Luxury on a large ship

Are you dreaming of free cocktails, spa reservations, and quiet, spacious accommodations where you only to mingle with those of the same class? You might think that I’m about to talk about river cruises, but I’m not. Large ships are starting to have exclusive clubs where those willing to pay are going to receive to special care and services. Today let’s look at some of what cruiselines have to offer.

  • We are going to start with Celebrity. They call their cl, “Michel Club”,  and anyone who books one of their nicer suites can be part of it. Okay, so what do you get when you are part of this club? You will get free continental breakfast in the special lounge, and drinks and appetizers will be served each evening. A coincierge will be on hand to help make any special arrangements you might need.
  • Disney just calls their lounge “Coincierge Lounge”. And it is for those who book a suite or coincierge cabins. You will have your a lounge with snacks and drinks, and looks like this lounge is open pretty much all of the time. You will also have internet access in the lounge. You will also be able to take advantage of coincierge services.

Being healthy on a cruise #2

We started this discussion yesterday, but let’s continue the discussion .

  • Your fitness routine does not have to be boring. Maybe you know you want to do something to keep active, but don’t want to just do your old workout routine. Consider taking a fitness class while you are on board. You can also often play a lot of different sports while you are on board. A pick up basketball game may be just your thing, or you may love tennis. And of course, most cruise ships are going to have several pools. You may have to find a time when the pools are not busy.
  • Cruises are vacations. Do not hesitate to sleep in if you want. Don’t have anything you especially want no to do during the day? Go take a nap .

Being healthy on a cruise

You may think going on a means that you eat all kinds of indulgent foods and do little except lay the p. And while that used to be the case, and you can still do that if you’d like, you can do a lot of other things as well. Let’s look at some tips that might help.

  • When it comes to eating , and here I mean healthily, you don’t have to look far. You be able to healthy choices in the main dining room. Cruises know that not all people do not necessarily eat the same anymore, and they will have options for all kinds of eaters. If you just want to be sure not much, you can always just order appetizers, or not eat some of the courses.
  • Some cruises are going to have restaurants that are dedicated to healthy eating. So if this is important to you, you will need to book a spa room because the people in these rooms will get priority at this restaurant.
  • Many cruise ships are now making sure that their workout rooms are what guests want. not And the workout rooms are are in beautiful settings.

Getting a deal on a cruise #2

Let’s get back to our discussion about how to get good deals on cruises

  • Check with your travel agent about good deals. We are always receiving e-mails about cruises and the deals they have. Some travel agents have websites that they put deals they are offering on.
  • Do you want to go on a cheap cruise, but pay a fortune on airfare? I do not think so. Figure out the cost of the air before booking the cruise.
  • And please, read the fine print. You will want to know exactly what you are paying for, and what you will have to pay once you are on board.
  • Booking later on means that you may not get the nicer cabins. All of those will most likely be taken. But to be honest,most people need their room to sleep and change and nothing more. anything fancy.

Getting a deal on a cruise

Like I’ve said before, I really want to keep this blog up beat and positive. It does seem to me like most of the news is about this awful virus. But this will pass, I know it will. And then the celebrations will start.

One way you might want to celebrate is by going on a cruise. And you are probably going to be looking for a deal. I didn’t know this, but you used to be able to go to a ship on embarkation day and try are to get a place on the for a reduced price. They do not allow you to do that anymore. But there are ways to get less expensive cruises. Let’s look at some ways how.

  • Booking sixty to ninety days before your cruise is always a good idea. People are making their final decisions about whether or not they are going. People who have booed earlier can decide to cancel. they will know exactly how many cabins they have left, and how much of a discount they need to give.
  • You are not likely to get a discount on a Christmas or New Year’s cruise, they are too But you should be able to find plenty when most people don’t want to travel, think spring and fall.
  • Cruise ships move from one region to , and when they do that the cruises are called “repositiioning cruises”. These are often not very popular cruises. And  they also usually longer cruises, seven days or longer.

Cruises that work best for kids #2

Let’s get back to our discussion of which cruises work best for kids. After all, summer is right around the corner, and surely everyone will want to take a vacation after this mess. I would love to help you plan something. Please write me at

  • We are looking at the best cruises for Disney, so of course, I am going to bring up Disney, right? They have a very small fleet, and all four of their work very well for children. Their cruises are perfect for children between the ages of four and eleven. Disney is working on getting more stuff for older kids as well. When children are between three and eleven, they are allowed to go around the same places to allow siblings or friends to go around together if they want. They have a kids’ pool. Disney’s cabins will be very family friendly, I hear that they’ll even have tubs. Families will love their live shows, taken from some of their beloved movies.

