Hotel vs airbnb

For years when you went to a place where you didn’t have friends or family in the area, you had little choice but to book a hotel. But back in 2007, things started to change. Two guys couldn’t afford their rent and so they decided to try putting an air mattress on their living room floor as way to earn some extra cash. They had this idea in 2007, and apparently they had a good idea, because the business grew quickly, becoming a place where people could rent anything from a room to a whole house.

Well, this is starting to really cut into the hotel industry’s business. And so, starting this past year, the hotel industry has started a campaign to end airbnb. Their strategy is to have a series of laws passed that will harm airbnb. They are using some of the horror stories from airbnb to bolster their efforts.

But airbnb is not going to go down without a fight. One of the big charges airbnb makes against hotels is that they are always charging more during peak seasons. The smaller company is saying that it is saving consumers tons of money during those times.

The hotel industry’s response is that airbnb can do all their business without the regulations that hotels have to deal with… I would love to have you weigh in with your own thoughts on this.

Airbnb etiquette

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In general, people know how to act when they stay in hotels. Be polite to your fellow guests. Try to be quiet, especially late at night and early in the morning when most people are sleeping. Nicer hotels usually have people who would like to be tipped… But what are the rules when it comes to this new thing called airbnb? Please read on to find out.

  • It is wise to know exactly what you are getting into before you leave. What will be the bed situation be like? Do they want you to bring your own towels, or are they going to let you use theirs?. Many times, people are actually living in these homes. Unless they say otherwise, use their kitchen but eat your own food.
  • Many times these people are going on a vacation of their own. Please discuss your arrival and departure times with them. Clear communication will make things easier on both sides.
  • What did your mother always used to say when you were growing up? “Please leave a place cleaner then when you came .” Here that means, put your stuff away, throw your garbage away, put food away when you aren’t eating.. This is basic common courtesy.
  • Sometimes the people leave, but sometimes they’re right there with you. Please follow their rules. Find out where they want you to eat and where is off limits. Know when they want the house to be pretty quiet.
  • And remember to say thank you. Write a note saying how much you enjoyed staying there. Write a review to let other people know about your experiences. You might even want to leave a tip or a gift card..

I would love to know what other thoughts you might have.