It is not too late to take a cruise


It is not too late to plan and take a cruise Let’s look at some that just might work.

  • Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas coming to Fort Lauderdale in 2020. Book their inaugural cruise which will take place in the fall You will get to enjoy a day on their private island CocoCay.
  • Do you dream of going on a luxury cruise to exotic places? You might want to check out Paul Gauguin cruises. They have longer itiif you are interested in something like that. And they go to places like Fiji and the Solomon Island.
  • And Disney, how could we forget Disney cruises. I hear that Disney never has to offer any kind of deal to get their ships full. They’re always taking ships anthey cruise. And they’re cruising Hawaii in 2020. I hear that a cruise is a fantastic way to see Hawaii.
  • Are you wanting to try a river cruise? You might want to consider Uniworld. They are going to do Germany in 2020. And Uniworld is another luxury line.

And even more cruise tips for first timers

If you are going on your very first cruise and are so excited, you may want to print out some of these posts I’ve been writing for future reference.

  • Able bodied people are usually going to find cruise else to be a waste of time. You are unlikely to find the elevator ready and waiting for you. And do you really want to be one of those people waiting for it when you are going to be around people who actually need it?
  • really want to go hang by the pool the first day onboard, and then not go again the rest of your time because you’ve gotten sunburned? Please bring your favorite sunscreen and make sure to apply it before you leave your room for the day. And take it with you for when you are at the pool or other outdoor activities.
  • You can actually get your teeth whitened on some ship. I would highly discourage you from doing that though. Sometimes having that done on these ships could greatly reduce the pleasure of eating. And who wants to not enjoy eating while you are on a cruise?
  • Cruises are a great way to make new friends. Unless you are on your honeymoon or something like that, chat with other people while you are eating, or hanging out by the pool, or waiting in lines. You may be surprised at how much you have in common with some of these people.
  • And this might have belonged at the very top of our list, but please bring a good attitude. You should be having the time of your life, eating incredible food and having awesome adventures. And the people serving you are often away from their families  for months at a time. Be grateful and try to make life easier for them.

Planning a trip to Disney World

disney-15-añosPlanning a trip to Disney can be a lot of fun. It can also be very overwhelming. Friends and family who have gone before might be able to help you, or they might make it more confusing and overwhelming. There is just a ton to see and do there, and so you will have to figure out what the most important things to you and your family are. Doing your preparation before you leave is going to save you a lot of stress and hassle.

  • The first I would recommend would be to keep this trip a secret from your children. My brother did this. His girls thought they were going to school like any other normal day, but my brother put on a movie for them. And it was a while before they figured out that they were going anywhere special. This is a great surprise for any little people. Keeping it a surprise will also help you avoid the million questions of when you are going to leave and all that.
  • You know your family. You know the things your kids are going to be interested in. You also know when and how often to plan breaks. There are a lot of tools that will will be available for you online. One great thing for you is Disney’s maps which are quite detailed, giving you the price ranges for their restaurants, height restrictions on their rides, and more. The maps are also going to help you avoid doing as much walking because you know exactly where you are going.
  • You might want to ship some of the stuff you’ll need to Disney before you leave. Having snacks in your room is going to be very helpful for kids who are hungry now and aren’t going to be happy waiting until you order dinner at the restaurant. They will even put your groceries in the refrigerator for you.

And more destinations

I find that sometimes when I need to get things done, sometimes it helps to do everything in a little different order today. I’m hoping it helps.

  • The first spot we are going to look at today is Dayton, Ohio. Is your family into sports? If you are, you will have heard of March Madness. Dayton is hosting the First Four. Not into sports? You might enjoy their museum about our Air Force.
  • If you have been stuck in your house a lot of the winter and want to get some fresh air, you will want to get Tulsa, Oklahoma. Did you know they have more than one hundred parks and. You are going to find it to be around 70 degrees in March and April.
  • Now I don’t know many families that would object to a vacation that revolves around chocolate. You should go to Hershey, Pennsylvania. You are going to find some great gardens. They also have a museum that tells Hershey’s story. Adults will love the chocolate themed spa treatments.
  • Are you looking for something pretty traditional? Go to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. You will find some beautiful beaches and lots of family friendly attractions. You will be able to find accommodations that will suit any taste. And there are restaurants with all kinds of foods.

Travel blunders

Today has been one of those days where I’ve started to write about this and that, but nothing seems to work. Today let’s look at some common travel blunders people make.

  • You shouldn’t overpack. You do not need to look your absolute finest for every single occasion. You can get away with a lot when you’re traveling when it comes to fashion. Pack outfits that you can easily mix and match. And you are going to be able to find laundry facilities most anywhere you want. Airlines charge you when you overpack. There is only so much weight they can take.
  • You will want to know exactly what your cell phone company’s policies are for when you travel. Are you going to be slapped with high roaming charges? If you are going to need data, make sure to get an international plan.
  • Racing through the airport trying to get your next can be exciting, but it can also be frustrating. Try to book flights with enough time in between. I understand that you just want to get to your destination, but missing a flight is going to mess you up more.
  • Get some of the local money when you are at the airport. You are going to need something to pay for a taxi or bus. Getting it at the ATM is going to be your best bet.

Winter destinations #3

We are going to get back to our discussion on winter destinations.

