Vacation tips

Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner, and hopefully you’re starting to dream about your summer vacation. You want everything to be perfect. While I can’t make that happen, I can offer you some tips that might help.

  • You will want to have some kind of plan. Leaving everything up to fate is usually not a good idea. Figure out some restaurants you might want to try? Are there museums you might want to explore?
  • But at the same time, you don’t want to have every second of your vacation planned. You want to make sure you have sometime to relax. Watch movies. Play games. You will how much planning is good for you and your family.
  • There have been some recent changes concerning passports. Make sure you and your family have everything you need before it’s time for you to leave.
  • Another thing that you will want to be sure to think through is how much you want to spend on your trip. Something you may want to consider is taking cash on your trip. This will help you know exactly how much you have.

Cruising with children

Okay, I’ve talked you into it. You are sure you want to go on a cruise. You just aren’t sure which one, because you have kids that you want to take with you. You want them to have the best experience that they can. Your question is, which cruises are good for children? Read on to find out.

  • I have heard amazing things about Disney cruises. I know adults who have gone on Disney cruises without children. Disney cruises are going to have a great kids’ club, good things for tweens and teens to do. They are going to have babysitting for you to go out and enjoy yourselves as a couple at night. They have Disney movies that they have turned into Broadway plays.
  • I think it was earlier this week that we were talking about the Norwegian Escape. Well, it is good for children. Toddlers are going to have their own dedicated staff. They are going to have a quiet rooms for their naps. Older kids are going to have a blast at the water park.
  • Celebrity Edge is reworking their children’s program, and they will be ready for your children in 2020. Celebrity is collaborating with Lonely Planet for their new program. Let me know if you want to book a cruise with your children.

Girls’ getaway #2

Let’s get back to our discussion about planning a girls’ trip for you and your friends.

  • Okay, you have decided who is going to go. And you have decided where you want to go. The next big question to try to figure out your budget. The exception to this is if you have a rich friend that wants to pay for everyone, but that’s rare. The majority of us need to figure out a budget when we go on a trip. You are going to want to discuss this as a group.
  • If everyone has was some money you want to spend, you might want to go to an all inclusive resort and enjoy time in spas and things like that. If you have a somewhat tighter budget, you might want to rent a house by the beach. Or you might consider meeting at one of your group member’s houses.
  • You might want to work with a travel agent if anyone in your group is short on time. I would love to help you put something like this together for you. I do not charge you anything extra, because I make money when I book trips for people. And so, I would love to help anyone interested in working with me.
  • If you are going to plan everything, your group is going to want to designate one person to do the planning. It is going to take some time to do the research and coordinating. Ask your group how much they want to be involved in the decision making process.. Most women are not going to care about all the details, the most important thing is going to be just spending time together.

Saving on a cruise

You might be thinking about taking a cruise for your next vacation. But just because you want to take one doesn’t mean money is plentiful for you right now. Can you take a cruise without spending a lot of money? Of course you can. Today let’s look at some ways you can do just that.

  • First, talk to me when you are thinking about booking a cruise. I know some of you have taken cruises before and know something about cruising. But researching travel is what I do day to day. I also have access to other travel agents who I can ask questions of. I am going to be able to figure out exactly you want, and will also be able to save you money as well.
  • You are going to want to join any loyalty programs you are asked to, if you think you are going to cruise with them again. You are going to be asked about loyalty programs as you leave your cruise. Oh, you may not see many savings when you first join, but as you cruise with them more and more. Look at this as a long term strategy.
  • If you have found the cruise of your dreams, and know you’ll be cruising with them the rest of your life, consider getting a credit card with them. Many of these cruise credit cards will give you double points when you book your cruise with that card. You can also get double points when you buy anything on board. Get a lot of points and you might score a free or deeply discounted cruise.
  • Here’s a big one. Research your shore excursions before you leave on your cruise. Cruiselines are going to charge you a lot for their excursions. Doing things your own thing is also going to allow you to do exactly what you want.
  • Most people who go on a cruise are going to want to buy the cruise tshirt. Usually they are going to have a great special on these tshirts on the last day of your cruise. You might be able to get one of these tshirts for ten dollars, sometimes they’re even less. You might also want to read your cruise newsletters for more sales.
  • If you’re dying to have a massage at the cruise spa, you are going to want to do that when your ship is in port. You will be able to get better deals, and will also be able to have the place to yourself for the most part.
  • If you are interested in going to the specialty restaurants, book your reservations for the very first evening of your cruise. This is usually a great way to get a fantastic meal at a discounted price.

Affordable destinations

Can you believe that we are only a couple of weeks away from Memorial Day weekend? Summer is just around the corner. Have you thought about what you might want to do for a summer vacation? Maybe you’re at a place where you would love to do a vacation that is on the nicer side, but you do not want to spend a fortune. You can’t, there is just not a lot of money in your budget. Today I have some suggestions that might just work for you.

