Everybody there could care less what you wear. Do not worry about it.

Tips on Hawaii

Hawaii. A lot of people want to get there. But a trip to Hawaii is kind of hard to plan. everything you need. For example, which islands will you visit on your trip?

  • There are six major island, each of them is going to give you just a little taste of the whole of Hawaii. You are going to be traveling such a long way to get there, why not go to more one island?
  • Not only are the islands very different, various places on each island are going to be quite different. You might want to book hotels in more than one section of the island. This will give you a better feel of the different parts.
  • You are going to need to rent a car when you go to Hawaii. There is just no getting around that. Buses will not run fast enough to make it worth your while.
  • Everyone knows that the children are off during the summer. And yeah, taking them would be nice.. Or winter would be the best time to see the whales. But going in autumn or spring will be the best way to beat the crowds and get better prices. Hawaii never has bad weather to speak of.

And more romantic getaways

And today we are going to look at some more romantic getaways.

  • We have talked about Asheville, North Carolina several times on this blog, but ear this city is a place called Black Mountain. Couples are going to love their charming downtown with all of the cute shops and restaurants and coffee houses. This place also has some great bed and breakfasts.
  • Is hiking something you love to do together? You might want to try the Pokonos mountains in Pennsylvania. You are going to love hiking in those beautiful mountains. You are going to find several lovely towns in this area.
  • Do you like the beach, but could care less about swimming? Go to Newport, Rhode Island. They have a lot of lighthouses and marinas. You will also find some gorgeous mansions around this place..
  • Is your main objective to see some great fall leaves? Consider visiting Montpelier. Stay at one of their bed and breakfasts, and enjoy walking through their historic districts.

More romantic getaways

It has been too long since you and your husband took a trip together, just the two of you. You have the kids covered by your parents. They will come whenever you call them, and your husband has agreed to take the time off of work whenever you let him know where you are going. You just need to decide where you are going and what you will do. I have some more suggestions for you.

  • Santa Fe, New Mexico is always something of a romantic destination, but in the a it is especially beautiful because of all of the changing leaves. Enjoy the views on their ski lifts. You might want to take some cooking classes together. The city also has a lot of festivals this time of year.
  • Do you love going to the beach t? Maybe you went to a beach destination for your honeymoon? Do you want to try to recreate that feeling, but maybe without spending so much money? You might want to try Amelia Beach, Florida. Beside the beautiful beaches, you are going to find some fascinating museums and interesting festivals.
  • Are you looking for a bit of luxury? You might want to consider Lake Tahoe. They have a lot of ski resorts. If you go before the season starts, you might get a great deal, and you will have a better chance of getting all the spa treatments that you want.
  • Eureka Falls, Arkansas has a little something for everyone. They have hot springs. You are also going to be able to enjoy their fall foilage. And you will enjoy their historic district with all its shops and restaurants.

Some great romantic fall getaways

Fall is here. The children are settling into their school routines, and your parents have hinted that they might like the opportunity to do a little babysitting. You are not going to question that, your spring and summer were crazy, and having some time alone with the one you love sounds great. But where would you go? I might just have some suggestions for you today.

  • I have heard fantastic things about Savannah, Georgia. You might want to take a carriage ride on their cobblestone streets. Or you might want to take a moonlit walk in one of their parks. They have some great bed and breakfasts in that area.
  • Or you might want to vacation like our presidents in Martha’s Vineyard. If you enjoy looking at lighthouses, this is the place for you. You will ant to go explore some of their vineyards. You will want to stay somewhere on their lovely beach. And be sure to enjoy some of their seafood.
  • I know the perfect place for you if you are a couple who loves adventure. The place is Jackson Hole, Wyoming. You might enjoy riding horses. Wait a little longer, and you will be able to do some skiing. You also be near Yellowstone National Park.

Traveling to Italy

Yesterday did not go the way I thought or hoped that it mi. I meant to work, truly I did, but it just was not happening. Oh well, I think we’re back to normal life for a while.

