Let’s look at some more things you can do on the Oasis class ships that are with Royal Caribbean. You may be surprised at what all you can do, especially when everything I am writing about is absolutely free.

  • One of the things that a lot of people are amazed at being free is their Broadway style shows. Different ships are going to have different shows, so you will be able to enjoy different plays each time you go. Going to see an actual Broadway show is never cheap.
  • You will also never have need to go hungry on these ships. One of the fast food on the ships is called El Loco Fresh. It is, of course, a Mexican place where you can get all kinds of favorite Mexican food here. You will also find all kinds of salsas.
  • Don’t want to be fighting the crowds for the buffet for breakfast? Try Johnny Rocket’s. Here you will be able to eat eggs, pancakes, french toast or a number of other things. The restaurant’s atmosphere is like a fifties diner.
  • The Flowrider is a signature thing at Royal Caribbean. This is a surf simulator which everyone loves. Just watching everyone else use this is a lot of fun. You may end up sitting here for hours.

Things to do


Today let’s look at some things you could do on the OasIs class ships on Royal Caribbean. I would love to know if you would like to take a cruise sometime and would like me to help you plan one.

  • And the first one we are going to look at is, they have a great carousel that you can ride. That would be a great thing for you and your family to do together. Everyone can ride on different animals, it isn’t only horses. It’s also disability friendly.
  • Do you like getting wet when you are watching a show? If you don’t, sit above the first few rows. There are different shows you can watch here. And although the show is free, you will need to make reservations in order to get in.
  • You are going to also be able to ice skate if you would like. I don’t think you will need to pay anything to skate. You can also bring your own skates if you are that professional. However, you will need to check the schedule because they are not opened all of the time.
  • And this is because they also have laser tag in this arena. Kids of all ages will love this. Smaller kids are going to need to be accompanied by adult, but everyone should be able to play.

Refurbished ships

Life is crazy. I’ve had communication device problems, hopefully we should be through that. My parents and I have moved. I’m not sure when we are going to get internet at the house and all that.. I’m actually with friends right now. I’m not sure how everything is going to work out, but we’ll see. I wish I could say I know I am going to be back to normal work by a certain time, but I do not know when that will be yet.. Frankly, I do miss my work, and I’m ready to get back to it after nearly a month off.

But anyway, today let’s look at some reasons why you should check out refurbished cruise ships. It used to be that cruise ships would dry dock just about only when completely necessary to stay legal. But these days a lot of cruise companies have decided to completely refurbish their ships, and so other companies are following suit. Here are some reasons you should consider a refurbished ship.

  • Going on a new ship is likely going to cost you an arm and a leg. But that is simply not the case with a refurbished ship.
  • Your rates are going to be between thirty to forty percent lower than on completely new ship. You might even be able to score a last minute deal out instead of having to book and then wait around for three years to go to on your cruise.
  • It does cost less to revamp an old ship than to build a new one. Many ships are adding all of the popular features when they do their dry dock.
  • Another thing you will love is the new rooms on these ships.. Most ships are adding suites.


Today we are going to take a look at some interesting cruises you may want to take.

  • Have you ever wanted to go back in time? Sailing on the Queen Mary 2 will make you feel like you have. Everything on this ship speaks of elegance and harkens back to olden times.
  • Do you love cruises, but hate how big most ships have gotten? You might want to try Azamara.  They have no more than 700 guests at a time. And their goal is to always be trying something new for their guests.
  • Royal Caribbean is launching a brand new ship called Quantum of the Seas.

Great family beaches

Please excuse the mess of the next few weeks. I am going to do the best that I can, but I have a lot up in the air right now. We will see how everything plays out.

Does your family just want to go to the beach and hang out? Today let’s look at some beaches that might interest you.

Kailua Beach is nice if you are ever in Hawaii. One plus is that they have free parking. Families will love all the water activities that you can enjoy together.

More on traveling internationally with kids

I am going to just go on and say it, I don’t know what I am doing tomorrow. We have a lot up in the air, and next week I know I am not going to work because it is finally vacation time.. But anyway, let’s get back to our discussion about traveling internationally with children.

Children like to feel secure and small children may get really confused when you take them places where nothing is familiar to them. Bring a little piece of home with you. That might be a favorite toy, or their blanket, anything that will help them remember home.

