Advice on what to do about gifts when you fly

Today let’s look at some gifts that you will want to be more careful with if you happen to be flying for your holidays.

  • Um, this should be obvious, but give your security people a break, and do not bring weapons on board. If someone is dying to get their Red Ryder? Buy it when you get to your destination. Or is the gun lover going home with you? Give them an IOU for when you get home.
  • And no, security does not even like the fake guns. They still make them pretty nervous. You’ll avoid a lot of hassle if you do not bring anything like that. You’ll be surprised at what all they might frown upon
  • They don’t like wrapped gifts either. Okay, let’s remember that some people might wrap a bomb in a beautiful package. The security people do have their reasons. The best way to avoid this is to just put everything in gift bags.
  • You will even need to be careful about which foods you bring home. They are going to consider anything spreadable or pourable to be a liquid. And liquids can be used in bomb making.
  • They may have mercy on you if you bring some of Grandma’s baking. But if you love her soups, try to get enough of that while you are visiting. Did someone give you a bottle of fine wine for Christmas? Go on and enjoy that while you are with your family.

How to get Frequent Flyer Miles #1

Frequent Flyer Miles can be used for a lot of different things when it comes to airlines. They can be used for seat upgrades, lounge privileges, and other perks. Today let’s look at some ways you would be able to get more miles.

  • Do you want to earn perks before you fly? You will want to try the Frontier Airlines World Mastercard. You will get a huge bonus just for signing up. You will also get points any time you shop with that credit card.
  • Are you looking to get to places in the United States and the Caribbean? The JetBlue program is probably a smart option for you. You can transfer points from different credit cards. And you and your family can also pool points.
  • Do you want to know another program that allows you to pool points? Are you interested in going to Hawaii? Check out the HawaiianMiles. They allow you to share with anyone else in the program.
  • If you are in Delta’s program, you will want to check out their frequent sales. They will give you some great deals from time to time.

I think we are going to get back to this discussion tomorrow. I would love to know your thoughts.