  • Sure, everyone knows that Orlando, Florida is the amusement park capitol. Unfortunately, that place can get awful expensive. Instead you might want to try Lakeland or Winter Haven. You will still be fairly close to places like LEGOLAND. These are towns where you can get accommodations at much more reasonable prices..
  • Or you might want to try Daytona Beach. Your family doesn’t love racing? That is no problem. You are going to find lots of other things to do in this city. You will be able to enjoy water parks, museums, and beaches here.
  • Does your family love being in the great outdoors? Tuscon, Arizona is a destination that you might want to seriously consider. Here you will find plenty of outdoors activities to keep you busy. Do you need things to do in case of bad weather? This city also has a lot in the way of historical and cultural attractions. There are also a lot of great shops.
  • Are your kids dying to go to an amusement park? You might want to try checking out Branson, Missouri. Their amusement park is called Silver Dollar city. Table Rock Lake is another attraction that you will not want to miss.

More on the Epic

Let’s keep looking at some cool thing about Norwegian’s Epic. Are you liking what you’re reading about? I would love to help you plan a cruise. If you are interested, please let me know at

  • The first thing we are going to look at is that they have a really cool bar. It is called the Swedka Ice Bar. When I said cool, I meant that quite literally. This place is kept at a temperature below freezing. Personally I don’t see the attraction to keeping it that cold. Wouldn’t most people get uncomfortable pretty quickly and just leave?
  • Most cruises are going to have some kind of dance parties for all of their guests to enjoy together. And the Epic is no exception to this. Dance the night away at their Glow Party in Spice H2O.. You will be listening to pop music. And as you might be able to imagine, the glow sticks will be flowing.
  • Have you ever been to one of these escape rooms that are becoming so popular? The Epic has one, and it is called the Big Top. You will be joining teams to try to figure how to beat the curse before your time runs out.

Norwegian Epic

One of Norwegian’s largest ships is called the Epic. Today let’s look at some of the amazing things you can do while on board.

  • If you are looking for something very exclusive, you are going to want to look into Norwegian’s The Haven. This is the place to be if you want to try living in luxury for a few days. You will have your own suite away from the crowds. You will have your own restaurants, your own pool, and access to a butler for sure. Some of the guests that are not staying in The Haven will be able to buy their way into the pool area.
  • Are you looking for something wet and wild? Epic has some waterslides that you will love. One is called The Epic Plunge, and it is a bowl slide. This huge slide is the first of its kind on a cruise ship. You will find two other waterslides on the ship as well.
  • Don’t you just love dinner shows? Norwegian has one, and it features their Cirque Dream. This is their circus, so you are going to find acrobats, balancing acts and jugglers. Here you will also be treated to a nice three-course dinner as well.

Working with a travel agent

Are travel agents really a thing anymore? I mean, anyone can get on the internet and book a trip for themselves, can’t they? Travel agents do exist, and I know some make good money. Today we are going to look at some things you should do when you work with a travel agent.

  • First, be up front about what you would like to spend on your trip. Are you willing to spend more to know that your family is safe? Do you hope to have a trip where you are pampered? Are you just trying to get the lowest price out there?
  • Ask your travel agent about what they are going to charge you. They should be able to break everything down for you so that you will know what you are spending and why. You should feel good about where your money is going.
  • No one travel agent would be able to know every single thing about every single trip out there. Most travel agents are going to know other travel agents. Some travel agents are experts in one kind of travel or another. Picking other travel agents’ brains is part of what we do. And this will ensure that you get the best experience possible.
  • I would love to know how your trip went. I will usually follow up with you once you are home from your trip. Please write me and let me know how everything went.

What to wear on a cruise

In the old days, no one would go out of their state room unless they were dressed to the nines. Of course, this required a lot of packing, because you also could not wear an outfit more than once. But the cruise industry has evolved a lot over the years, and these days, you can wear whatever you want on a cruise. Today let’s look at how you should pack on a cruise.

  • First, let’s look at tips for women. Do you ever go to a country club? You should probably pack the kind of clothes that you should wear to the club on your cruise. Pack some nice tops and slacks that you can wear, and choose things that can be easily mixed and matched. You might want to take some dresses as well. You might want to take silk since it is lighter. You will want to remember that you are likely to spend a lot of time by the pool, so bring your swimwear, [throwing in several swimsuits is never a bad idea, wear one and leave the wet ones out to dry],and also be sure to take a couple of cover ups. Short shorts are going to be frowned upon when you go to dine remember you’re not going to be just on the cruiseship, you’ll also be visiting different places. Please be mindful of the cultures that you are visiting.
  • And now a word for the men. This is becoming less and less of a thing, but there is still such a thing as formal nights. On most ships, this is now an optional thing. But if you do want to participate, what should you wear? Take a suit you would wear to work. Some cruises allow you to rent tuxedos. The rest of the time you should be perfectly fine with nicer shorts and tshirts.

Why vacation as a family #2

Let’s look at some more reasons why family vacation is so important.

  • Vacations are going to give your family time to actually be together. You will be away from everything you usually do, and will be able to concentrate on one another. And you will not have to do anything extravagant. Sometimes doing the simple things in life can be the most fun. Take a day and go to the zoo. I know I loved it when my family ordered pizza and hung out by the pool.
  • A lot of parents don’t really think about this, but you are going to have an average eighteen summers with each child that you have. After that, you are going to have to compete with college, summer jobs, and significant others. It is a good idea to make the most of the time that you do have with them so that they will want to come home when that choice is theirs.
  • Make that time to kick back and relax while you are on vacations. Some people jam pack their vacations just as much as their normal schedules. Make time to relax in front of good movies that the whole family can enjoy together. Do not make evening plans so that you can enjoy one another over nice dinners. Do you love playing board games together? Make time to do that.