And even more tips

I would love to know what you would like to hear more about. Please let me know at Let’s start looking at some more random tips..

  • You may or not be one of those people who has to take their pillow with them anywhere you might sleep. But whether or not you do that, you should take a pillowcase or two. These are great for putting your dirty clothes in. It can also help to wrap up your breakables.
  • Do you know you are going to have to do some laundry in your hotel sink? You will also want to take along some baby shampoo. It isn’t going to hurt anything you want to wash. You can also use this to defogg your goggles.
  • Bring along your floss. And no, I do not mean just for your pearly whites. You never know when you might have a sewing emergency.
  • Do you love wearing necklaces and always end up taking along several? Have trouble getting them untangled? I hear taking along straws will help you.. I’m not sure how to describe this to you. But look it up online.
  • You can also use egg cartons. You’ll have small compartments where you will be able to separate your stuff. It will also look uninteresting to thieves.
  • Another thing that you may want to bring along is some dryer sheets. Stick them in shoes and dirty laundry bags to keep odors away. They also help get rid of static.

Alternative Thanksgiving plans

Today was one of those days that I had problems deciding what to write about for you. I confess that a normal Thanksgiving sounds pretty awesome to me right now, with all of the lovely food and being with family. But maybe you and your family have decided that you want to do something different for Thanksgiving this year.

  • Let’s look at some destinations, besides Grandma’s, that you might want to consider. There is Knott’s Berry Farm. You will need to travel to Buena Park, California to experience this. Your family is sure to love their restaurant’s Thanksgiving brunch.
  • Disney World is going to have several options for you if you decide to visit them over Thanksgiving. And I think Thanksgiving is the quieter time to visit as opposed to Christmas which is usually pretty crazy. But quiet at Disney is all pretty relative. Anyway, they will have a spread for you in the Magic Kingdom. But don’t say I didn’t warn you, your hosts here will be two mice. The strange thing is that these mice are also going to be into Disney’s campground, and you will be treated to a lot of fine country cooking.
  • Disney will also have something for those who want a little nicer atmosphere. The restaurant is called Artist’s Point, and it sounds like they serve a pretty upscale menu. Their Pecos Bill’s Tall Tale Inn and Cafe is going to have pretty standard fare.
  • Are you going to Disney to ride the rides, and don’t even want to stop to eat? Both Disney world and Disneyland have quick service options you.
  • Hersheypark is also to give you and your family an excellent dinner. They also have a spa where you can get treatments.

Family destinations

When you are in the beginning stages of raising your family, when your days are full of diaper changes, temper tantrums and kissing booboos, the fact that you’ll really have only eighteen summers with each child you have might not cross your mind. But an that is a reality that you have to face. Here are some vacation ideas that you really should take with your children before they leave the house.

  • First of all, you should get your whole extended family together and go on a cruise together. Cruises are a great trip for extended families to take together, because there is so much you can do on a cruise? Do you want to spend most of your time by the pool, or you might want to take that cooking classes. The boys of the family want to do sports stuff most of the time. And your parents know that they want to take full advantage of the spa. Your whole family can meet up for dinner and compare notes.
  • Every family should go and visit America’s favorite mouse at least once. Disney has two huge theme parks. Does your family love riding rides together? Are your girls just crazy about the Disney princesses? Do your boys love everything to do with “Toy Story”? I’ve also heard that Disney cruises are fantastic, and that everyone should go on one at least once.
  • DC is a truly fascinating place. They have all kinds of memorials and museums for you to visit and explore. People are welcome to visit the Capitol and White House. And they also have a great zoo. You will learn a lot, but they also have some fantastic parks where your family can play together, and you will be able to choose from a lot of great restaurants.

Even more Fourth of July destinations

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I know I did. I needed some downtime and some fun, and got both. Speaking of rest and relaxation, let’s get back to our discussion about the Fourth of July. It will be here before you know it.

  • Is your idea of a great Fourth of July having some delicious barbecue? You might want to try Memphis. This is also a great place to learn about the Civil Rights Movement, something we might stand to learn more about, especially these days. And for lighter fun, check out Graceland.
  • Are you looking for somewhere in the Midwest to celebrate? Minneapolis, Minnesota always has a great downtown celebration. And theirs is actually a two day event on their riverfront, so it is going to be a beautiful setting for your fun. There will be live were music and lots of family fun.
  • Does your family like to run together? If you do, you should check out St. Louis, Missouri. They start their Fourth of July celebration with a four mile run. A parade follows that, and then there are concerts, and of course there are also fireworks
  • . Kansas City, Missouri is another place that is known for being pretty patriotic. This is also a city that has a lot of pretty places to explore. I think one of the things they have is a lot of big old and green rolling hills
  • . Does part of your family want to do nothing except relax, and the other part wants to have fun? You might try Green Lake, Wisconsin. The lake is beautiful and is a great place to take a picnic. They will have concerts on lake. Restaurants are going to have concerts as well.

More Fourth of July destinations

The Fourth of July is going to be here before you know it. Have you thought about what you might like to do? Today we are going to look at some more ideas for you.

  • Our first one today is going to be Knoxville, Tennessee which has been rated the most patriotic city by USA Today. It has all the essentials for a great celebration of the Fourth of July. Here you will find great barbecue, great breweries, and all day festivities leading up to a great fireworks display. The festivities are held in the old World’s Fair Park.
  • Is one of your favorite things to do as a family is to walk around and explore a city together? You might want to try Savannah, Georgia? This is a beautiful city. And it is another great place for those who love food.
  • Do you want to celebrate Fourth of July in the Big Apple. Yes, they do celebrate more than Christmastime/New Year’s in this city. So many of those who come to our country seeking freedom have ended up staying here in this city. And there is always more than one celebration you can attend.
  • Indianapolis, Indiana has a little something for everyone. They have a great children’s museum for one thing. Does your family enjoy riding bikes together? Indianapolis has a great rideshare program for you. They also have a great zoo.

