More on traveling with an autistic child

  • You will want to take along some ways to keep your autistic child entertained while you are actually traveling. Take books they enjoy reading and listening to.. Consider not worrying so much about how much time they are on their devices. Take snacks that won’t be so messy while you are on the road. Take coloring books too.
  • Take something from your doctor stating that your child is autistic. You may be surprised by how many times that will come in handy.
  • As you begin preparing for your trip, you will want to share some social stories with your autistic child. This will help them understand what you are about to do. Start sharing these stories at least week before you are to leave.

Traveling with autism

  • If your autistic child does not struggle with sensory issues, you may want to try a theme park. And why is that you might ask. Generally speaking, theme parks are going to have a lot of services for those that are disabled. I remember getting to go to the front of the line, I don’t know if I could take my whole party or if only one other person got to ride with me. I haven’t been to a theme park in twenty years. We also used to get to ride more than once. You are going to want to go when the park should not be ases crowded. Try going during the off season. You may want to bring ear plugs in case it gets to be too loud.. And you will probably want to do shorter days at the parks. Enjoy downtime at your hotel.
  • Now let’s look at some things that you will want to be sure to pack. Do not forget to take the medications. You might think that that’s pretty obvious. What you might not think about is that you should take extra just in case.
  • Some autistic children like to eat certain foods, and that is all they will eat. Get your child’s favorite foods and bring them along.

Traveling with autism

Traveling is always a good good thing, and yes, that is even true when you have a child who has autism. Traveling is going to get you away from your life and a lot of the stress related to that. You will want to start small and try to learn how your child travels. Does any of your family, or maybe a close friend, that lives an hour or two away? You may want to start your travels by going to see them.

When you do start flying, again you are going to start small, see what your child likes and what he does not like, and work your way up.

You will want to pick vacations that are likely going to appeal to your child who has autism. Don’t try a theme park when you are starting to travel. That is most likely going to be sensory overload. Camping might be a wiser idea..

General tips

  • I am disabled. It is pretty much a given that if I am going anywhere, my wheelchair is going with me. Otherwise, I pretty much sit in the car. I also will pretty much always take my communication device. I can’t speak without it. You will want to make sure that the things that your special needs child needs is in good working order. Few things are more frustrating than having something break when you are on the road.
  • If you are going to be flying, you are going to want your airline know that you will be traveling with a special needs child any time that you talk to them.
  • Take a bag with any medicine that you may need. Have it clearly marked, and you should have no problems getting through.

More on San Diego

  • If you and your family are going to vacation in San Diego, you are going to want to learn to surf. That is just a given. The good news is that your special needs child can learn to surf too. For this, you will want to get in touch with is Surf Diva at La Jolla Shores. Their team goes through training each year. No one is going to have to go into the way deep water to learn. And if some people in your family do not want to learn to surf, there is always a playground and picnic area. S
  • an Diego does have a Sea world. And here you will find lots of animal exhibit, animal shows and amusement park rides. This is a great place to visit in the evenings.
  • San Diego has a lot of beaches where you can use a beach wheelchair for an hour at no charge. You may have to wait because the chairs are first come first serve. Go to a lifeguard ststation, and they will help you figure it out.

San Diego

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I’m sorry about yesterday. I had nearly everything written, but things happened and I didn’t get to post.

I love to write. That should be clear to most everyone I come in contact with. I also enjoy painting. I used to do a lot more of it. I would love to get these.

Have you ever dreamed of going to San Diego? This is a great place to visit for families who have someone with special needs. The weather is almost always going perfect. Its beaches are absolutely beautiful. And they have a lot of great things for families to do. Let’s look at some things that you and your family might want to do.

  • san Diego is known for having a fantastic zoo. Some say that it isn’t as accessible as it could be. If you want to go, you will want to be sure to talk to Accessible San Diego.
  • Coronado Island is very accessible. You are going to find sidewalks and boardwalks pretty much anywhere that you would like to go.

Get that photo

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My last several days have been kind of crazy with family and friends. It has been nice, but I am kind of ready to be back. Doing what I have been doing has been kind of like selfcare. I’ve found this journal that looks pretty interesting.

Ask my family. Getting me to take a good picture is not an easy task. I am always moving. It is not easy for me to keep looking at the camera. Many special needs children have similar problems. So how are you going to get the all important passport photos? These people are not the most understanding when it comes to the pictures. Here are some tips that might help.

  • You do not want to go when everyone else is going. You might want to call ahead and try to get their best guess of their slower times.
  • Bring a friend or two that will help. Bring friends that your child likes and makes them smile.
  • Bring a white sheet or pillowcase. Your passport photo background must be white. This will help if your child is in a wheelchair. You will want to have them take several photos. A lot of pharmacies take these photos. Go to the one you know best.