Airline tickets

Today we are going to look at some tips that will hopefully save you some money when it comes to buying your airline tickets.

  • The first thing you need to do is to figure out how much you want to pay for your ticket. Are you willing to pay a little more so that you will be more comfortable? You will know what works best for you and your family, if they are going with you on your trip.
  • Here is a tip you might not have thought of. it might be nice to have your research on your browser’s history, but if you were to go incognito you might find even better deals. Incognito windows will have none of your preferences.
  • Finding the right thing at the right price is going to take sometime. You will usually find the better deals if you’ll fly out on a Tuesday. This might be the perfect excuse to get some extra sightseeing in. The more flexible you are on travel dates, the more likely you are to find deals. Just make sure you are comparing the same thing.Y
  • You know where you like to sit when you are on an airplane. Secure that place for yourself as soon as you are able. Go on and look at the seating chart as you are booking.

Tips to endure those long travel days #1

I should go on and tell you, I am going to be busy next week, and I might not be able to post a couple of days. We’ll have to see what happens.

Okay, let’s face it. Most people say they love to travel, but what they really mean is that they love exploring new destinations. Most people do not like the time they are in the car or in the air. But today let’s look at some tips that might enable you to pass the time more easily.

  • Bring some headphones on any trip that you make. You are going to at least to be able to listen to music. But my personal favorite is to listen to books while I’m riding. Getting lost in a good story helps erase the long miles.
  • Yes, I know you can access to plug-ins at the airports. But do you really want to fight everyone else for those? Bring extra batteries. They also have those portable chargers that you may want to look into.
  • But what if you forget to do that or put them somewhere you can’t access them? Try something a lot of people don’t think of anymore, and pull out a good old-fashioned book. They will sell those at the airport. If nothing else, it might help put you to sleep.
  • Do you have a mask that covers your eyes? Pack that. Do you have earplugs for when your husband snores? Bring those along too. Having those will help you sleep on the plane.
  • Wear comfortable clothing. You shouldn’t get sloppy in what you wear. Your fellow passengers don’t want to see the clothes you always paint in. Wear something like your favorite sweatsuit.

Tips for in the air

I think that for most people, flying is kind of just a means to an end. You’re packed in with a lot of peoples you don’t know. Finding movies you’ll like is questionable. There is no telling what kind of food you will get, if you get any. And this is especially true when you’re flying in the economy class. Today let’s look at some tips that might help.

  • First, bring your own soundproof earphones. You have no idea what the people you will be sitting with will be doing. It is usually best to keep to yourself and not bother anyone.. Unless they want to talk.
  • Do not wait until the very last minute to figure out where you are sitting. The article I’m reading says to pay the fee so you can actually choose your seat. But on long flights, I think you get to choose your seats even without paying.
  • Booking your flights early will help ensure that you get a better seat. And if you’re doing your check-in online, try to do that pretty early as well.
  • You will want to wear your most comfortable clothes on the flight. I’ve seen a lot of people wear things that almost look like pajamas while in the air.
  • If you fly often, you might want to consider flying with one airline and join their Frequent Flyer program. They will give you all kinds of perks.

I would love to know your thoughts or any questions you might have.

What to do on those long layovers

Everyone that flies is going to experience something of a layover. After all, it isn’t wise to rush through the airport at the last possible second. And then you’ll also have to wait on your connecting flight. Today let’s look at some things you can do during those long layovers

  • not Most airports are going to have shops and restaurants right there for you. If you have a couple of hours to kill, why don’t you take in some of the shops . Enjoy a nice meal at one of your restaurants.
  • If you have more than a couple of hours, you might want to go outside the city and take in some of the sights. My sister had a lay over in New York City. You will want to be careful to watch the time, you will not want to miss your next flight. But sometimes it’s fun to just go walk around a city.
  • If your layover is going to be longer than ten to twelve hours, consider getting a hotel room. Airports can only go so far in offering a comfortable place to sit and wait. Getting a room will help you get more rest. And there is always at least one hotel that is near the airport.
  • An alternative to this would be to go up to the counter, and see if there is an earlier flight you can catch. There is usually a fee, usually under one hundred dollars. But often that would be money well spent to get to your destination earlier.

These are some ideas. Have you and your family come up with other fun things to do at an airport? Please let me know.

Shorten your time at the airport

I know that everyone is busy these days. My days and weeks seem to be getting fuller. Part of that is church stuff, part of that is work.. Anyway, let’s get on this post.

When you are busy, having to wait is hard. You have things you could be doing, you don’t want to be stuck in line somewhere. And that may be especially true at airports. You just want to get where you are going. Here are some tips that might help..

  • You never want to fly the day before a major holiday. Fly a couple of days before or a couple of days after. Fly on the holiday itself, you might just find some special perks.
  • You will want to go through the online check in process. That way, you only have to check your bags and go through security while you’re at the airport.
  • And if you will pack really lightly, you can just bring your carry on, and so you will avoid that line as well.
  • People that are not high risk for security can apply for what’s known as “Global Entry”. You will need to be approved for this, but it can be well worth the process and cost if you do a lot of traveling.
  • There will also be perks of less waiting time when you fly with just one airline. That’s just part of most airlines’ reward packages.

Random news

I think we are going to take a look at some random air news just to do something a little different.