When someone asks me what I do I’ll tell them that I’m a travel agent, and a lot of times they will bring up that they have always dreamed of going to Italy. After al, Italy was once home to the great Roman Empire. Obviously it is the home of the Roman Catholic Church. And who doesn’t like Italian food? Today let’s look at some tips on how to plan a great trip to Italy.

  • If you are going to be short on time on this trip, you are going to be sure to visit the big three, Rome, Florence, and Venice. This is especially true if this is your first trip to this great country.
  • We all know that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you shouldn’t try to explore it in a day either. You will want to be sure to see their Colosseum, and you will also want to see Vatican City.. You will also want to do some shopping there.
  • What’s in Florence you may ask. Well, there is statue called “David ” by Michelangelo. You might have heard of it? You will want to take in their beautiful countryside
  • You know that Venice is built on water, don’t you? You will want to take a tour on one of their gondolas. They have beautiful palaces you can visit too.

Hotel news

We have b and Expedia have decided to join forces and make the whole booking process much simpler. een looking at cruises a lot lately. Let’s do something a little different today.

New Orleans is the latest city to put the nix on airbnb. They join San Francisco and New York City to name a few. Some of their citizens are all for this ban. Airbnb raises property taxes, have negative effects on the city’s historic districts, and tend to push out the working class people. But other people feel like the government should not shut this down. After all, this is a good source of income for some people.

If you are looking for something similar to airbnb, you should consider inns. Sounds nice and old fashioned, doesn’t it? Inns will have limited numbers of rooms which will give you some more privacy. Inns are also going to offer you limited food and drink choices. Basically inns are the older models for for boutique hotels.

And speaking of boutique hotels, Kimpton is putting one of their hotels in Miami. This is going to make their fifth hotel in Florida.

Marriott and Expedia have decided to join forces and make the whole booking process much simpler.

And even more cruise tips for first timers

If you are going on your very first cruise and are so excited, you may want to print out some of these posts I’ve been writing for future reference.

  • Able bodied people are usually going to find cruise else to be a waste of time. You are unlikely to find the elevator ready and waiting for you. And do you really want to be one of those people waiting for it when you are going to be around people who actually need it?
  • really want to go hang by the pool the first day onboard, and then not go again the rest of your time because you’ve gotten sunburned? Please bring your favorite sunscreen and make sure to apply it before you leave your room for the day. And take it with you for when you are at the pool or other outdoor activities.
  • You can actually get your teeth whitened on some ship. I would highly discourage you from doing that though. Sometimes having that done on these ships could greatly reduce the pleasure of eating. And who wants to not enjoy eating while you are on a cruise?
  • Cruises are a great way to make new friends. Unless you are on your honeymoon or something like that, chat with other people while you are eating, or hanging out by the pool, or waiting in lines. You may be surprised at how much you have in common with some of these people.
  • And this might have belonged at the very top of our list, but please bring a good attitude. You should be having the time of your life, eating incredible food and having awesome adventures. And the people serving you are often away from their families¬† for months at a time. Be grateful and try to make life easier for them.

More things not to do on a first cruise

A lot of people get nervous when they are doing something for the first time. And sometimes they do things they know they shouldn’t do. Here are some tips for when you take that first cruise.

  • There are papers that you are going to need. Be sure to take those papers. Put everything you will need in one folder, and please put them in your carryon. You do not want to stick them in your luggage somewhere, it could take them a long time to figure out where your papers are.
  • I have said it before and will no doubt say it again, but you do not want to drink too much when you are on a cruise. Being drunk on a boat can get quite dangerous Drink any time that , drink soda and juices, especially any time that they are free.
  • Be kind to your crew. And yes, that does include give the money tips any time that you can. You might also want to bring along some candy and give it out as well. Candy brings out a smile to most everything everyone.
  • I know that you want to get some souvenirs, but you do not want to go crazy with them. Decide on things that you are going to like for years to come. For example, how many¬† Hawaiian shirts are you actually going to wear?
  • And make sure you have some room in your luggage for these souvenirs. You don’t want to have to carry them on your lap on your way home.