And even more tips

I would love to know what you would like to hear more about. Please let me know at Let’s start looking at some more random tips..

  • You may or not be one of those people who has to take their pillow with them anywhere you might sleep. But whether or not you do that, you should take a pillowcase or two. These are great for putting your dirty clothes in. It can also help to wrap up your breakables.
  • Do you know you are going to have to do some laundry in your hotel sink? You will also want to take along some baby shampoo. It isn’t going to hurt anything you want to wash. You can also use this to defogg your goggles.
  • Bring along your floss. And no, I do not mean just for your pearly whites. You never know when you might have a sewing emergency.
  • Do you love wearing necklaces and always end up taking along several? Have trouble getting them untangled? I hear taking along straws will help you.. I’m not sure how to describe this to you. But look it up online.
  • You can also use egg cartons. You’ll have small compartments where you will be able to separate your stuff. It will also look uninteresting to thieves.
  • Another thing that you may want to bring along is some dryer sheets. Stick them in shoes and dirty laundry bags to keep odors away. They also help get rid of static.

More tips

Why do you read this blog? I hope part of it is that you just enjoy my writing. But I also hope you are coming to get travel advice. Today we are going to look at some more travel tips.

  • When you travel, you will usually do better renting a condo than staying in a hotel. But you can also negotiate when you are renting. They are probably more flexible on price than what you see on their advertisement says. You might also get them to let you to stay ten days instead of the standard week, just ask them.
  • Growing up, we had those hard shelled suitcases. We could only fit so much into them. If we still have them, I don’t know it. We now use the cloth bags which are a lot more flexible. You might want to try that for yourself. You will be surprised at how much you can get into them.
  • Petroleum jelly, also known as Vaseline to most, has many uses. For sure, it helps keeps skin and lips from getting dry. But did you also know it works as a makeup remover. You could bring that instead of all your tubes. Just be sure not to get any in your eyes.
  • A lot of people have learned this trick already, but you want to roll your clothes instead of folding them. It will help you fit more in. And besides, rolling your clothes helps keeps the wrinkles away.
  • Most shoes are pretty inflexible. Try packing your socks and undies into them. This will help you save room.

Alternative Thanksgiving plans

Today was one of those days that I had problems deciding what to write about for you. I confess that a normal Thanksgiving sounds pretty awesome to me right now, with all of the lovely food and being with family. But maybe you and your family have decided that you want to do something different for Thanksgiving this year.

  • Let’s look at some destinations, besides Grandma’s, that you might want to consider. There is Knott’s Berry Farm. You will need to travel to Buena Park, California to experience this. Your family is sure to love their restaurant’s Thanksgiving brunch.
  • Disney World is going to have several options for you if you decide to visit them over Thanksgiving. And I think Thanksgiving is the quieter time to visit as opposed to Christmas which is usually pretty crazy. But quiet at Disney is all pretty relative. Anyway, they will have a spread for you in the Magic Kingdom. But don’t say I didn’t warn you, your hosts here will be two mice. The strange thing is that these mice are also going to be into Disney’s campground, and you will be treated to a lot of fine country cooking.
  • Disney will also have something for those who want a little nicer atmosphere. The restaurant is called Artist’s Point, and it sounds like they serve a pretty upscale menu. Their Pecos Bill’s Tall Tale Inn and Cafe is going to have pretty standard fare.
  • Are you going to Disney to ride the rides, and don’t even want to stop to eat? Both Disney world and Disneyland have quick service options you.
  • Hersheypark is also to give you and your family an excellent dinner. They also have a spa where you can get treatments.

You need a vacation #2

You know about my vacation plans, I’m always talking about them. But what about you? Have you made vacation plans.? I would love to hear about. Personally I think everyone needs a vacation with everything going on lately. But anyway, let’s get back to some more signs that you may be needing to plan a vacation.

  • Are you messing up at work? You’re making mistakes is that you know you don’t usually make. You may be getting upset at your fellow workers, or worse, clients
  • Do you go into work really not looking forward to your day? Sometimes you have bad days, everyone knows that. But if you are waking up each morning dreading work, not sure why you chose this job in the first place, it might be time to look into a vacation.
  • When was the last time you had a really good laugh? Do you remember? If you are losing your ability to laugh, you may need a change of pace.
  • Are you getting angry at things you would usually just shrug off? This could be at work or at home. You just feel irritable most of the time

You need a vacation

There is not a question in my mind that I need to take sometime off. I’ve been working each day since the beginning of the year, and I’m definitely tired. I have some vacation planned next month. You might guess that I’m getting excited about it.

I’ve written about all this, but a lot of Americans do not do well when it comes to taking vacation. We think we’re too important at our jobs to take off. But taking time off helps us getting the juices flowing and enjoying work again. Here are some signs that you really need a vacation.

  • Do you look like your passport photo? This is an old joke. But are you stressed, and I think everyone is stressed these days with everything going on these days. Does your back hurt all of the time, or your neck? Stomach problems can be another sign of stress.
  • Are you having trouble sleeping? You might have trouble falling to sleep. Or you might be waking up way before you need to be. Either way sleeping problems are another sign of stress.
  • Are you missing family stuff? Do you remember the last time you had dinner in back of with your family? Be you you missing things that are important to your children? It may be time to take that vacation and get some dedicated family time.



