Newbie cruise mistakes

First, let me say that taking that week off at Christmas seems to have brought back life into my business. I have several projects I want to take on. January is just going to be a crazy month. We have out of town family this week. The last week of January we are going to a conference. And I’m not sure if I am going to work or not, if I do I won’t have much time. I’m hoping February kind of slows down some…

But anyway… Any time you are brand new at something, you are going to make mistakes, that’s just part of life. But reading this might help you avoid some of these mistakes.

  • Just because a cruise says it’s all inclusive does not mean you shouldn’t bring money. All inclusive can mean a lot of different things. You should always read the fine print to know what is and what isn’t included, it is best to know this before you leave.
  • We were talking about shore excursions yesterday in Shore excursions, but it is usually best to figure out which excursions you want to go on before you board your ship. there are only a certain number of people that they can take on these trips, and they tend to fill up quickly.
  • I know that sometimes you don’t really have a choice, but if you can choose to fly at least the day before your cruise leaves. Airplanes are known for being late. They can also lose your luggage. Just avoid that frustration.
  • And if the most important thing you’re looking for on a cruise is peace and quiet, don’t go when school is not in session. A lot of families go on cruises. And yes, a lot of cruiselines have excellent children’s programs, but some parents take their children in order to spend time with them. Go when school is going to be busy so that you will avoid children, if that’s something you’re interested in.

Some remote vacation spots

I have longer than I thought I would.. So what is your idea of the perfect vacation? Is it milling about in crowds everywhere you go? Or are you more the type that wants to see no one when you go on vacation? This post is for the latter.

  • Mazatlan is actually a place where you can experience both crowds and solitude. The city is putting a lot of money into it to make the city nicer for everyone. This is especially true of their downtown area. The article I’m reading does not make clear when the place will be quiet. But I’m sure I could figure it out for you if you are interested.
  • The South Pacific may be quite popular. But there are places you still can go to see the natural beauty. Getting away from the tourist traps will allow you to hear the natives’ stories. If this is what you are going for, you will want to opt out of the cruises and go for a land vacation instead.

Christmas letter

Dear friends,

Let’s see, one big thing was going to Cyprus, with a surprise side trip to Israel this past February. This was my first time to leave our own country, and I was not disappointed. We went to be part of a conference for a missionary group that I’ve always loved. The an conference took place the first week we were over there, and we gotten to make a quick trip to Israel the second week. We’re actually about to go back for the conference in January this year.

Another highlight was getting to go to camp again this. That was in July. For me, camp is about helping families of people with disabilities see their loved one’s value. It’s also a great time to relax and enjoy some fun and laughter. I’m hoping this becomes an annual event for me.

With all my grandparents gone, I’m grateful to say that we’re still keeping in touch with our larger families. We spent my birthday weekend with Mom’s family. We’ve also gotten to see Dad’s brother this fall. We’ve gathered with different ones of my siblings throughout the year, and I always enjoy those times. We’ve also added two more nephews to the family this year. We are going to gather with most my siblings in January, and I’m looking forward to that.

I’m in kind of a complicated place with work. I need to make some decisions about work and where to go with all of that. One of the things I’m pretty sure I am going to be looking into more is writing articles and being paid for them. I will get more serious about working after January and all our celebrations.

I’m also looking for a newer friend group to be part of at church. I’ve had one of the friends I used to spend a lot of time with move away to help take care of her in laws. She does come back to town, and we get together whenever she’s around.

The other big thing in my life is my communication device broke about the time I was getting ready to go to to camp. Thankfully, I did get a loaner by the time camp started. But my device was older than we thought, and after a lot of discussion and back and forth, we’ve decided to get a new device.


I want to end by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



Some travel tips

Last week we ended by discussing some tips you can use when traveling with small children in Traveling… With children and Traveling… With children #2. But let’s face, not every problem can be attributed to children. Sometimes life just happens. Sometimes we’re new to traveling and don’t know how to play the game well yet. Today let’s look at some general travel advice.

  • The first thing you need to do is to remember that stuff is going to happen when you travel. You are not going to have the perfect trip every time. Life is not perfect, and you can’t control everything. When things go wrong, relax. Take a book you’ve been wanting to read. If you are traveling with your family, make up games you can play together.
  • Take advantage of that smart phone you have, and make a list of every single thing that you will need on your trip. And then use it once you’re actually packing. You might also want to make a list of things you will need to buy before your trip.
  • If you are going to a foreign country, please learn at least a few of the words in their native language. I don’t care if you are going to tour with a lot of Americans. The people hosting you will be impressed when they hear words like “please” and “thank you” in their native tongue.
  • Bring an extra camera battery. You’ll thank me when you have hat perfect shot, only to find that your battery has died. And remember to charge things when you’re in your hotel room.
  • Especially for those of us who are colder in nature, bring a wrap for yourself. You never know when you might need it.

Reasons to visit Nassau

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It’s rather nasty outside, but I’m not complaining. It’s actually turning into a great day to get work done. I’ve actually started on a big project I have wanted to do for sometime, but I haven’t felt like I had the time lately. However, it’s started, and I’m having a great time working through this. I do want to make sure that this gets done, so let’s get started.

If this winter weather has you down, it might be time to look into a beach trip. Here are some reasons you might want to consider Nassau .

