More travel tips for women

Women are doing more and more traveling on their own. They might not have found their special someone yet. Or maybe they’re at a place in life where they can leave families for short periods of time. They may have some place they have always wanted to see. Or they might need to go somewhere on business.

  • This may be a thing of the past since most everyone now has GPS, or maybe it isn’t such a thing of the past, but do you remember getting lost? If this is something that gives you trouble, take notes as you go. Remind yourself of landmarks along the way.
  • When traveling by yourself, you might be wise to stay in one of the larger hotels in the middle of the city. This will make you less conspicuous. It may also help you make some friends while you are on your trip.
  • Getting a nicer place may also cause you less worry when it comes to knowing what to do about dinner. It is probably best to do your traveling during the day while it is light outside. Having a restaurant, or more than one to choose from, is going to really help you. Some hotels are also going to have entertainment in the evenings.

More travel tips for women

We’re talking tips on how women should keep safe when they are traveling on their own. We started this discussion yesterday and are going to continue it today. So let’s get started.

  • You may want to consider checking with the consolate once you get to where you are going. It just helps for them to know you are there in case there are any emergencies where you are visiting, or if anything should happen and they should need to contact your family for any reason.
  • Making sure you have access to a cell phone is always a good idea. You will want to check with your service provider to see what is available. An alternative would be to go to buy one of those cheap flip phones. Have a phone with you at all times.
  • Having cash on you is pretty much a must when you are traveling out of the country. So as a woman traveling alone, you will want to have a money belt. Or, keep your money somewhere like on your body. For example, my Mom carries her money in her bra. And if you find yourself needing to go to an ATM, please do so in broad daylight.

St Tropez

Have you ever been to St. Tropez? This is an up and coming destination in the French Riviera. And apparently, this is one of the places that some rich and famous people have taken a liking to. I’m not saying that if you go here, you are for sure going to see a star, but you might just get lucky. St. Tropez is also a great place for those of us regular folk who just like fun in the sun vacations. Here are some things you might want to do when you get there.

  • You might want to take some hikes. This place is on the Mediterranean Sea, and I can tell you from personal experience that this is a beautiful body of water. You will enjoy looking at it from different angles. You might also enjoy looking at some of their homes and other buildings.
  • You are going to find different spots along the way where you can cool off in the water. But this is not something only tourists do, locals do this as well. You might meet some of them if you time it right..
  • There is beautiful beach everywhere you look. If you like to swim with a lot of a lot of other people, this is the place that you will want to be.. But how do I say this? You might want to be careful which beaches you choose are. Their standard of swimwear is different than ours.
  • This is in the south part of France. Once you get to a town, you are going to find lots of places to eat. You are going to find anything you want, from savory to sweet. Be sure to try a crepe for me, and I’m sure they will have great bread anywhere you go.

More about Disney

Let’s talk some more about Disney and some of the differences between the two big parks.

  • Okay, there are different character at Disney World rather than Disneyland. You can find out specifically which characters are where with Disney’s App. It seems like you will see more characters at Disneyland. Disney World’s characters are usually in or around their own pavilions.
  • Magic kingdom and Disneyland have a lot of the same themed areas. But that doesn’t mean that the rides are exactly the same. And of course, Disney World has a lot more.
  • Disneyland can easily be seen in one day, having about five hundred acres. On the other hand, Disney World has over nine thousand acres filled with attractions. And it will take you several days to enjoy everything.

Disney World/Disneyland


You may think that if you have been to one of these parks, you have seen what Disney has to offer in the way amusement parks. While there are similarities, there are some well Let’s look at some of those today.

  • First, there is a big size difference between the two. You are going to find four theme parks as well as two water parks. You will find twenty-five hotels. Disneyand has two parks and three hotels.
  • And how can we forget that they have different castles? Isn’t that why a lot of these little girls to go, to see those castles and meet owners? Disney World has Cinderela’s castle. Did you know that they made a castle a certain height, if they would have made it a foot taller, they would had to put red for airplanes? At Disney, Sleeping Beauty’s castle is not as tall. You can in at both castles, but’s is the only one in which you can eat.
  • You are going to find some of the foods, but there are some differences here as well. You might want to take at some recommendations that have on Pinterest so that you do not miss out on anything spectacular


One great thing about cruising is that you can kind of sample different destinations, and come back to the ones you like most. One destination that you and your family might want to consider visiting is Nevis, which is part of St Kitts. This is one place in the Caribbean which is virtually untouched by Hurricane Irma. Here are some reasons you might want to go see this place.

