More places your family will love

What do you like doing on your vacations? Do you like sitting beside water, doing absolutely nothing, except maybe reading a good book? Or do you like getting out and doing fun things Let’s continue our discussion about where you might want to vacation this fall.

  • Are you dreaming of a beach vacation? You might want to go to Aruba. You shouldn’t be in hurricane season in the fall. Build your sand castles. Look for shells. Enjoy the waters, whether you are playing in it or sitting and admiring its beauty. And this is another great place for water sports.
  • Are you and your family really into baseball? You might want to check out Cooperstown, New York. This is where the baseball Hall of Fame is. Of course, you probably already know that. Go during the World series, and indulge in your favorite sport each evening.

I apologize for this being really quick. I’ve had quite a day. I think the question on a lot of people’s minds is when will it be safe enough travel. Everyone is tired of staying home. They are bored and more than ready to do something different and fun. The good news is that here in America, we have a lot of room to move around. Taking your family camping might be a great idea now that we are allowed to move around a little more. Many Americans think that traveling is a good idea. And camping, and going around in RVs, is getting more and more popular.

Another ship with lots to do

It is Saturday, and I just want to get through everything I need to do. Today we are going to keep talking about cruise ships that have a lot to do on board. We will be looking at just one.

And that is Royal Caribbean. The ship we are going to be discussing is their Harmony of the Seas. They challenge anyone to be bored while they are on board. This ship has different neighborhoods, each having a different theme. They have a “Pool and Sports Zone”. You will find several pools here, of course. One of them is set up to play basketball. They also have fun things little ones to get wet in and on. They also have a water park the family will love. The ship also has places where you can shop and get all kinds of nice things to eat. You will find something like both an indoor and outdoor mall.

Ships with lots to do #1

These days most cruise are going to give you plenty of different activities you can do while you are on board. They do not want anyone getting bored. You may find that you are uninterested in going on any of the shore excursions because you’re having too much fun on the the ship. If that sounds good to you, let’s take a look at some ships that might be good for you to check out.

  • And the first one we are going to look at today is Norwegian’s Escape. Adventure lovers are going to love the rock climbing walls, and their Aqua Racer, [you will be racing in inner tubes]. They also have a great water park. There is one water park for the littlest people, and another one for the bigger people. They have several pool/hot tub combos you can enjoy. They have at least one indoor pool, and you will also find a great spa. And of course they will have great evening entertainment as well.
  • Or you might want to try Carnival Vista. They have an outdoor workout and sports center which most everyone will love. Here they will have mini golf, basketball, bowling, and lots of other games. They have three pools for you to enjoy. They have an IMAX theater and also live shows you can enjoy.

More destinations

I think everyone is starting to think about what you want to do once everything opens up again. Does your planning include travel? Well, let’s look at some more ideas.

  • Today we are going to start with Cocoa Beach, Florida? Did you know that this is the surfing capital on the East Coast? This is a great place to learn to surf.
  • Or you might want to explore the Florida Keys.. They now have an all inclusive resort that is quite nice. Visitors will feel like they stepped into paradise without leaving the country.
  • I’ve heard that Playa del Carmen is absolutely beautiful. They also have some great resorts down there. You will love their beaches. And most places will love their food as well.
  • Do you want to be able to say that you’ve eaten at the most expensive restaurant in the world? You will want to go to Ibiza, Spain, and stay at the Hard Rock Hotel. their Sublimotion is the place that you will want to eat. Your meal is going to take you three hours to enjoy.

Make tiny cabins feel bigger

If you’ve been on a busiest cruise, you know that cruise cabins can be awful small. Some nearly half the size of a normal hotel room. Today let’s look at some ways to make that small cabin feel bigger.

  • First, do not pack too much. Bring a swim suit, and two or three outfits you can mix and and match. Sometimes higher scale cruises provide you with nice toiletries, so you don’t need to worry about bringing those those. Do you like to read? Take your e reader instead of books. You get the idea?
  • Sometimes cruises give you storage in the most unusual places. For example, Disney’s ottoman has places for you to store stuff. And there should always be room under the bed.
  • Or you can make your own spaces… There is not a lot of furniture that can be moved around. They do that on purpose. They don’t want everything falling over if you should run into bad weather. They also don’t want anything taken. But there are a few small things you can ask to have taken out if you choose to.
  • You will not have to do any cleaning on your vacation. The maids will take care of everything. But you will want to keep everything nice and neat. Put clothes in their places and things like that.

Why you should go to Europe in the fall

I think most everyone of going to Europe at least once in their lives. I have been to cypress a couple of times, and it is absolutely beautiful. Today we are going to talk about why you should go in the fall.

  • Everyone and their brother goes to Europe in the summer. So not only is it hot over there, you are going to be fighting crowds everywhere you go. And all of the wait staff in the hotels and at the restaurants are going to be super busy And besides, summers is when the people over there want to take their vacations as well. In fall, you will have a much quieter, more relaxed visit. You may even find yourself paying less in the fall.
  • Europe also has a lot of fall festivals that you might enjoy. Germany does beer festivals in October. There is also a great street  party in Barcelona each September.

Surviving those long flights

Ttoo shall pass. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it will, and obviously no one knows when, but it will end. And when it does, people are going to want to start traveling again.

And that means that long flights are a thing you might want to prepare for… We’ve all been there, ling to be wherever we want to go, but dreading the actual travel time. Here are some things that might help on that long haul.

  • First, pack that carry on  bag of essentials and take that with you. You want to take some snacks that are not messy. Yes, you are going to get meals, but but you might get hungry in between. You will want to take a book or two, or that e reader of yours. You might also want to take your device so you can listen to your music and play the games know and love. Yes, you should have a screen where you can watch movies and play games, but you never know what they might have. Ladies, bring some hair things, you’ll to thank me on your trip. Bring some wipes for when you or those without you make messes.
  • You may know this if you have traveled, but airports never seem to have enough outlets so that you can charge everything. First, you will want to charge everything before you leave your home. You may also want to consider buying batteries. Consider taking a power strip if you have several things to charge and this is not for the airport, you may well need it in your hotel too. They have portable chargers these days, buy one for yourself.

The best luxury cruises #1

Today let’s start looking at some of the highest ranking luxury cruises. Why? Because it is so much fun to dream.

  • We are going to start with Regent Seven Seas. Its Seven Seas Explorer was built in 2016, and at that time was known as the “most luxurious ship” ever built” .  All of their cabins are suites, and some of their balconies are bigger than some Manhattan apartments. You are also going to find some great restaurants on board. This is complete all inclusive in nature, so you will not be worrying about money the whole time are on board

We will look this more on Monday.

About luxury cruises

After these day everyone having to be so careful about what we do and who we’with, I a lot of us are dreaming of luxury. What are luxury cruises like? Let’s start looking at that today.

You step on board the ship, and immediately someone hands you a nice cool drink. Someone else takes your luggage, and shows you to your suite. You will unpack your bags, putting everything in a nice walk-in closet, and then go out to get a feel of the ship. You see that all of the crew are quite friendly, they even know your names.. Wait? How can that be? You just arrived?

Personalized service is just one of the ways you can tell you are on a luxury cruise. Some other ways? They have exotic itineraries. They also have high quality food and beverages.