Do a destination wedding at Palace Resorts

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Having a destination wedding is getting more and more popular these days. And that’s true whether you are getting married for the first time or having a renewal of vows. Yes, you can do something in your hometown and have a very nice celebration. But why not try something exotic and something that is going to require minimal planning on your part? A lot of resorts are going to have wedding planner that are going to take care of all the details of your special day and trip.

Doing your celebration this way will allow your celebration in Mexico. Or maybe you can have your special celebration in Cancun, which is known as an excellent place for honeymoons or romantic trips.

Palace Resorts has several properties in Cancun. And some of those are adults’ only resorts which will have plenty of activities for you and your guests. They have some excellent golf courses, some great spas, and some fantastic restaurant choices. A lot of times these huge hotel companies are going to have more than one property in the area. Some will be adults’ only while the others will not, and you will be able to enjoy all of the amenities on the sisters’ properties.

I would be more than happy to help you plan your big celebration. Please let me know if you want interested.

Hotel amenities you have to try

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I feel like we’ve been talking a lot about cruises a lot lately. So today let’s talk about hotels and some special amenities certain hotels provide.

The first one we are going to look at is Cliff House Maine. This is a great place to stay if you are wanting to spend your days taking adventures. But you are going to be pampered when you do return to the hotel. This is a four star property. But you have to go rock climbing in order to get to this property.

Pacific Reef Hotel, which is in Oregon, has just put in a twelve foot screen so that guest can watch movies by the ocean. You will not have to worry about the screen during the day because it is totally clear. And if you want to watch the movie from the comfort of your room, you can do that too. You will have speakers in your room which will allow you to hear the movies as well.

Sure, you’ve heard of breakfast in bed, but have you heard of breakfast in your own plunge pool? You are going to have to go to Bali to enjoy this treat. This is at the Ayana Resort and Spa Bali, which is a five star property. You are going to be served a three course breakfast in your own plunge pool. There are all kinds of other amenities at this resort, but this is by far the most unusual.

I think I am going to stop here. Please please let me know your thoughts.

Who is the best?

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I have so much I want to do today. Knowing I want to start publishing some articles, the first step I took in that direction was getting organized, or least starting. That has kind of led to some more ideas, like I want to read these ebooks on business that I’ve downloaded, but have not read. I feel like I need to read them and make more of a strategic plan in what I’m doing.. I am also considering contacting the Make-A-Wish foundation and seeing if they might give me some leads. I’m not sure how all that is going to work, but we will see what happens?.

I’m usually just talking about one cruiseline. Today let’s discuss which are the best premium cruiselines in different categories, and why they are recognized as the best.

Cunard is recognized as the best in design. They have done a wonderful job with combining the old and new looks of the ships. Disney gets an honorable mention when it comes to the newer design of ships. And Holland America does A fantastic job with the old fashioned designs.

When it comes to accommodations, Disney does a great job with having family friendly staterooms. They were the first to come up with the idea of a split bathroom. Holland America has copied their idea. But Celebrity Cruises was the first to come up with better storage and bigger bathrooms.

Everyone has their own opinions when it comes to how much how much activity a cruise ship should provide for its guests. Some people like to focus on exploring the destinations. But if you want a cruise with a lot of onboard activities, you should try a Disney cruise. They are going to have a lot of activities for all of the different ages.

I would love to know your thoughts about any of this.

Ponant: the French cruiseline

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I have several things I’m thinking about doing. Right now I’m trying to decide what I might start on between today and tomorrow and what will keep until Monday. I’m wanting to get some articles in the newspaper and things like that.

My oldest niece is enamored with Paris and all things French. And I know she is not alone. When we think of French life, we think of luxury, fine wines, fantastic food and pastries, and nice accommodations. Ponant is a luxury cruiseline. They have five ships, and they are going to hold very few guests compared to carnival or something like that. They are going to take less than three hundred guests per ship, giving their guests a level of service and intimacy that few other ships can offer.

The staff on board these ships is going to be highly trained. They will see to all of your needs in an unobtrusive manner. Now since these are much smaller ships, there are only going to be two restaurants you are going to be able to choose from. But you will be eating very fresh foods from the different places you will be visiting.

