Yoga at the airport

I have to admit that I’m not big into the health bandwagon. I eat pretty healthily most of the time, but when I’m doing something fun with friends or out with my siblings, when I choose what I’m eating, I choose what tastes good and not necessarily what is good for me. I’m not in an exercise program or anything.

But having recently been in an airplane for hours on end, this made me laugh out loud. I mean, you’re sitting on the airplane for these long stretches of time, and you’ll feel like you’re in a can of sardines because you’re packed in there so tightly. It isn’t exactly a lot of fun. I think having exercise stations at the airport would be pretty popular, especially for those on lay overs between long flights.

Yoga is on the rise, and I can’t help but wonder if part of the reason for this is that we’re sitting on computers so much of the time. But parents are starting to get children involved in yoga as well.

It is nice that airports re putting yoga studios in when they can. But I wonder if they are going to charge you to exercise? The yoga stations are named with those upscale lounges and places you can actually sleep in at the airport, and I know these places usually cost you a pretty penny to get into.

My personal thought is that these yoga stations should be free. I would love to know your thoughts.


Random news

Have you ever had things you wanted, and needed, to do, but you kept putting them off? Well, that’s been me. I kept doing the things that I had to do each day, thinking that I would get to the other projects. But then I would always be too tired to start on anything. Today I’ve started on the bigger projects first, and feel like I’ve gotten a lot done already.

Today let’s look at some random news stories that are effecting travel today.

  • First, Marriott has dropped its commission from the standard 10% to just 7%. Many travel agents are not happy bout it and are encouraging their guests to book other hotels. Personally I think that is kind of silly and may be trying to join Marriott soon.
  • Marriott is also buying a property in Vegas that has been closed since 2009. The plan is to fix this place up into a really nice resort. There will be entertainment and several restaurants right there on the property. Of course, you’ll also be on the Vegas strip.
  • A lot of resorts in Vegas are charging more on their resort fees, because they can and because it’s simply more money in their pockets. Part of the reason is, they’re upgrading their wifi. Many people are choosing to stay in hotels rather than these resorts.
  • I would love to hear your thoughts about any of this. Please let me know.

Traveling with teens

I feel like when I talk about teens, I’m putting them in a negative light. [I feel pretty sure I’ve done that just this past week.] I’m sorry, I do not mean to do that. I know that traveling with teens can be a lot of fun. So today let’s talk some about traveling with teens.

Teens have so much going on in their worlds, especially today with all the social media stuff going on. They’re trying to figure out who they are and what they want to do with their life. Parents can be seen as their enemies or they’re best friends, and a lot of times it’s a mixture of both.


  • It is important to ask them what they want to do and involve them in the planning process. They aren’t little kids who want to go wherever you say they need to go anymore. And they have more of a schedule than littler kids do. Don’t tell them they have to go the week they need to be home for their sport. And do not take them off the week their best friend return.
  • Are you in a vacation rut? Do you go to the beach every summer and then to see family each holiday season? A lot of teens love adventure. Is there a place they’ve always dreamed of going? Ask them about it. You might be surprised at how much they’ll actually talk to you when you discuss something they’re interested in.
  • There are a lot of cruiselines and resorts that cater to teens. Make sure that wherever you are going has things for them to do. There is nothing worse than sitting and watching everyone else have fun.
  • And plan times when you aren’t doing anything except binging on Netflix and eating junk food. This may be a great way to learn more about your teens and their interests.

I would love to know your thoughts about any of this. Please let me know.

Palace Resorts is the wedding destination


With Valentine’s  Day, February seems like a great month for romance. A lot of young men choose to propose right around this time. Some people even choose to be married in February. With romance in the air, let’s look at some reasons that Palace Resorts makes a great place for a wedding.

  • Palace Resorts wants your business, so they are going to give you two free nights to check out a place before you book your wedding. They have resorts in both Mexico and Jamaica for you to choose from.
  • Palace makes it easy to host any kind of celebration that you would want to have. This is not a one-size-fits-all type of thing. Do you want a big Christian ceremony. They can do that. Have you dreamed of a very private ceremony? They can do that as well.
  • Do you have very specific ideas of how you want your cake? Don’t worry. They have a chef that specializes in cakes. And e able to help you with all of your pastry needs.
  • Ready to get started planning your wedding right away? Palace has a website that will help you every step of the way. Ask me if you would like that website.

I would love to know any questions you might have about any of this. Please let me know.

Plan the perfect spring break vacation

A lot of people are still in the dead of winter. But you’ll be surprised at how quickly spring break is going to sneak up on you. If yours falls at the beginning of April, you only have about six weeks to plan something.. If yours is in March, you have less time than that.

