Things have been crazy, but I think I should be on a normal schedule tomorrow. Holiday travel is crazy. Let’s look at some tips that might help.

  • The less you travel, the more time you will need to plan. You do not need to have a crammed packed schedule. Take the time to rest.
  • Being stressed is the last thing you want when you are on vacation. When something happens, learn to laugh it off. Look at everything as an adventure.

Why cruise #3

Have you ever thought about cruising, but just were not sure if it was right for you? Today we are going to look at some reasons that you might want to consider a cruise.

  • One thing that is nice about a cruise is that this is a great way to kind of sample different destinations. Maybe you want to go to the Caribbean, but don’t know which island you’d like best. Taking a cruise will allow you to spend a day at each of several different islands.
  • And that means that even though you are going to several different destinations, you will be enjoying the same accommodations of your trip. This is nice for those who like to put their clothes away. It also means that you will not have to worry about the quality of your trip.
  • Going on a cruise may enable you to get into other countries without a passport. Always check your cruise’s guidelines to figure out which papers you will need. But not needing a passport will save you time and money.

Plan a girls’ trip #2

Let’s get back to our discussion on how to plan the perfect girls’ geaway.

  • Let’s be honest, some of us are meticulous planners. When it comes to vacations, we like to do our research and plan every second of our trip, making sure we have everything we could ever need others of us don’t want to really plan anything. We just want to let things happen however they will. You know you and your group better. You will know what will work best.
  • It is inevitable that when a group of ladies gets together, one of the things that everyone wants to do is to sit around and talk. After all, part of the reason that you’re getting together is that you want to catch up. If you’re looking for a rental property, make sure you’re looking for a large room that has plenty of comfortable places to sit.
  • However, you will want to plan a few activities. Go shopping. Take one evening to get dressed up and go out to eat. Maybe everyone wants to go see a play one evening.. Plan things that will give you a feel for your destination.
  • And please let me know if my help planning a trip. I would be more than happy to help.

Tips for traveling with children #2

I messed up yesterday. I got into a novel, and kept reading instead of getting my work done. And then last night, I had some computer problems. Anyway I am going to try to get more done today.. Let’s get back to some more tips on traveling with children.

  • First, it is important to keep a sense of humor. Stuff is going to happen on your trip, that’s just part of life. Keep a good attitude and that will help toy your children in good spirits too.
  • And maybe one of the worst things for your children’s attitude is if they get bored. Bring things they can do, especially when you’re doing the traveling itself. Bring games you know they’ll love. Do they like to color? Bring crayons and paper. Traveling is a great time to tell stories. Children love hearing about when their parents were young.
  • A lot of hotels offer free breakfasts. And this works to your advantage. You don’t have to get up and start looking at restaurants right away. If your children are a little older, they might be able to get breakfast by themselves, allowing you to sleep in. Doing breakfast by themselves will be a treat for them too.
  • Go to the grocery store and get some favorite snacks for everyone. Better yet, make it a family trip, and let everyone pick special foods to keep at the hotel. You may be able to get away with doing breakfasts and lunches at the hotel, and just do dinners at restaurants.


I would love to know your thoughts about any of this. Please let me know.

Tips for traveling with kids #1

Laughter is good medicine for the soul, and laughter should be part of any trip, especially a family vacation. Today we are going to look at some tips for your next family vacation.

  • Young children believe that their parents know everything, maybe especially when it comes to travel. Explain everything you can about the airport security process. Tell your children which parent is going to help them through the security line and all that. Answer their questions as best you can.
  • When my siblings and I were growing up it was rare that my Mom wasn’t carrying some kind of snack with us. You need to bring snacks whenever you travel. Bring healthy snacks. You don’t want fill them up on sugary treats. that will lead to meltdowns which will not be good for anyone.
  • You’re a parent, you know that little people have to go more frequently than adults. Factor that in to the schedule if you are going to be driving. If you’re flying, try to get your own row.

Do you have a toddler? Are you about to have one? Here are some tips that might help you as you travel with them.

  • You are going to forget things when you travel. That’s just part of life. But you can turn pretty much anything into an adventure with a toddler. And if you are going to a store in another country, you had better be ready for an adventure.
  • But just because I’ve said that you are going to forget something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan. Make a list of everything you think you’ll need. And then you may want to leave half of it because you won’t need it in the end.