And even more on all inclusive resorts

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting lots done during this time. Of course, I do not have children so I am not doing any of this home schooling gig I’m not going to the grocery store myself. Hats off to all who have that stuff and so much more during all of this.

Back to our discussion about resorts.

  • Not all resorts are the same. Some have most than one thousand units, a lot of times resorts focus on suites instead of rooms. Other resorts can house only about a hundred people at a time. Does one of these appeal to you over the other? Make sure you book the right kind of resort.
  • Are you looking for a great deal on an all inclusive? You will want to look at properties in Mexico, the Dominican Republic or Jamaica. While you might be able to find a great deal elsewhere, these are the places where you will find the great deals consistently
  • A lot of the family friendly resorts are going to kids’ clubs. You can send your children there and then have time to yo. Be careful though, some of these resorts say that once you send your children to their clubs being at the club is all that your children will want to do.

More about all inclusive resorts



I hope everyone had a good weekend, as different as it might have been with everything going on. But anyway. Let’s continue our discussion about all inclusive resorts.


  • In all of my reading about travel, I don’t remember reading about this. But what this article I’m readings reading now is saying is that food at these resorts is nothing to write home about. And that is perfectly okay if you just eat to live, but not so good if you are a foodie. Aha, they do have “gourmet” resorts, but you usually have to pay more to get in to these places.
  • This is a blog about family travel, but sometimes couples need to leave their children with someone they trust and take a trip just a the two of you. There are all inclusives that are for adults only. And even more resorts have sections where children are not allowed. Either of these may be great if you are wanting sometime to relax without children and their noise.
  • Of course, if you do want to take your kids with you, some resorts on offer “Kids Stay Free” programs, or other good discounts for children. Some of these places consider anyone over twelve to be an adult, others don’t consider anyone to be an adult but until they are at least seventeen.
  • A lot of resorts know you are going to want to get off the property to go and do things. They’ll make it easy and allow you to book your excursions through them You can either do this before you leave on your trip or when you get there.

Plan your all inclusive vacation #1

I think with all of the isolation we are having to do these days, a lot of people are starting to dream of the parties and fun we will have once all of this is over with. No one is sure  when will take place, but we can still dream, right?

When you go to an all inclusive resort, everything you could need should be covered. This is a resort so you will have a place to stay. meal should be covered, some resorts will have snacks around for the in between times too. And of course, you should also have things to do as well. Most resorts are going to have pools and entertainment in the evenings at the minimum. Here are some things you should keep in mind as you are planning to go tone of these resorts.

  • Do your research and figure out what is included and what is not before leaving on your vacation. Some resorts say that they are all inclusive, but are are not really, so you will want to make sure you know exactly what you are getting into before you leave.
  • The sad truth is that most of these resorts do not pay their workers. You will need to take some money to tip. You aren’t going to have to spend a lot to make a good impression.
  • Most of the time, you are going to have to figure out your own air to get to the resort. You may not have to figure out your transportation from the airport to your your resorts.

Best cruises for weddings #2

Let’s get back to looking at who has the best cruises for weddings.

  • We are going to start by looking at Celebrity Cruises. On Celebrity you can choose to do your actual legal ceremony or just do a a symbolic ceremony. Celebrity is a luxury cruiseline. But it has plenty for both you, the happy couple, and your guest to enjoy before and after the special event. You will be able to get married both on and off shore. Some of what you can expect is a captain led ceremony, a coordinator, a photographer and c. You can also ask your own pastor to officiate. You are going to get chocolate strawberries and champagne as part of your turn turn down services.
  • Disney also allows couples to marry on their ships. And they will help you take care of everything. Disney has the coordinator and the officiant for you. They will give you your flowers and a nice wedding cake. You will get dinner at their adults only restaurant.
  • If you are a younger couple, Carnival might just be perfect for you. Why? They have a lot of fun amenities, and their ships are just, well, fun. With Carnival, you are going to get both a wedding planner a wedding coordinator, a cake and a photographer.