Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

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Cinco de Mayo celebrates an unlikely victory the Mexicans had over the French. But here in the United States, it is mostly just an excuse to party. But since the holiday falls on a Friday this year, you should take the whole weekend to party. And here are some places you might want to consider.

  • San Antonio may be one of your top choices because they will have lots for you to do the entire weekend. The place that you will want to be is Market Square. They will have parades , music, all kinds of food, and let’s not forget face painting. This celebration will make you feel like you’re in Mexico itself.
  • You might also want to try Los Angeles. This city tends to do nothing if it isn’t big, and this is no exception. Their big event was actually this past weekend, but there will still be plenty of fun things going on as well. They are going to have a pub crawl and wrestling. [Okay, sorry guys, this is not my normal subject material.]
  • if you’re looking for a classier experience, you might want to try New York City. You will find some excellent restaurants, whether you’re looking for fine dining or just wanting to grab pizza or burgers. The Hudson Terrace is going to have their big party.
  • Do you want to do something unique? Try sipping adult beverages at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. Explore all the wonderful sea life they have there.

As always, I would love to know your thoughts about any of this. Please let me know if I can help you book a trip.

Celebrate potato day by visiting…

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I have to admit that my food tastes are quite childlike. Pizza and hamburgers are still my favorite meals. I love most fast food.. And I absolutely love dessert of most any kinds. I don’t like frozen stuff like ice cream, and I almost never eat hard candy.. I love most things that we Americans do with potatoes… Potato day was actually a couple of days ago. But we are going to look at this today.

French fries.. That is one of America’s favorite foods, so they had to be invented here, right? Wrong! It seems like they were actually invented in Belgium, though I highly doubt they were exactly the same as ours. Belgium was doing their version of french fries before our revolution taken. There are some great french fries to be had in New York City at The Breslin Bar and Dining Room.

Do you prefer tater tots to french fries? Do you know that tots are actually the remnants from making french fries? For the best tater tots, we are going to go to a place in Atlanta, Georgia, which is about a couple of hours from where I live. The restaurant is called The Nook, and they have something called totchoes, which are nachos that are served over tots instead of chips.

Am I making you hungry yet? I know this post is a little different than my usual.. Hope you enjoyed it.



Sometimes sure what I’ve been thinking. I’m trying to make some progress on some different work stuff.. I was just reading through travel news when I saw an article on Atlanta. The city is an hour and a half from where we live, and my sister and her family live in a suburb of Atlanta. That’s actually where we will be gathering to celebrate Thanksgiving. And while we mostly hang out around her house, we will occasionally take little trips into the city.
The first thing you should know is that Atlanta is home of one of the largest airports in the United States. They’ve recently added a separate international airport. I haven’t been to the new airport, but I have been inside the domestic airport several times, and it is fairly nice, with different restaurants to eat in and different shops to browse.
Atlanta claims to be where Coca-Cola was invented. I have to be careful with how I word that because the city I live in now makes the same claim… Atlanta does have a Coca-Cola museum. CNN and Turner Broadcasting are headquartered before in Atlanta, and you are welcome to take tours of those buildings. This city also has a lot of different museums you can explore, and restaurants you can try. It is also the home of Fox Theater if you want to take in a show or two while you are in the area.
I am going to stop here for now. Let me know if you have any thoughts or any questions. I’ve seen that I’ve had some new likes and followers lately, and for that I thank you.