About luxury cruises

After these day everyone having to be so careful about what we do and who we’with, I a lot of us are dreaming of luxury. What are luxury cruises like? Let’s start looking at that today.

You step on board the ship, and immediately someone hands you a nice cool drink. Someone else takes your luggage, and shows you to your suite. You will unpack your bags, putting everything in a nice walk-in closet, and then go out to get a feel of the ship. You see that all of the crew are quite friendly, they even know your names.. Wait? How can that be? You just arrived?

Personalized service is just one of the ways you can tell you are on a luxury cruise. Some other ways? They have exotic itineraries. They also have high quality food and beverages.

Still more tips

  • You should begin every ,hotel stay by asking for an upgrade. You never know when your request just might work. It never hurts to ask. Just be super nice.
  • If you can not get wifi at your hotel. Sometimes you have to pay to get wifi. Sometimes you just can not get anything to work. You should pretty much be able to get internet at any coffee house or place like that.

More tips

  • You are going to want to get behind business travelers. They want to get through everything and make sure to pack light.
  • You do not want to get behind families. nothing against families but they have kids so they usually have a lot of stuff stuff. Try to stay away from families if you want to¬† move.

More tips on travel

  • Some people would think you are crazy if you visit a McDonald’s or Starbucks in another country. Sometimes you need that familiarity. Sometimes you just need wifi.. And while it is true that most should be familiar, most will have very different foods than what we used to.
  • Sometimes it a lot cheaper not to fly right into the city you want to explore. Fly into the most inexpensive place, and then take a train or bus.

Sharing a cruise cabin #2

Let’s get back to our discussion about sharing a cabin.

  • Do you wash out your underwear and hang it up in the bathroom? Sometimes that the only choice you seem to have?. But that might make the other person uncomfortable. it and out what works best for both of you.
  • You will also need to figure out the schedule for the shower. Talk about it. You do not want to leave this to chance and then both of you want the bathroom at the exact same time.
  • And this is kind of getting delicate, but you might want to take your “daily constitution” to other bathrooms. Again we are talking about very small spaces. You do not want to be the one to leave the stench.
  • Some people love perfume. Others can’t stand them. And some people are even allergic. Please be sensitive.

Romance in the Caribbean

Friday is Valentine’s Day? figured out what you and your hubby will do? Do you think that a romantic trip might be in your future? You might want to at least check out one of these destinations.

  • The first one we are going to look at today is St. Lucia. Looking for the best in romance? You will want to be sure to visit Jade Mountain. This is a five star properties property which features about two dozen pools.
  • Are you looking for fun in the sun? You might want to try the Dominican Republic. They have just modernized their beaches.
  • There is plenty of romance to be had in Jamaica. Enjoys and long walks on the beach.

Why go on a ladies’ cruise #3

We are going to spend one more day on this discussion.

  • When you are going on a family trip, you probably have to make sure your girls don’t try to take too many clothes, and might have to make sure your boys take enough. Do you feel you have to to watch yourself, to see that you set a good On a girls’ trip, you won’t have to worry about your family and how much everyone ,needs to take. Take whatever you like.
  • Girlfriends tend to to push each other. Maybe you want to take a cooking class but aren’t sure whether to take that plunge or not. Your girls will help you decide. Single ladies may also enjoy flirting with cute guys. Your girls can help you decide what to do. You’re also going to have a lot of discussing everything.
  • Married women, we know, you want to precious vacation either with your family all together, or time with just your husband. That’s perfectly understandable. But taking a girls’ trip gives you time to relax like neither of the other trips do.

My trip

I think this may have been my favorite trip. I met so many wonderful people on this trip.. Anyway, Mom and I headed out Tuesday afternoon. Flying out is not my favorite thing to do. We did get to Israel. A lady who was to be our personal helper met us at the airport. She took us to our hotel. Met a couple of my fellow students. Got settled in our hotel room. Dinner at the hotel was fun. They had a huge buffet with all kinds of food. We had a meeting that night, but I was worn out and don’t remember much.

Thursday was our day in Jerusalem, I think that might have been my favorite. Love the Old City. It is not ADA friendly at all, so different guys would help our. One of the teachers kind of put himself in charge of helping me, he was around all day, and would tell the others how to help. We saw the Mount of Olives, and the Wailing Wall. We saw some stuff at the City of David and some temple ruins. I did not have my communication device on a lot of the day, but still felt very included in everything. The little group I know best kept cutting up. That evening was another dinner at the hotel. One of my fellow students helped me eat. She works with the disabled. That evening we didn’t do anything except visit.

Friday we went around to different borders, listening to different men talk about their experiences. It was interesting for sure.. Friday night we were at another hotel. Again there was a very nice dinner, and we had a meeting. Saturday morning there was another meeting and then we did some more touring of different places. That night was another dinner and a meeting.

Sunday morning was our graduation ceremony. Our main teacher asked me to speak at the ceremony. And my helper and I kind of got silly on him. We drove to another hotel where our next thing, a conference, was being held. I visited with different people. My friend who works with disabled people wasn’t staying at the hotel, so another fellow student ate most the meals with Mom and I. The conference started that evening.

Monday was busy. The conference meetings were morning, noon and night. Several different people would speak at each meeting. And then our friend who works with the disabled had her boss there, and they decided they wanted to do a video of me. We were working on that when the conference was on break. It was kind of crazy, busy for sure. On top of that, my teacher asked me to say something for that. Loved getting to relax with a friend that night. Tuesday was a lot like Monday, going between meetings and the video stuff. And Wednesday was good-bye day. Think I enjoyed that least.

Why book spring break travel now

Yes. You feel like you just now getting back to your normal routine after all the craziness of the holidays and all the travel and everything. But booking travel travel early is always a good idea. And here are a few reasons why.

  • Everyone and their brother wants to go on vacation during spring break. Booking now will ensure and your family will get the place that yo. This is true whether you are dreaming of going to a resort or condo.
  • Booking now will also ensure that you get the very best price. Hots and places like that know that you will want to go on vacation during this. And they’re there to make money.

I’m not feeling well at all. Don’t know what I’m doing tomorrow. And Monday we need to do something with internet stuff a I think I am going to lay pretty low the next couple of weeks. I will see you in the new year.