Best vacation spots for the disabled #2



I am someone who likes getting up fairly early and getting the things I need to do done as quickly as I can. But because of my disability, I have to wait on Mom to get me up. Today, early didn’t happen, but anyway.. I’m trying to figure out the best order to do things. This comes first, and then I’m thinking about doing school, and saving my forum “work” for last, since that is what I enjoy most.


Anyway, let’s get back to discussing the best places to take disabled kids on vacation. Splore, Utah has a resort type place that allows disabled kids to go four-wheel riding, horseback riding, mountain biking, and even has scenic flights you can take. Cow Boy fare is what is usually served, but the chefs there welcome you making special requests.. If I could travel by myself, I would love to get to this place, even from the short description I’m reading online.


You may be wondering if there is any way you and your family can take a cruise. Actually, there is. Royal Caribbean is starting to do more and more for the disabled community, especially those with Autism. They offer special programs for the disabled, and are more than happy to cater to those with special dietary needs. Royal Caribbean has made sure that at least part of the crew has been certified, so you can even feel safe leaving your child in the programs and having fun yourself.


I think I am going to stop here and get on to some other things. I think I am going to look up that resort. What about you?