What not to do on a cruise

I am home, and ready to be back to work. I am getting through all my e-mail and things like that. I had a great vacation, and now I feel ready to get to some work.

What are you supposed to do on a cruise? We can boil that down to two things, relax and have fun. But today we are going to look some things that you should not do when you go on a cruise.

  • A lot of ships are going everything that they can to ensure that you do not get beach seasick. But if you do, please let someone know. They are going to have doctors that will be able to help you. Please don’t go on a cruise and end up in bed the whole time.
  • Do not just toss your trash overboard. There will be trash cans on board that you can use. The ocean is just too beautiful to put trash in.
  • I know you want to give all of your friends #fomo, but don’t sit on the edge of the rail. That is just dangerous. Use your camera’s zoom feature and things like that.
  • Don’t leave your balcony door open. Some kid is going to try to get into your room. They may take something or just make a mess.

More East Coast destinations

I would love to know where you enjoy vacationing? Do you and your family love to rent cabin in the mountains, spending your days hiking and biking, and your evenings cozy in the cabin, playing games and watching movies? Or are you more beach people, having fun in the sun during the day, and partying at night? Today we are going to take a look at some more East Coast destinations.

  • Let’s start with White Mountains, New Hampshire.. This place has several smaller theme parks that you and your family will likely enjoy. This is also a great place to go hiking and biking.
  • Anapolis, Maryland has a little something for everyone. They have a beautiful waterfront and some fantastic restaurants you will not want to miss out on. You will be fascinated by all of the maritime history they have here. And you will also love their historic charm.
  • Or you might want to visit South Carolina’s Lowcountry where you can visit some of their historic cities. I’ve heard that Charleston and Savannah are both excellent places to visit. Make that drive and stop wherever you feel like it.
  • Have you heard about Florida’s space Coast? Certainly you’ve heard of Orlando where all the major theme parks are. This area also has a lot of great beaches your family can enjoy. And while you are down there, you might want to visit the Space Center at Cape Canaveral.
  • Green Mountains, Vermont is kind of like White Mountains. It too is an excellent place to hike and bike. There are rivers and waterfalls that you and your family will enjoy. It is also just a charming place to visit.

More cruise tips

We are going to look at some more cruising tips.

  • If you have not been on a cruise, you may have no idea how to choose which cruiseline to go with? I’ve explained this before, but the general rule is that the less you pay up front, the more you’re likely to pay once you board the ship. So if you cruise with someone like Carnival, they are going to want you to pay more tips, you’ll pay when you go some of their restaurants, and a lot of little things like that. When you go with someone like Holland America, you are going to pay more up front, but more will be included. and I’m pretty sure cruiselines like Viking and Cunard are going to charge even more, but give you even more once you board.
  • A lot of lines are going to have two to four day cruises so that you can test them out and see how you like it. This is perfect if you have never taken a cruise, or haven’t taken a cruise with that particular line. It will help you figure out whether you enjoy cruising without investing too much time or money.
  • Don’t worry about getting seasick. Most cruise ships are huge, and you are not going to feel a thing. But if you want to take some anti motion sickness medicine just in case, do that. The ships are going to have shots they can give you if you get desperate.
  • Most cruises have a range of time where you can board. They don’t want everyone coming on at once, that would be insane. But those who are new to cruising will want to get there as early as they can so they can get things figured out.

More tips about the Caribbean

Let’s look at some more ways you can save on a Caribbean vacation.

  • Okay, so say you do decide to go to a resort instead of booking a cruise. Flying is the only way you are going to be able to get there. And this is the time to use those airline miles. Do you know anyone that flies a lot for their job?
  • Are you not flush in airline mile? Try signing up for a credit card that gives miles away. Often you will receive a lot of bonuses just to for signing up.
  • Often when asked about the best airline for families, people will say Southwest is the best. They’re great when it comes to rebooking or even canceling flights. And they are going to let you bring not one but two checked bags.
  • More often than not, you are going to find that renting a condo is going to be less expensive and more convenient than a hotel. Everyone is likely to have their own space. You are going to have a kitchen if that is something that appeals to you.
  • Some resorts will have full kitchens in them as well. I’m kind of wondering why that is, since a lot of resorts are all inclusive anyway. I guess it’s up to you, do you want to do things yourselves, or do you want to be pampered?

Memories of a large familyx

We’re keeping my little nephew, and I know that this makes a lot of extra work for Mom. And she has asked me a time or two if having him makes me think of the times when we had all of my siblings home. I guess that in a way it does. But in a lot of ways it is different too.

I had not turned two when my first sister came. But I was nine and she was seven when our next brother came. We were thrilled that Mom was having a baby. Most of our church friends had bigger families, at least four children, and several families we knew had their own four and then were starting to adopt. I loved becoming more and more like other families.