  • Junkanoo days, which happen in late December, are some of the most exciting times that happen on this island. I say that, though it’s really the nights that are so full of festivities. They will have parades each night.
  • Do you like to run? Do you want to be known for liking to run? There is a marathon that takes place January thirteenth and fourteenth. Those brave enough can run the whole thing. There is also a half marathon and a 5K.
  • Is part of your winter angst that you can’t enjoy your favorite sport? Nassau has two great golf courses. Any resort you go to should have tennis courts as well. They will also have racquetball most anywhere you would want to stay.
  • Do you know sunlight is extremely good for your health? It boosts your immune system, and makes us happier and brighter. Why not treat yourself to some fun in the sun time?
  • I mainly listen to either Christian or country music, and so I don’t know much about these stars. But Kool and the Gang will be performing live at the Atlantis resort on New Year’s Eve. Don’t like them? How about Sting? They will also be performing live on New Year’s Eve.

I love to know your thoughts about any of this.

Is America safe to visit?

I’m from Georgia, the state, I know that there is also a country named Georgia. Things have gotten pretty crazy here in the States. We’ve had mass shootings and things that for a while. It’s sad. But on the other hand, things are getting pretty crazy everywhere we turn.

But the thing is, the United States is pretty safe. This is a huge country with a lot of different kinds of people and places. And in a country this big there are many different kinds of people. Still let’s look at some things you can do to help to keep you safe.

  • We have the news on everywhere you turn around. We have tvs in hotel rooms and in the lobby. News is on a lot of restaurants. Pay attention to it.
  • It is best to keep your money on your body at all time. I know people who keep it in their bras or places like that. Keep it where you know you can feel it if anyone messes with it.

Love nests at Sandals


I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving break. I know I did. And today I need a meeting about my new communication device. Best case scenario, I should have my new communication device in a month or so.

Today let’s look at Sandals’ love nests. These are perfect whether you want to get married at the resort, have your honeymoon there, or just feel the need for some alone with the one you love.

  • Your living room is going to be nicely decorated. You will also have nice ceiling fans that will ensure your temperature suits your preferences. A nice bar is included which comes with adult beverages, juices and sodas.
  • There will be a king sized bed in the bedroom. They have a nice pillow menu you can choose from. And they’ll provide you with robes and slippers.
  • Bathrooms have whirlpool tubs with separate shower. You will have a double vanity.
  • And then there are the butlers. These are highly trained professionals who will see to your every need. Want a romantic dinner under the stars? They can arrange everything for you.

Family friendly resorts


My days seem to be rather full with things besides work,, and I’m not sure when that might change. But I’m working when I can.. And actually I’m learning more about how to use Facebook for business this week, I think this is going to help me a good bit. And one thing that would help me is if you would follow me on my business Facebook page, and that is


One thing I’m always hearing is that those that are business for themselves have to specialize. If you try to reach everyone, you are going to end up reaching no one. And it is very clear to me that I want to work with families, and my hope is to work with women entrepreneurs. But unfortunately, I’m not reaching those people yet… But the people I’m talking to about Facebook and my business challenges is that I need to put an offer together. I’m still not quite sure how to do that exactly. Each family has different needs and desires when it comes to their vacation.

Okay, enough pondering about my business, let’s look at some family friendly resorts.

  • There is a resort in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, and it is called Spruce Point Inn. If your family enjoys the nautical side of life, they will love this place. They have a lot of boat you can explore. They will also have different fun things your children can do.
  • Looking for a beach getaway that is perfect for young families? Try Madison Beach Hotel, which is in Madison, Connecticut. This is a perfect place to introduce infants and toddlers to the ocean because of the gentle tide. This resort only has 32 rooms so this should be a pretty quiet place. And their restaurant tries to cater to families.
  • Doral Arrowwood Resort is located forty minutes outside the Big Apple. They have a golf course and tennis courts for those that like to keep active. Your children will love the cupcake decorating contest. Families will also have fun dancing the night away to 80’s music.

Let’s stop here so I can get to some other things. I would love to know your thoughts or any questions you might have.

Things to do in London

London is the city where Buckingham Palace is. It’s also where a lot of Shakespeare’s plays were first performed. Today let’s look at some things you might want to do if you were to go to London. You will want to try to book all of your tours before you actually go to the city.

  • Hyde park is the most famous park in London, and you will want to visit. This is where a lot of demonstrations have taken place, including the suffragettes. Didn’t we hear about this park in Mary Poppins? Anyway, people are still holding debates to this day.
  • Westminister is London’s political hub . Here is where you will find parliament. This is also where a lot of famous people are buried.
  • Looking to spend sometime shopping? Check out Camden Market. You will find all kinds of trinkets as well as some excellent bakeries here.
  • Not sure what to do with your evenings? Try Shoreditch, which will have a lot of nice restaurants and clubs. This is where all the people hang out.

Is now a bad time to go to Europe?

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Some people may wonder whether this is the best time to go to Europe. After all, they’ve had some bad things happen in the last few years. And to that, part of me wants to say, have you seen what’s going on in the United States lately? There is trouble everywhere we turn, or at least it feels that way to me. We need to pray.. We also need to trust the Lord in whatever we’re doing.

Europe has a lot to offer. Are you a lover of history? Here you will be where the Renaissance took place, as well as the Reformation, and both the World Wars. Love food? Do you like French, German or Italian food better? Do you like art? Some of the greatest art of all time is there. And I think you’re getting the idea.

  • No matter what anyone says, a lot of people are going to be pretty skiddish about taking a trip to Europe. And so you are going to find that prices will be down pretty much anywhere you go.
  • You are also going to find pretty much anything you want to do to be available. You shouldn’t have to worry so much about long lines or whether or not you can get in certain places.

Have you been to Europe lately? I would love to know your thoughts.