Ponant may limit itself when it comes to number of guests. But they do have a wide variety when it comes to the destinations you can see with them. They have tours you can do of Europe, which includes Russia. They will go to places in North and South America. You will also be able to explore the Caribbean and other places with Punant..

Yes, Punant is kind of on the expensive side.. You may want to save up and do one of these cruises for a special occasion, like a honeymoon or an important anniversary. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Hotels that allow you to get away from everything

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It’s Monday morning, and I have some different projects I want to look into and start. I’d really like to get some bookings in by the end of the year. And my mind is going a lot of different ways, trying to figure of ways to do that. If anyone here is interested in taking a trip, trip, please let me know. But before I start working on other things, I want to make sure that this does get done.

Summers can be busy for parents, whether their children are toddlers or teens. Summer tends to be a time when there is a lot of activities. And Fall seems to be a time where a lot of people are getting back into the normal routines of life. Fall may be a great time for a romantic getaway with your sweetie. Today let’s look at a couple of hotels where you can get away from everything.

The first one we are going to look at is Secret Bay, which is in the Caribbean. The place sounds like it is pretty remote. You will not have access to twenty-four hour a day news. And they have a deal going on which will you and your spouse a perfect romantic getaway. This package will include an in-room couples’ massage, as well as an yoga session. You will be in a private villa instead of in a hotel. You will be enjoying a welcoming dinner.

If you have always dreamed of going and staying somewhere where stars have stayed, you might want to go to the Casa Kimberly. This is a place where Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton used to spend time together. This place is in Mexico. You will be getting a nice suite. You will also get a massage with aroma therapy. And again, this is in a very remote place which will ensure a good bit of privacy.

Please let me know if you are interested in either of these. You can also let me know if you are interested in taking a romantic getaway of any kind. I’ll be more than happy to help you plan something.

Places you might want to visit this Fall


fall is

Whether you have been on vacation this past summer or not, Fall is a nice time to take a trip, even if it is just a weekend getaway. Fall is a time where the weather is usually pretty nice, not too hot or too cold. And so this is a time where you can find some great fairs and festivals.

And the first place you might want to look for festivals is Louisville, Kentucky. They have a pumpkin carving festival which runs for several weeks in October. But there are plenty of other things to do in Louisville besides look at pumpkins. There are caverns to explore. The city has a nice museum about the life of Mohammed Ali. And there is also a museum dedicated to the city’s most famous attraction, which is of course the Kentucky Derbe.

Portland, Maine is another place that you might want to consider visiting. It is an excellent place to take in some Fall colors. They also have a nice food and wine festival which takes place October 20-23 this year. This is also a great place to get seafood..

Savannah, Georgia is another place you might enjoy, especially if you are a fan of Halloween. They have a lot of folk lore here. There are some hotels in this city that are allegedly haunted. Savannah’s hhistoric historic district is always a nice place to visit.

I would love to know your thoughts about any of these places. I would also love to know if you have any festivals in your area that you would like to highlight.

More on Royal Caribbean and families

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I have several things that I would like to get done today. And I’m kind of feeling like this week hasn’t been the best with work for a variety of reasons. I’ve been having some problems with my internet on and off.. But anyway, I’m managing to get done the things that have to be done from day to day to day, and I’m grateful for that.

Let’s get back to Royal Caribbean.. This is a wonderful cruiseline to take a multi generational family trip with because there is so much for all the different generations to do. This is one of the first cruiselines to have a carousel onboard their ships., which is something most everyone will love. Your ship is going to have an indoor gymnasium where families can play sports together or work out. They are going to have bumper cars.. Some families love to have competitions with one another to gain

You are going to find a lot of different shore excursions with Royal Caribbean. You will get a chance to ride horses. There are also excursions where your family will be riding four wheelers. There is almost always the chance to do scuba diving or snorkeling.. If you let me know what your family is interested in doing, I will be more than happy to help you figure out which cruises will work best for you. Please let me know. bragging rights, and Royal Caribbean has everything from rock climbing to basketball when and if your family wants to get competitive. You are also going to find zip lines on these ships. There is the surfing simulator which is called the Flo Rider. This is a popular attraction for many families.