Fourth of July destinations

Where are you going this Fourth of July? Have you decided yet? My big vacations will be just about to start right around the Fourth. I’m so excited, I’m starting to count down the days. But anyway, let’s look at some destinations that you might consider going to around the Fourth.

  • I hear that Atlanta is a great place to go for this holiday. They have a great fireworks display. But before the display, you are going to have live entertainment. They’ll also have great food options for you. Want to make it a little longer trip? Stay and take in some of their fantastic museums. D
  • o you want to celebrate our Independence Day in some historic place? Why not try St Augustine, one of the oldest cities in the States. They have a great celebration here. They will have fireworks, of course, and a free concert after that. Or would you rather just go to the place where it all began in the first place?
  • Philadelphia puts on a great celebration. They do fireworks too. But as you can imagine, there are a lot of great museums and other places to show about this great city.
  • Charleston is another great place that you might want to consider. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time with their cobbled streets. They have some beautiful neighborhoods that you will want to explore. This is also a great place for foodies

More on Sea days

If you are someone that loves to go on cruises in order to see different parts of the world, you might not know just how much there is to do on board. Of course, other I people go just for what is on the ship. It’s usually less expensive if you do not go off of the ship. would love to know what you like to do on your cruises. Let’s look at some more ways that you might want to do with your Sea days on your next cruise.

  • A lot of cruises are going to have different educational programs that you can participate in. You are going to be able to choose from cooking classes and art classes. You might even be able to take some computer classes on board.
  • Do you have job where not it’s frowned upon to get silly, even every now and then? Most cruises are going to have contests and parties where cutting up is not only acceptable, it is required I know that Disney has pirate parties where dressing up is something nearly everyone does. And of course, Disney has characters you can play with. Carnival has all kinds of silly games you can play and get prizes. Other cruises are going to have dance parties.
  • You know that ships have performances in the evenings?. A lot of these performances are like Broadway plays. But some ships have these performances running all day on Sea Days. I know that Disney also has their newest movies running most all the time.

What to do on Sea Days #1

If you are the person loves cruising for the places they take you, you may be a bit disappointed and unsure what to do with yourself when Sea Days. And as most the cruises will have at least one or two Sea Days, it is always a good idea to be prepared.

  • Most ships are going to have pools for you to enjoy. Take a good book and enjoy some reading time. [Have one of reading devices is no problem, just put your towels over it when you are swimming.] Enjoy hanging out with your family and friends who you came with. Or you might want to get to know some of the other people on the ship.
  • A lot of cruise ships now have excellent fitness centers where you can work out. And no, you don’t have to work out by yourself if you don’t want to. They will have classes you can take. A lot of ships will also have personal trainers for you if that is your cup of tea.
  • You may also want to indulge yourself and go to the spa. I can’t think of a ship that would not have a spa, and this does include river cruise boats. [To be honest, I’m not sure all these river boats have pools.] and most ships are going to have treatments for adults, treatments for couples, treatments for teens, and well, I think you get the idea.
  • And of course, every ship is going to have places you can eat and drink in. Take your time and eat whatever they you like whenever you feel like it. Sea Days are great times to enjoy a leisurely dinner. Relax, there is nowhere you have to be. Enjoy that second appetizer or dessert if you want. This is your vacation.

About luxury

We have talked about this before, but a lot of times the cheaper cruises are going to charge you every time you turn around. And the luxury cruises are going to be much more all inclusive in nature. And this is true across the board, so much so that you may find that you will end up spending about the same on each type of cruise.

But not all cruises are the same, and this is even true of luxury cruises. but then again, not all travelers are the same either. Some people want to do little on a vacation besides curl up with a good book. Others want to get out and buy all of these crazy adventures. Still others feel like the most important part of any vacation is the food, and maybe some cultural experiences on the side.

Personal service is the hallmark of any luxury voyage. The crew was any of these ships is trained to exceed your expectations and anticipate your every need. On larger ships, things seem pretty formal. You will have a butler that will see to your needs, whether you’d like breakfast in bed each morning, or you like a certain drink right before bed each night. And on smaller ships, each member of crew is going to remember your likes and dislikes..

So you decide on the things that are most important to you. Do you like the idea of having plenty of space? The cabins on these ships often include big balconies and nice bathrooms with large tubs. Riverboats are not going to be able to to offer you as much space is, but you will still receive a high level of service.


States are starting to reopen slowly. I’m not sure anyone really knows what is opened what isn’t. It’s all confusing right now. But here are some tourist attractions that either have opened up or will open up in 2020.

  • Quintana Roo has decided that they are not quite ready to open up again. But their Governor wants his peoples to open up their hotels by June eighth or tenth. That is what this article I’m reading is saying.
  • Okay, this is a little clearer. Saint Lucia is planning to open up again on June the fourth. The airport will reopen, although not all restrictions will be lifted. They are hoping to have fifteen hundred rooms available for guests.
  • Greece will open up to visitors on June fifteenth, but only to guests from specific countries. You’ll only be allowed to travel to Athens until July first when the other airports reopen.
  • The Florida Keys are set to open up as of today.. Hotels are not allowed to have even more than fifty percent occupancy. And they will take another look at this plan in the middle of June.
  • Italy itself see will open its borders to their European neighbors starting on June fourth. People outside of Europe will have to wait until June fifteenth at the earliest.
  • Iceland plans to open up on June fifteenth. However, anyone that goes there will either have to be tested or go into quarantine for fourteen days.
  • Our Virgin Islands are also set to open up today. And they have put together a comprehensive guide for the health and safety the for hotels and restaurants and other businesses.