  • I know that this feels a little early. However, if you are going to need to book air or hotels or anything, you have about another month before you need to make your decisions and book your trips. Why? Because that is when you are going to get some of the best deals around. Booking early is usually your best bet when it comes to travel. There are also deals to be had when you book late. But then you are going to have to take whatever you can get instead of exactly what you want.
  • Here think you are going to one place, but wind up going to a totally different place? One young Brazil nurse did that. She thought she was going to Denmark, but in her hurry to board, she got on the plane that was going to Greece. The article doesn’t say whether she’s going to Denmark or not.
  • Sometimes even jobs at the airport can get routine. I bet this event shook things up a little. At an airport in Florida, one of the workers was struck with lightning. His fellow workers came around and helped him. He was in the hospital for two weeks, but his family is just glad he’s alive.

I think we are going to stop here for today . I would love to know any thoughts you have about any of this.

What to do on those long flights


Once upon a time, most people were born in a cabin, they grew up working the farm, and then they’d die in that same cabin, or one not far from it. Traveling was long and tedious, and often . Things have gotten much better in the last hundred years or so.. material. We can now be around the world in a day. But what do we do on those long flights? Let’s look at some suggestions  today.

  • Most long flights are going to be made in airplanes that have a screen where you can choose from movies or games. This would be the perfect time to binge watch on your favorite shows or movies.
  • This is also a great time to catch up on your reading. Some people still read books that are actual. Of course, you can also bring your Kindle or other reading device.
  • There are ways to pay extra so you can choose your seat ahead of time. This usually costs around forty dollars. However, I chose my seat at the airport, and was still able to get a whole row to myself on both long flights. I don’t know if it had anything to do with the fact that I am disabled. I will say this, I do not sleep in the car, but I was able to get some rest on those flights.
  • It is wisest to dress comfortably on an airplane. I know that some people have to go straight from the plane to a business meeting. But if you can dress in comfy clothes, do.


I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Flying… With children

I had an absolute blast on my big trip overseas. However, being in the airport, and on the long flights did get boring. And I’m an adult… Children tend to try to make their own fun when they are bored, which can get loud. But if parents discourage the fun, things can get loud too. And that’s no fun for, or for anyone else on the airplane. I know some people believe in the power of Benedryl, but for those who do not necessarily want to sleep, here are some other ideas.

  • First bring your IPads or Kindles and let your children play on them. Yes, it’s nice if you have a communication device for yourself as well. There will be a screen in the seat ahead of you that will allow you to watch movies or play games.. That is, you will have these on your longer flights. But you will want to keep your children as content and quiet as they can be.
  • And please, bring your headphones. No one else wants to hear your child’s favorite cartoon playing over and over again. If your children do not want to wear headphones, they can play their games quietly. Personally I had trouble keeping headphones on. Watching movies with subtitles works okay.
  • No one likes to be kicked in the back. Have children keep arms and legs to themselves. Most everyone will understand being jostled when you have to get to the bathroom, but try to even keep that to a minimum.
  • Boredom is not the only reason that children get cranky. Pack snacks.. But you will want to be careful what kind of snacks you take. Don’t take things that will be hard to eat or messy. You will also want to take snacks that your children will enjoy.
  • And please don’t ignore your kids when they start to act up. You’ll want to do your best to nip it in the bud.. On going crying or shouting is one of the most annoying things on an airplane.

I would love to know your thoughts about this.

Thoughts on United

I think by now everyone has heard about the debacle with United Airline. The truth is that most airlines o overbook.. Believe it or not, people do book flights, and then decide at the last minute not to show up. Airlines have bills to to pay like everyone else does, and so they try to make as much money as they can. Who doesn’t try to make as much money as they can when they’re in business?

United seems to be sending mixed messages in a lot of ways on this incident. Did they overbook or not? At first they said they did. Now they’re saying they didn’t, they just needed more room for their attendants.. They have apologized, but have also praised their staff handling the situation well.

So here are some things United should do in the future to get itself back on the right track.

  • First, their staff needs to be emphatic. Being in the airport or on flights usually isn’t on people’s list of most fun. People just want to get to their destination. So airline employees should do their best to make sure to help whenever they can. And let me say here that I was impressed by how friendly and helpful the Turkish Airline people were on my big trip.
  • And the other thing they have to remember is that they are a service business. And when you are a service business, you have to treat your customers well. If you do not treat them well, they will go somewhere else. United might want to go over some customer service training with their employees.

I would love to know your thoughts on this.

Secrets from airline attendants


Every industry has their secrets which they don’t go around telling everyone they know. But today we are going to look at some secrets aiairline airline attendants told a recent survey.

On an airplane, one of the dirtiest places may be your own seat belt. Have children wiped their noses on it? Has someone been drooling in their sleep on it? Who has spilled food on it? The wisest thing to do is to put some baby wipes in your purse.

Baby wipes might also be a good idea for your laptray, especially if you want to eat off of it. Again, you can never tell what someone else may have done to that tray. They may have used it for a footrest or set a dirty diaper on it.

No one likes to have a rough landing. But sometimes you have to have that rough landing in a storm, or things could get even more dangerous. Please, when the seat belt light is on, wear your seat belt. That will help you and everyone else.

Booking an early morning flight should allow for a smoother ride because the air is actually smoother in the mornings. Also, most thunderstorms usually happen in the afternoon or evening, so that is another reason to book a morning flights.

I would love to know your thoughts on flying. Please let me know.