Families at Royal Caribbean

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Families enjoy taking vacations together. And that goes from you, your spouse and your children, to families that include the grandparents, all of their children and spouses and all their. Children are starting to take their friends on family vacations as well. Today let’s take a closer look at what Royal Caribbean has to offer families.

First, let’s talk about the children. Royal Caribbean does have a program for infants. For the littlest ones, six months to three years, they have programs where the parents go with the children to play. They also have nursery times available so that you and your spouse can go have date night, enjoy a nice dinner and a show together.. The children’s programs start when a child turns three. Your child has to be potty trained when they go into these programs. The exception to this rule is if your child has special needs. But the programs stop when your child turns eleven. They’re divided into different age groups. And everyone in this children’s program must be signed in and out by a guardian.

Royal Caribbean has kind of specialized in working with families who have Autistic children. A lot of their staff has been trained in this area. They know the kinds of things you may need to keep your autistic child happy and will make those things available to you.

Royal Caribbean has a lot to offer your teenagers as well. They know that teens are the most likely to get bored on trips like this. So they have teen clubs. They break the kids into two groups, from twelve to fourteen, and from fifteen to seventeen. They’ll have dances and other kinds of parties.

we are going to stop here and will come back to this tomorrow. Again, I would love to know your thoughts.

Where to go to find fall colors


I’ve been having some problems with my internet working.. I’m disabled and use my communication device as my computer. Unfortunately, I’m not able to just jump on another computer and do whatever needs to be done. But anyway, I have internet now, and I am going to make the most of my time.

I spent a lot of my growing up years in the hills of North Carolina and Tennessee. I used to love watching the leaves change. I loved going to bonfires and football parties, for the social aspects, I’ve never been into sports.. Fall does come to Georgia, but it seems to come later and later to me.

I’m ready. I’m ready for cooler weather, to wear sweaters and sweat suit.. For those of you who want to go see some fall colors, here are some ideas. And as far as timing, this article I’m reading is saying anywhere from in a couple of weeks to early November if you want to visit somewhere in the Appalachian area.

Wellsboro, Pennsylvania has some excellent foilage this time of year. This is also home of the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. The best time to come here would be from late September to early October. There are some nice trails for walking or biking.

This article also brings up Asheville, NC, which was kind of a place a lot of our friends would go when they wanted to shop or have a nice dinner out. The city would especially appeal to people who like to do crafty stuff because there is a lot of knitting stuff, and pottery, and things like that. And experts are saying this is going to be a beautiful place this fall, calling it one of the most beautiful places that you can visit.

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia would be another nice place to visit this fall. And while earlier in the season will not disappoint, later in the season will be absolutely gorgeous. And again, you are going to find a lot of nice trails to enjoy nature.

I am going to stop here and get to some other things. Please let me know your thoughts.

The best boutiques in Maryland

Once again, there is a lot I want to do today. But of course, I do want to make sure that this gets written before I dive into my other projects.

Growing up, Dad’s job kind of moved us around. In some ways Virginia, where my grandparents lived felt like home to me growing up because we’d always go back there.. But anyway, we also went to Baltimore a couple of times because of Dad’s work.. Anyway, Maryland has a little something for everyone, whether you like cities, or beaches. You might enjoy Maryland if you’re a history buff. Or maybe you’re a sports fan who loves the Ravens. Whatever your interest, you might want to consider these hotels if you are planning a visit.

The first place we are going to look at is the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club. There are just fifty four room, which are split up into six different categories of suites. You will have your choice of several different restaurants. You will also have access to a nice spa.

There is also the Inn at Henderson’s Wharf, which is in Baltimore. Baltimore itself is a fascinating city, and the wharf area has a lot of nice restaurant and nice shopping as well. They will have all kinds of luxurious accommodations. This would make a great place for a business conference, especially if your company does a mixture of business and pleasure.

Annapolis has some great historic inns. These inns date back to the 1700 ‘s. And they keep their historic charm while still providing modern luxuries like nicer televisions and wifi.

I would love to know what questions you have about these places. Please let me know.