However you don’t want to bring everything. You want to pack pretty lightly. Your best bet might be to buy a small bag for each child that you have, and bring toys that fit in that bag and no more. If they are old enough, let them pack their own bags.

Children also tend not to understand getting their meals when they’re used to or going to bed way late. And a lot of countries do eat a lot later than we do. You might want to feed your children and put them down before enjoying your own dinner.

Children need to be sure to 1] sleep and 2] eat. If you forget to take care of these two things, you’re likely to pay by having your are children have tantrums. Don’t fill every second of every day. Do some downtime each and every day?.

As your kids get older, they’ll like to know what they are doing when. Give them your itinerary each day at breakfast. You might even ask them what they want to do from time to time.

Social distancing vacations

Yesterday we were discussing social distancing vacations. Let’s continue that discussion today.

I am going to try and do this. I am on my iPad instead of my board. We will see how this goes.p

Did you know that you can rent an RV? You can. And of course with an RV, you will have everything you need to sleep and cook, as well as showering and all that. And you will be able to go anywhere that you would like.
Some people are not comfortable staying in a hotel. Other people simply do not have the money to stay other places.Plan some day trips around you. For food, pack picnics or go through drive thrus. Stop wherever you want. Doing this will also help your local economky.


I’m having problems with my communication device. I am going to do the best I can to work this week, but we will see what happens. Next week is my vacation. Hopefully after that, things will return to normal for a little both at least.

Many of us are dying to get out of the we’ve been cooped up in for far too long. But where should we go? What is safe? Let’s start looking at some ideas.

  • The virtual tour industry is exploded. This is for those that are still uncomfortable traveling, but are dying to do something different with their days. A lot of places are doing these virtual tours. And these tours are much less expensive than going to the actual places.
  • State parks are often overlooked, but they can be fun to explore, especially when you are looking for a trip for just you and your family, and not wanting to be around crowds. I know, that sounds wonderful to some and horrible to others. Spend your time watching animals and having of outdoors adventures.
  • Or you might want to plan your own staycation. Take time off of work, and go do the a things you want to do but never time for. Go enjoy your parks. Go to the library get some old movies and spend the day watching movies as a family. Get takeout from your favorite restaurants


Let’s talk one more day about this glamping thing. I would love to know your thoughts on this. I have to to confess, I don’t like to camp. I can’t sleep on the hard ground. I like camping during the, cooking over fires during the day, playing games and whatever. That’s the camping I know.

  • But anyway, today let’s start with something in my home state of Georgia. There is a place called Barnsley Resort which has about thirty five cabins. Some will have only one bedroom, others will have up to seven bedrooms. Here you can go horseback riding, enjoy the gardens, and you can also go fly fishing.
  • You might also want to look at Orr Family Farm which is in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Here you can stay in either a wagon or in a teepee. Whichever you choose, you will have your own bathroom, and you will be able to charge your devices. They also have a spa..
  • Is anyone interested in exploring vintage trailers? You can stay in one at the Vintages Trailer Resort which is in Oregon. This is a place that is known for its wines. Foodies will also love it here.


We are going to get to back to our discussion about glamping, and where you might want to try this out.

  • And the first one we are going to look at today is Mt. Hood Tiny House Village which is in Portland, Oregon. Are you looking for a place to get away from all of the stress of life, and who wouldn’t be these days with everything going on, you should try this place. Here their places are called tiny homes. And they have full kitchens and bathrooms in each place. They have miniature golf and lots of places to hike.
  • Do you love being out on the lake? You and your family could try River Dance Lodge. This sounds like a pretty exclusive place with only three tents and eight cabins.. You can also bring your own tents. They’ll have a nice restaurant for you and activities for you enjoy.
  • Is someone in your family family crazy about treehouses? Consider Mohicans Treehouse Resort which is in Ohio. You can rent treehouse rooms or these lavish cabins for you to enjoy. Here you will also be near Amish. If you like country cooking, be sure to check out Amish restaurants.
  • Or is your thing animals, especially the wild kind? Think about going to California’s Safari West Wildlife Preserve. Here you will be able to see things like hippos and giraffes.