Traveling. ..With toddlers #2

Toddlers can be so much fun. They can be so cute and so much fun when they are playing and being silly. But it can be so frustrating when you can not figure out what they want, and all they can do is whine. Today let’s look some more about traveling with these cute little monsters.

  • You will probably not want to do vineyard tours with your toddler in tow. They probably will have no interest in the breweries. Museums? It depends. They will love children’s museums where they can play. However, they will not like stuffy museums where you can’t touch anything. Pool time they will love, but forget relaxing with cool drink. Instead you will be playing with your little one. They will also love zoos and aquariums.
  • Hey, did you know that they have podcasts for children now? Children are going to enjoy Sesame Street clips and stories. You can always change what is playing once they are asleep.
  • You may not think of this, but your child goes down around seven, you like to go to sleep around eleven. What are you going to do in the in between time? Get a patio where you and your husband can enjoy some alone time while the baby gets his rest. Traveling is the perfect time to introduce your little one to new foods. Have them try different things from your plates. You might be surprised at what all they may like. Food is a big part of the travel experience..
  • Surely as a parent you’ve learned to go with the flow? That museum you thought they would love didn’t go well? Leave before seeing everything. Are they absolutely loving that zoo? Stay all day.

Common misconceptions #2

Let’s get back to some common misconceptions about travel.

  • Some people say that in order to book the cheapest flights, you should get on the internet at midnight on Tuesday. While it used to be true that airlines would generally post their sales around this time, this is no longer necessarily true. Airlines are changing a lot about their business models and things like that. The experts say that booking your domestic flights six to eight weeks prior to your departure is usually your best bet.
  • A lot of people say that you should always fly economy, that it’s just a waste to upgrade to business or first class. You may want the comforts and the perks that come with the higher class seats, especially if you are on a super long flight. And you can find some great deals on the upper class flights. You may have to look a little more, but it could be well worth it.
  • People say that you should never travel with a newborn. Is there any child more flexible than a newborn? They need sleep, but they can pretty much do that anywhere and any time. Light and dark mean little to them. They need to eat, but milk is their only food. The only other thing that they really need is you, their parents.
  • They say that you should not visit the Caribbean in the summer or other parts of the world during the rainy season. But if you are looking to get away from the crowds, that is actually one of the best times to go. The crowds go when the weather is supposed to be perfect. Maybe you actually enjoy rainy weather. Maybe you don’t want to be outside much anyway. Or maybe you just want to get lower prices on your trip.

Saving on travel

Unless something happens that I do not know about, I will not be online the rest of the week.

We seem to be getting out of this recession of ours, but who isn’t interested in saving money? I mean, everyone has bills to pay, things they’re saving money for, and things like that. And besides, who wants to spend more money than they have to.

  • I feel like I’ve said this on this blog a couple of times lately, but traveling during the off season is going to save you a lot of money. Hotels, and other travel vendors, enjoy making money when things get slow just like anyone else. Not only are you likely to get good deals, you will also probably get better service than when everyone is rushing around because the hotel is full.
  • A lot of cities have free events. It could be a movie under the stars. Or it might be a free tasting party. You will be able to find about the free events online. And this is usually a great way to meet the locals.
  • When you can, it is better to book the different components of your trip together. I mean, book your air, your hotel, and your car rental all together. A lot of these travel websites like Expedia and Priceline make that easy.
  • And remember that you can travel other ways than by car or by air. Trains and buses can also take people from here to there. And these are often less expensive.

Random news

It’s been a crazy week, and I think I am going to be off some later next week. We will see how everything works out. Today let’s have a little fun.

  • Outside of Paris, there is this cottage that is made out of chocolate. They have books made out of chocolate, as well as a dresser, a clock, a fireplace [wonder how that works] are also all made of chocolate. You can not eat anything or mess anything up. Not certain what the point of this place is. Sorry.
  • California has passed a law that restaurants can not give you straws unless you ask for them. Straws can be dangerous for children, I understand that. Straws can be dangerous for animals too.

We’ll get back to more normal stuff Monday.