  • The first thing that you will want to do is to sit down as a family to discuss what you would like to do. And yes, you would be wise to get your older children’s input, especially your teenagers who can be so vocal about being bored all the time. I’m sorry parents, but going somewhere strictly educational is not going to be your children’s idea of fun most of the time. This is their break from school. Please try to remember that they’re in need of a break too.
  • After you get some ideas of what you want to do on your vacation, please contact me. I would love to help you put something together. I will make money whenever you’ll book through me. I will not charge you anything over and above that. I will need to know your available dates. I will also need to know what you want to do on your trip? Is there a specific place you want to go?
  • Going on and nailing some things down is not only going to give you peace of mind. It will also ensure that you go exactly where you want to. Spring break is more spread out than Christmas vacation is. But it will still help to book early. It might also save you some money.
  • It is no fun to come home knowing that you are going to have to pay off this trip over the next few months figure out what you can spend on your vacation and then stay within your means.
  • The more you can get things planned out now, the more you’ll be able to know how much money you will be spending. You can even do this with the meals you plan to eat.

I would love to know your thoughts or any questions you might have.

Random travel news

First for my personal news, I have finally found the right travel agent host and started officially working with them yesterday. My new host is called Casino World Travel. They seem to be a no frills agency, but I think I am going to enjoy working for them. And that is one less thing I am going to have to figure out, so I am going to be able to work more on the writing ideas I have. I’ve been thinking about it, and think maybe I should explain more about this writing thing. I’m hoping to get some of my articles into some online magazines about family travel to get my name out there more, and hopefully get some more clients. And please let me know if you’re wanting to book a trip through me. I would love to help you.

Okay,  Travel insurance, do you use it? catastrophes can happen while you are on vacation just like they can at any other time of life. Getting the right travel insurance can help make those emergencies easier to handle. Getting travel insurance is something every host agency I’ve worked with stresses.. I think part of it is that we want to make sure we are covered ourselves.

It used to be that when you went to an airport, you would need to bring whatever food you wanted into the airport. But now airports look a lot of like your mall’s food court, if not the entire mall. They’re working on making sure you have the best when it comes to choices, even giving you healthy alternatives.

I would love to know your thoughts or any questions you might have about any of this. Please let me know.

Celebrating Mardis Gras

I have several projects I wantto work on. So I’m liking getting an earlier start.

I’m not huge on the Catholic Church calendar.. And I know that Lent is not only observed by Catholics. My church does a service on Ash Wednesday, and that happens to fall on Valentine’s Day, which is kind of interesting if you think about it. But anyway, that means that Mardis Gras will be celebrated in one week? Today let’s look at some of how that’s celebrating.

Mardis Gras is a day people take “to live it up” before entering the lent season. The place it is most famous for being celebrated is New Orleans. I know they always have lot of parades where you are going to get strings of beads.

  • The first thing you should know is portable potties on the grounds. People usually plan their trip to Mardis Gras in August. But don’t give up. Things do come up so that some people will have to cancel their reservations. You might have to call around a lot to find a room that has available space, but it might be worth it.
  • The city has passed some rules on the parade that you will want to keep in mind. Don’t bring any ladders with you to the parade. I guess if you’re short, you’re just going to have to find a sycamore tree to climb. I don’t think they are going to allow any vehicles near the parade site, so be prepared to do some walking. And there will be no private portable potties available on the grounds.
  • You will want to be sure to have a plan as far as how you are going to get to the parade. A lot of roads are going to be cut off to the general public’s vehicles. So it is best to have a plan of exactly what you want to do beforehand. The exception is for people who live or stay right near the area. That doesn’t really make sense to me, but anyway.
  • You are going to want to get there extremely early. For example, for an evening parade, people are going to start arriving early in morning.
  • And please be respectful of the police. They are there to keep you, and everyone else, safe. And these are not easy shifts. People are going to be drinking and getting crazy. The police will also be working longer shifts. Please follow their instructions.

I would love to know your thoughts about this. Have you ever been to New Orleans for Mardis Gras? What did you think?

Multi-generational travel

I am going to be honest, today has felt like a Monday. We lost the internet, again, yesterday. I think, I hope, we’ve figured out the problem and we shouldn’t have to worry about it for quite a while now. But we’ll see what happens… I’m trying to figure out my host agency stuff, kind of talking to several people at once. It will get figured out eventually.. But anyway, let’s talk about travel.

More specifically, today let’s talk about multi-generational travel. Things have changed a lot since the days where it was almost unheard of for you to be born on one farm and basically not travel more than a couple of hundred miles away from your homestead in your lifetime. Today it’s almost unheard of if we do not away from our hometown. And so families are spread out that it’s hard to make time to actually be together. That is the beauty of multi-generational travel. Today let’s look at some tips you can use to make your multi-generational travel expression the best it can be.