  • I am going through an article written by someone else, so I know this first one for today may sound a little strange, trust me, it sounds weird to me as well. But the destination is Anchorage, Alaska. Alaska is cold and dark a lot of the year. And while this is especially true in winter, this is a great time to see Northern Lights. You may also want to see the famous dog sledding race.
  • You may want to visit San Juan, Puerto Rico, which doesn’t sound nearly as weird to me. There are a lot of festivals in the San Juan area during the winter months. You will not find a deserted island, but you will find reasonable accommodations and some fantastic weather.
  • Houston, Texas is huge, but then again isn’t everything in Texas? This is an up and coming vacation spot. They have some historic sites. You will also find some interesting museums in this city.
  • Looking for a city that has a lot to do? Try San Diego. They have great beaches. They have a fantastic zoo. There is a lot of great night life. You might also want to get a glimpse of Mexico from here.
  • Want to experience some Southern charm? Go to Savannah, Georgia. You will avoid some of the crowds if you go in the winter. But there will be some nice festivals for you to take part in.

Why travel with children


Traveling by yourself is one thing. You can go anywhere what you want any time you feel like it. Traveling once you’re married is a little different. You have to consider the other person’s needs and wishes. It is still two adults traveling and making memories together. But will you be able to travel once you start your family? Don’t children need a routine to get on and stick to? Can they understand anything about why things are so different? Won’t they hate the different food? Will they do things that will offend the native people?

  • Okay, first, I am the oldest of eight, and we traveled ALL THE TIME. Most of our trips were to visit family or friends in places we used to live. We never seemed to mind getting out of our routines. It was nice to visit with loved ones. And every one of us now loves to travel.
  • We’ve all seen the meltdown children have in restaurants or on airplanes. The truth is that children are resilient, and the more we expose them to other cultures, the more they’ll want to experience for themselves.
  • I know some would call this cruel, but children will eat once they get hungry. Exposing them to many different foods when they are young will be good for them. They may enjoy more than you think they will. Children can learn languages quicker than adults can. It is just a fact of life.
  • And hearing other languages will also improve their English as well. Children are more adaptable. They see other children do something, and they’re likely to want to do it too. They’re more likely to make friends wherever they go.
  • Travel helps build their confidence. At home, you have your established routines, everyone knows what’s to happen when. Travel can be unpredictable. Problems can come up, and this can help teach children problem solving.

I would love to know your thoughts about any of this.

Honeymoon destinations by state

Today we are going to look at favorite honeymoon destination in each of our fifty states. I’m not sure if we’ll get through all fifty. We will see what happens.

  • Let’s start with Alabama. If you would like to have your honeymoon here, you might want to try Gorham’s Bluff. At first glance, this is an absolutely beautiful place that looks like it is very peaceful. When it comes to c accommodations, you can choose whether you want to stay in their lodge or in one of their cottages for extra privacy. And this place sounds like an excellent place to eat if you like southern cuisine. Each morning you will be given a made to order breakfast. You will be given a gourmet boxed lunch to take on your adventures, except on Sundays when they will prepare you a nice Sunday dinner in the dining room. And dinner is always a four course affair.
  • They say that the best way to experience Alaska is by doing a cruise. And the people writing this article recommend Windstar. Windstar offers an intimate experience, small ships allow you you to have a much higher level of service. Alaska is beautiful country where you will see all kinds of wildlife.
  • In California you might want to try the resort Enchantment. This property is set on seventy acres. Whether you decide to stay in a single bedroom or in a suite, you are going to find comfort at every turn. You will have your choice of several very nice restaurants when it comes time to eat. This may be one of the nicest places to stay if you are interested in visiting the Grand Canyon. You can also enjoy playing tennis or golf.

I would love to know your thoughts on any of this. We’ll get back to this whenever I can.

Cruises to consider


Yesterday we were looking at some cruise news. Today let’s look at some cruises you might want to go on this year.

  • First we are going at Norwegian Bliss. They are going to Alaska this season. And Alaska is a popular place to cruise from from everything that I’ve was been reading. If you are going to go to Alaska,you’re likely going to want to hit several spots. And what better way to do that than from the comfort of a cruise ship?
  • Norwegian is also planning to go to another popular cruise destination, and that is Cuba. But Norwegian is actually combining Cuba with the Caribbean. You will also be visiting a couple of private islands along the way.
  • If you want to take a Paul Gauguin cruise, which is a luxury cruiseline, you might want to go to Polynesia. On this cruise, you will be places like Tahiti. This will be the perfect cruise for if water sports.
  • Are you fascinated by wines, and how they are made? You might try one of Amawaterways fifty cruises in Europe. You are going to meet winery owners and all kinds of interesting things.

Cruise news


Did you know that cruises make excellent vacations for the families? You will find many cruises to be pretty all inclusive in nature. You are also going to find things on any cruise that will interest everyone in your family. Does your family love to learn all about cooking, or art, or history together? There are cruises that are specifically designed to aid you in your quest. Today, let’s look at some cruise news.

  • Cruiselines are always building new ships to their fleet. Guests love the feeling of trying the newest thing. Unfortunately, Hurtigrutenhas had to stop production on its latest ship. And this is because there are problems with the sshipyard taking more time because of the complexity of the project.
  • A cruise is almost the only way you are going to see Antarctica, unless you actually want to become a scientist and go and study there. And a cruise is probably going to be much more comfortable anyway. Hurtigrutenhas cruises that will take you to Antarctica. Small ships are going to allow for easy access while still allowing you all the comforts of home.
  • The race is on as to which cruiseline is going to be able to boast of the highest internet speeds on a ship. Carnival corporation is trying to get in the race with its Princess cruiselines. The internet speeds on these ships is almost what we are able to get on land.

I would love to know your thoughts on this. I would also love to help you and your family book a cruise. Please let me know if you are interested.