We are going to look yet again at some more tips about Celebrity Cruises, and what you should do while on them.

  • Is enjoying some private time something that is going to be important to you while you are on board? There are going to be a lot of people on that ship. If you are going to be traveling with someone besides your husband, you might want to get adjoining rooms so that your group can get together in privacy. It is not clear from this article how many rooms can actually be connected.
  • Are you, or someone you’re traveling with, prone to seasickness? You are going to want to book an interior room. You will find being in an interior room to be less rocky.
  • You are going to want to book rooms away from the areas where a lot of people are going to be in and out of.. You do not want to be above or below these areas. I’m talking about the places like the dining rooms or pool areas. If you, or someone you’re traveling with, have trouble getting around, you want to book a room near the elevator. If everyone is able to walk, elevators are probably going to be another place to avoid.

More on Celebrity

I am kind of going a little crazy right now. I have an application in for a job. It is an internship, so I would get paid while receiving some much-needed training. The one downside in getting this job would be that I’m not sure how I could do all of my jobs if I get this. I’ll have to cross that bridge once I come to it if this happens. Let’s get back to some more about Celebrity Cruises.

  • Sometimes it takes a while for you to get access to your stateroom. But once you do gain access, you will want to go to your room, familiarizing yourself with the room and unpacking. Most people are not going to use their room except for sleeping and changing. And take the time to go ahead and meet your stateroom attendant and go over any concerns you might have.
  • You are going to be tired, sure, but do not waste your first day sleeping. You will want to go to the ship’s meetings figure out anything you can about the ship.
  • Are you looking for the ultimate in relaxation on this voyage? Try book one of their aqua spa staterooms. Celebrity has some of the best spa as around. And by booking a spa cabin, you will get to take advantage of some of their exclusive deals.

More on Celebrity

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And now we are going to look into some more about Celebrity Cruises.

  • We are going to start by looking some more at the specialty restaurants. A lot of times they are going to have free samples and discounted dining on your first day onboard. You are going to want to take full advantage of that. This may help you decide which of these restaurants you want to go to during your cruise.
  • And the restaurants might not be the only people giving away discounts. That very first day you will want to go to the spa and see what they have available. And besides, your body might be in need of relaxation and comfort after all of the traveling you had to do to get to the cruise.
  • You are going to want to pack a carry on and have that with you on the first day of your cruise. Be sure to pack your swim suit and sunblock in case you want to take a dip, which is another good way to work out those travel kinks. Take an extra set of clothes. This is probably also where you’ll want to put your laptop or other devices if you might want to use those that first day.

Celebrity cruises

it is Saturday. I just want to get everything done. So I think that today we are going to look at some cruise tips. More specifically, we are going to be looking at some tips when it comes to Celebrity Cruises. I don’t usually like to talk about Celebrity because it is a luxury, and luxury cruises are fairly expensive. However, inexpensive cruises are known to nickel and dime you at every turn. The more expensive the cruise, the less you are going to pay once you are on board. That is just the way things work. Luxury cruises are also going to give you better service, better accommodations and better food. So when you compare everything, I’m not sure which is the better deal. Anyway, let’s get on to some tips.

  • Clot of people know this, but cruises are required by law to make a report to the port country an hour before you are to leave. So not only does it help them when you do your checking in online, it will get you relaxing and having fun that much faster. It is a win for everyone.
  • You will also want to board early.This allows you to get to your room, unpack if you want to, and start exploring the ship before everyone else does. Doing this will help figure out what you want to do when.
  • One of the first things that you will want to do, unless you’ve taken time to do this online at home, is to make your specialty restaurant reservations. It does not take long for these things to be booked solid.

More destinations

I feel like I have a lot going on in other directions. Writing about these destinations gives me something fairly quick to write about this. I hope you are enjoying these posts. And please let me know if you are interested in booking a trip to any of places. I would love to help you out. My e-mail is familytripsinc1@gmail.com

  • The first thing we are going to look at is LEGOLAND, which is in Florida, near Orlando. Do your kids love Legos? This is the place to take them. These people have partnered with people who know autism to make this place very autism friendly. They have a lot of hands-on and sensory-stimulating activities throughout the park. They also have quiet rooms for when your family needs to take a break. Their staff is trained to be autism sensitive. And anyone who is autistic should go to their guest service to get a “Blue Hero Pass” which allows you to so you don’t have to wait in line so long.
  • Are you longing to be in the mountains? Maybe you and your family want to do some skiing, or you might want to do some hiking and other mountain adventures. You will want to check out Smugglers’ Notch, which you will find in Vermont. They say that they can accommodate any special needs. They have a lot of activities for to children. And your children can go with a counselor to do the different things. Your special needs child might be assigned his own counselor.