  • First, make sure to pick a destination that everyone is going to enjoy. It is usually best to pick somewhere that is near a beach, or least has a nice pool that everyone can enjoy. Kids love the water, and grandparents love watching their darling grandchildren in the water.
  • You do not have to spend every single second together as an entire family. I know that in my family, a lot of times everyone will split into little groups and go do different things during the day, and then everyone will gather together again in the evening. It is wise to talk about what your family sees as the goals of the trip before you even start your.
  • You will also want to talk about the needs everyone in your family group will need. Is someone going to need special accommodations? Is anyone on a diet and will need specific food on the trip. Might you want to arrange at least one evening where your family is eating in a room separate from any other guests?

If you have taken a multi-generational trip, I would love to hear about your experiences. Please let me know.


I just wrote this on my personal blog. But I wanted to share it on this one too.

January was kind of a crazy month. The beginning of the month was kind of busy with family. My family gathers after Christmas. I loved seeing everyone, especially my nieces and nephews. And then last week we had the opportunity to go to Cyprus again. And now that we’re home, I’m trying to get back into more normal work. I have some decisions I need to make. But I did want to get my Cyprus story written. So let’s get to that.

My church is big into missions. I forget how many missionaries we support. But there is one group that we know the people who run the missions group. They came out of our church. These are people I consider dear friends. I also love what this group does. And this is the group we are going to see when we go to Cyprus.

I’m not huge on flying. On the way over, our long flight was at night. And thankfully we did get some extra seats. I was able to sleep some on that flight, and that was nice. Our shorter flight was about five hours. Sadly I’m not in my wheelchair while flying, so I can’t use my communication device. And I can’t use the earphones they have, they just will not stay in. I get bored.

But getting to the hotel.. I guess we got there later in the evening, so I mostly ate and got to bed. The next day was kind of the day a lot of people got there, so we were busy welcoming everyone and getting caught up with old friends and meeting new ones. The first year I didn’t feel like I got to know other people at the conference. I was taken on a lot of walks by the hotel, and I’m not complaining, that was nice. But this year I was able to get a lot more people, and spend some good time with the people I know well…. Our hotel had most of our meals on buffet, and I must confess that I ate a lot of what was put out for the children. The place we were staying was a beach town, and we would take a lot of walks with different friends… Okay, that first day I also took a nap, which is almost unheard of for me.

Monday during the day was a lot like Sunday. Lots of eating, walking and visiting. Our meetings started that evening. We would gather for worship and then we would have a time of teaching. Often more than one person would speak.

Tuesday started our normal schedule. We would start meeting after breakfast. We would break to eat lunch and maybe have time for a walk. We’d meet in the afternoon. And we would usually have tme to visit and walk before dinner. Of course, part of that time I would have to be out of my wheelchair. After dinner, it was another meeting. I’d visit with everyone a little after that, but would usually need to get to bed pretty soon after the meeting.

That was Tuesday through Thursday. I do not remember a teaching I did not enjoy… Friday morning our meeting was kind of a wrap up session in the morning. And then sadly, people began leaving shortly after that. Friday afternoon\evening we were visiting with the people that were still there and saying our good-byes. Saturday evening we had the shorter flight. I got to lie down. But was still glad to have a hotel in London to sleep in. Sunday we were mostly at the airport and then had our long flight.

I loved my time there. I loved getting to spend time with old and new friends there.. Flying is not my favorite, but I think I’ll be ready to make the trek again next year.

Love is in the air in Cozumel

It’s Saturday, and I have several things I would like to get done. But we will see how much actually gets done today and how much will wait until Monday.

Let’s continue on with our Valentine’s Day theme. There are resorts in Cozumel that are trying to help you make the most of your romantic getaways. Let’s look at some of what they have to offer.

First, what two properties are we talking about? The Occidental Cozumel and the Allegro Cozumel are the two properties we are going to feature today. One of the great things about both of these places is that they will do whatever they can to help you to make your proposal of marriage quite memorable. The staff will be more than happy to help you decorate with rose pedals and\or candles. You can also prepare special desserts. Want to put the ring into the dessert? That’s no problem either.

Okay, I know everyone is different when it comes to how they want their wedding to be. But have you ever dreamed of having your wedding underwater? How could you hear your vows to one another? I’m sorry, I’m really squeamish when it comes to scuba diving or anything like that. But if that’s something you want, these people will set you right up.

There are also a lot of different spa treatments they can help you arrange as a couple.. Married couples will be more than welcome to enjoy breakfast in bed together.. I would love to know your thoughts about any of this. Please let me know.