  • Nevis has a lot of history for anyone that is interested in that kind of thing. They have a Museum of Nevis History. This is the place where Alexander Hamilton was born. This museum is not very modern, meaning it will not have many interactive exhibits. But there is a lot of reading you can do. They also have former plantations you can visit.
  • You are going to be pretty impressed with the food choices on this island. there is an old sugar mill which has been turned into a restaurant. You will enjoy private seating and have your own server. Much less expensive will be Golden rock Inn which is like a treehouse. You will also have more casual options as well.
  • People may also enjoy the nature on Nevis. You might want to hike Mount Nevis. Or you might want to do some scuba diving while you are there.

Using your smart phone on a cruise ship

It used to be that when you went on a cruise, you’d usually wait to make your calls to check in at home on port days. They would have a phone on the ship that was for emergencies, but that was expensive to use. But now that everyone has smart phones, and no one can seem to live without them, you can use your phones on most ships.

Cruises used to the perfect time to disconnect from the busy lives we all lead these days. People didn’t like that part of cruising. What if they missed something important? A lot of cruiselines worked hard to get up to date with the latest in technology. With that in mind, let’s look at some tips for using these things.

  • First, you will want to make sure you have an international phone. Head on over to your service provider’s website to know what type of phone that you have. You may be surprised at how much of the world you may already have covered These places may include places like Mexico and maybe the Caribbean. You may also need to take a look what it means for you to roam international.
  • Be sure to have everything you want on your phone already downloaded on your before you leave on your cruise. Many cruiselines are going to have their own app. Be to get your cruise’s app to get all the latest news and information. Also be sure to have all the games you can’t live without.
  • actual calls can get rather expensive. But who calls rather than text these days? Texting is much more convenient, especially when you are dealing with different time zonies and things like that.

More 4th of July destinations

I would love to know what your 4th of July traditions are. Do you love to cook out? Maybe you have a city celebration your families loves going to. Or maybe it’s a day your enjoys being together. Or maybe you don’t have any traditions, and are looking for something to do. If that best describes you, please read on.

  • You may want to visit Denver, Colorado. They have an celebration that starts with lives music, and ends with, guessed it, fireworks. There is a twist though, they always do their celebration on July third.
  • If you are feeling extra patriotic, you may want to visit our national Capital of Washington D.C.. There are all kinds of monuments and historic sites to visit. AnNational Mall, which is not a mall like we think, will have all kinds of free activities for you to enjoy.
  • I first read this, I wasn’t sure what to think. When think New Orleans, I think of Mardis Gras and not 4th of July. But apparently they do well with a number of holidays. This is a great city for you and your family to enjoy the holiday together. They will have hotdog eating contests, face painting, music festivals and more.

Celebrating 4th of July

Some people want nothing more than to be home to celebrate July 4th. They want to be with family and friends, sharing laughs and good stories over a big barbecue. Other people think of our Independence Day and feel like they must hit the road somewhere. If you find yourself in the latter category, you might want to pay special attention to this post.

  • Are you looking for the best, and oldest, 4th of July celebration? You will want to try Bristol, Rhode Island. They started celebrating the holiday in 1785, so they’ve had just a little practice doing these parties. Come, join their fun.
  • Or do you want to go and take in some history? Do you want to see the city where the idea of being free first started? Go to Boston. You are going to want to go to their Harhborfest, wonder if they you can taste any tea. You may also want to go hear the reading of the Declaration of Independence.
  • Have you ever dreamed of going to the big Apple? They have a hotdog eating contest right around this holiday. Does Macy’s have a Fourth of July parade? No silly, they have a fireworks display.

More travel tips


When you travel, there are so many things you have to remember and think. I write posts like this one to get thinking in the right directions.

  • Especially if you are cold natured, you are going to want to take some kind of wrap for when you get cold. I know that I get cold in a lot of public places. Of course, if you can find a wrap that’s black or gray, you won’t look so silly when you wrap up. You might also want to take a wrap to countries where modesty is an issue.
  • Traveling outside the country is always going to require that you have paperwork with. You will want to make a couple of copies and keep them in different places. And take a picture of all your important paper with your phone, so that you will have that copy as well.
  • Did your Mama not tell you to make sure you had clean underwear? You can never know what might happen. It never hurts to bring a few extra pair.
  • If get into hurry a to pack, you end up wearing all black or all gray. And that might not be too bad, until you start looking at all your pictures. Then it might get a little embarrassing.