My sister that was next to me was a big help to Mom. And Mom would teach the little ones to do little chores around the house, things like putting the silverware away from the time they were very young. I’m guessing that they were around two.

My sister and I were In public school for a couple of years after the other children started coming along. And we were in school at home for about two years before Mom started doing school with them. Eventually my sister and I would do most of our schoolwork together.

I think the littler kids played outside a lot more than I did. I loved to read even then. But I would sometimes go watch everyone play. Or my sister would take me on walks. When my parents went out to evening meetings or on dates, that was the time we would get to watch movies. Usually we’d watch some cartoons and then something we older kids liked better.

Solo cruisers

Cruises are doing a lot to cater to families. And when cruise people think of a room, they’re thinking that there will be at least two people sharing that cruise. But what if you haven’t met your life partner yet?

Some cruises are going to charge you double for your room. And while some cruises have reasoned how silly that is, others haven’t. Today we are going to look at some different ways to work around this.

  • Some cruiselines have rooms that are specifically for singles. Sure, these rooms may be significantly smaller, but you’ll probably just be in there to sleep and get ready. These rooms also offer added protection. I know that Norwegian is one of these. Royal Caribbean is another one you might want to look into.
  • Some cruiselines allow you to share a cabin with another single person of the same sex, they aren’t trying to set you up or anything. You will be asked some questions that will help them find a good roommate for you.

Romantic resorts

Romance travel is in. I mean, who doesn’t want to go on a trip with their spouse, spending time reconnecting? Today let’s look at a couple of resorts that are perfect for that romantic getaway.

  • Secrets Cap Cana just had its Grand Opening in late April, so this is pretty much brand new. It was built on a beautiful beach in Punta Cana. You will not be wearing wristbands. They have twenty-four hour room service, in case you need that midnight snack. They have restaurants where you can order off a menu, meaning that that you aren’t going eaten off of mediocre buffets the whole time. And you will not have to make reservations. They also have free wifi and phone calls to North America. There are different things you can do during the day and in the evening.
  • And then there is Serenity at Coconut Bay which is in St Lucia. It looks like this place is pretty small, less than forty suites. The suites more than a thousand square feet. You will be getting butler service. You will have twenty-four hour room service here as well. You may even get your own plunge pool. You can take your pick of several restaurants and bars, and there are plenty water activities you can take part in.


There is a whole world out there. If you are ready to start traveling, but aren’t sure where to start, read on for some advice..

  • You might want to try London. Haven’t you wanted to see Big Ben in person? Maybe you want to go to The Globe and watch a play where Shakespeare did his work? Or maybe the royal family has tickled your fancy. You will also love the culture that is here.
  • Especially if you are looking for a place to go with the one you love, you might want to try Paris. You might want to see their lovely river, the Sein. Lots of people want to see the Eifle Tower. There is a lot of history here. And you will not want to miss visiting their cafes.

Planning a romantic getaway #1


Marriage is a lot like any other thing that is worth having, it takes time. And I’m not talking about the time it takes to get you to the altar. You need to work on your marriage throughout the years of your marriage in order to keep your marriage healthy and strong. And one of the ways to do that is to take regular trips together. Today let’s look at some of the first steps you should take to planning one of these romantic adventures.

  • First you need where you are going to go. Is there a place that is special to the two of you as a couple. It could be the place where you first met. Or it might be the place where he proposed marriage to you. Maybe it is that place where you took your moon? Or maybe it’s that place you’ve been talking about wanting to go together for years.
  • What kind of place do you want to stay in? Do you want to go to a hotel, maybe a nicer one, where you will be catered to hand and foot. Or does renting a cabin appeal to you more? You may have to do some more work, but this is going to give you some more privacy.
  • If you are just planning a long weekend getaway, you are going to want to find somewhere a couple of hours away from you. Unless you just love driving together. You will want to do your research to find the perfect place for the two of you. Or you might want my help planning your getaway. Please let me know if you do.

About shore excursions

We talk about how much there is to do on a cruise ship, and trust me, there is plenty to see and do. But sometimes you go on a cruise, not just to get away, but because you actually want to see the place you are going to. And when you go on a cruise, the main way you will see the places is to go on what they call shore excursions. But how do you tell which ones you want to go on? Read on to find out.

  • You are going to get the information about the shore excursions about three months before you leave. You will usually review your options online. Each excursion will be rated for safety, length and cost. They will also let you know who each trip is for. Usually at least one of your crew will accompany you on the excursion.
  • But this is only the shore excursions that are offered by the cruiseline itself. There are also independent excursion you can take. Often you will find that these like will be less expensive. They will have smaller groups if something goes wrong and they do not get you back to your ship on time, they will cover the necessary costs to get you returned to your ship.
  • There are also private guides who will escort either you as an individual or a small group through the important sites of any given island. It is recommended that you book and these trips ahead of time to make sure that everything is legitimate.