More for the bucket list

I have a lot of other things that I would really like to get done. So let me go on and get started on this. We are going to talk about some more destinations you might want to consider for you and your family.

  • Today we are going to look at Great Wolf Lodge for starters. They have different locations throughout our fair country. This is an indoor water Park in a resort. And if I’m reading this right, they have a special place for families who have a special needs child. They have water slides for all types of skill levels and abilities. They will also have splash pads, a swimming pool, and several hot tubs. Their rooms and suites have kind of a rustic feel. Children are going to feel like they are camping. And all of the food is served buffet style so you will have little waiting time when it comes to food.
  • And you might want to also want to take a look at Beaches Resorts.. They have trained all of their staff to be able to work with children who have autism. So everyone is going to know about sensory issues, and other aspects of autism. Their kitchens are also going to work with you when it comes to dietary needs.

For that bucket list

Everyone is planning what this year is going to look like for them. Let’s get back to that bucket list and look at some more destinations that are great for special needs families.

And the place we are going to look at today is Atlantic Beach in North Carolina. This is a great place to go if you just want to relax somewhere beautiful.

This that I am reading is talking about an aquarium that is supposedly disability-friendly. My problem with that is that they are talking about a specific day when the aquarium became “autism-friendly”. I don’t see anything about what the aquarium is like on a normal day.

Anyway, you are also going to find Shevans Park. This is a great place for those with imaginations to play, because their playground is built like a castle. Parents can either play or watch. This park is also a great place to have a picnic.

Also near Atlantic Beach is Fort Macon State Park. This is a park that was designed by a young Robert E Lee. It is a peaceful place surrounded by the water. You will find two accessible beaches.

Ideas for that bucket list

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Or maybe you are still figuring out what you would like are to do in life. You may want to look into Groove. And my link for that is https://groovepages.groovesell.com/a/7059lL31BsZE.

Yesterday we talked some about creating a travel bucket list. But where should you go, especially if you have a special needs child?

  • First of all, I have heard good things about Disney. Let’s see, there is Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California. Disney also does cruises and what they call Adventures where Disney people are going to show you around different countries. Disney also has a resort in Hawaii. How would you know which one would work best for you and your family? I would suggest doing some research online. Or you could e-mail me at familytripsinc1@gmail.com, and I can help you figure it out. I will not charge you. I make money when people book trips through me.
  • I’m sorry, I do not know much about Universal Studios. But I have just looked it up, and they say that they are pretty accessible, whether you have problems seeing, problems hearing, or problems getting around. I do not see anything about autism or anything like that.

Travel goals

I had a wonderful holiday. Our family time went great. I loved spending time with them, they are some of my favorite people on earth. But I’m glad to be home and back to work. I truly enjoy my life.

I’m trying to get through my e-mail. After not looking at it for over a week,, there is a lot. And of course, with it being the first of the year, a lot of my e-mail is about setting goals. That got me wondering about travel goals. That’s what we are going to look at today.

  • The first thing you will need to do to figure out where you would like to go. Brainstorm this with different people you may want to travel with.
  • You may want to come up with ideas for this coming year, the next five year years, and so on.
  • Keep your list somewhere you will be sure to look at it..
  • You may want to get pictures of these dream places of yours and put them out there with your list.
  • Make a vision board for your travel goals. You can do it on paper.. You can also do this on your computer.
  • Decide on how much money you can put aside, and then do i. Don’t make excuses. If travel is important to you, you will do it. Make time to travel and start doing it.

I was not at all happy with how I did on work yesterday. Let’s look at some holiday travel tips.
Any time you are traveling, but maybe especially during holiday times, you want to book as early as you can. This will help you get the best price. This also helps ensure that you get exactly what you want. Thanksgiving is the latest that you should book your Christmas vacations. Can you be flexible on your travel dates? Christmas seems to be the time when most everyone wants to take time off of work. Take advantage of that, and relax and have fun.