I love Sunday. Having that day to relax and have fun helps me gets me back to where I want to work. And I think I’m about three weeks away from vacation. I’m so ready to take a chunk of time off of work, and have fun with family and friends. Today we are going to look at some water parks that you and your family might want to visit.

  • First, Wisconsin Dells has Kalahari Resort, and it has a water park. You can play outdoors, but what’s unusual about this place is it also has an indoor section. And this indoor section is opened all year long.. You can also go to the outdoors part between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Both parts are going to have lots of fun for the whole family.
  • Williamsburg, Virginia has Water Country USA. Do you love the feeling of having your stomach drop? One of their slides is 75 feet long. They have twenty-five rides in all.
  • In a place called Jay, Vermont they have a waterpark. Pump House indoor Waterpark. Apparently most of this park is indoors. They do have some hot tubs outdoors. They have some big slides at this park too.
  • Dollywood Splash Country, which is part of the amusement park is in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The article I’m reading says that they have more than twenty-three rides They also have Tennessee’s only water coaster.

And more tips

It’s Saturday, and I must confess that I would love to hurry through everything I need to, and then be finished for a while. We’ll see what happens.

  • Did you know that you can purchase a selfie stick, and this allows you to take self portraits without all the awkward poses? This may be a great tool for those who love Facebook and such.
  • If you have a really long layover, you can get out of the Airport, as if you need my permission. There are free tours you can take in a lot of places. I love to eat junkfood, no question. And you are going to find plenty of junk in the airports. But that might not be the best to eat while you are flying. Getting sick on an airplane is no fun. You can bring some healthy alternatives in your carryon.
  • If you know you have a tight layover, you will want to do your best to get an aisle seat nearer near the front. That’s your best way to try to get off as quickly as you can.
  • Sleeping in the airport can be hard, especially if you’re worried about what some freak might try to do to you or your stuff. Are you traveling with someone? Let them rest while you keep watch, and then they might return the favor.

And more travel tips


We are going to get back to looking at some more travel tips for you today.

  • Everyone knows that the seats on airplanes are not the most comfortable. Part of the problem is that they do not fit your back right at all. Sitting for long stretches of time is already hard on your back. Trust me, I’m disabled, I know all about this. Take a blanket or sweater or something and put it behind your back to help your back. I
  • f you get stuck in the middle seat, go on and take both armrests. Your seatmates should not consider you rude if you do this. It is the generally accepted practice to do this. After all, you do need some space
  • . I think that everyone knows that parking at the airport is expensive. This is actually one way that airports make a lot of their money.. There are several ways to work around that. First, have someone take you to the airport and pick you up, or Uber it. There are also always parking lots around the airports that you can use. But they can get expensive as well. Hotels around airports will often allow you to park if you stay with them one night.
  • You have gotten to the airport early, you’ve gone through security and everything, now what? Some airports offer free tours of their facilities. These are can be pretty interesting.

Travel tips #1

I try to keep this blog interesting, and not go over the same things day after day. Sometimes that is hard to do though. And I think it is going to do me good to get some time away from work stuff in July. Let’s look at some general travel tips today.

  • It is just cheaper to fly some days than days than others, that’s just the way things are. I’m guessing that sometime long ago, the airlines got together and did a study that showed that Tuesday was the least popular day to fly, and that’s why Tuesday is generally the most inexpensive day to travel. But it’s always a good idea to be flexible in your travel dates. You never know what you might find.
  • And when you book your flight might make as much difference as when you actually fly. Studies have shown that Tuesday afternoons at three is the best time to book your flight. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself.
  • What time of day is the best time to fly. Normally, if you like the airports to be pretty quiet, you will want to travel in the early mornings. There are exceptions to this for sure do you have to cancel your travel plans?
  • Are you too late to get all of your money back? You could move your travel dates, and then cancel at a later time.. I’m not sure how honest that is, but anyway. You probably know to get to the airport early when you know it is going to be busy, like over the holidays. But you truly never know when the airport is going to get really busy. The best idea is to always gets get to the airport as early as you can.

Cruises for singles

You might be single, and might be going on a cruise to try to to find that love you’ve always dreamed of. Cruises can be great places for singles to mingle. Or you might be happily married with a family, but you just need a break. You are tired of doing the same thing day after day. You are tired of seeing to other people’s needs all of the time. Some downtime where all you have to do is please yourself sounds good. Let’s look at some cruiselines that might work great for you if you want to cruise on your own.

  • And the first one we are going to look at were today is Norwegian Cruise Line. They were among the first to come up with the idea of solo cabins. Why? Because most cruises would have you pay double if you were single and wanted a room to yourself. These cabins are small and are all inside. But how much time are you going to be in your room anyway? Singles will also have access to their own private lounge..
  • rAnd on Holland America they have a lot of programs for the singles aboard their ships. They have a culinary program where you can take cooking classes, do wine tastings, and all kindnesses of fun things. You can use the classes and other offerings as a means to meet others, but you aren’t required to meet anyone if you don’t want to. You can also eat with other singles if you would like.