Romantic destinations in Mexico

I know that some people say that Mexico is not a safe place to travel to. But what the experts are saying is that as long as you stay within the confines of the resort area that you should be perfectly safe. And from what I hear, Mexico makes a perfect place for romance. It has some absolutely beautiful beaches here. Mexico also has some excellent resorts, with some exquisite cuisine. Today let’s look at some places in Mexico that you might want to consider for your next romantic getaway.

  • The Riviera Maya would make a fantastic choice. Here you will find beautiful beaches, some that are quite secluded. This is a great place to have a wedding or renew your vows. You can also explore ancient Mayan ruins.
  • Cancun has an excellent reputation when it comes to honeymoons. Or would you rather do your actual wedding here? Having a destination wedding is something that is extremely popular to do here, and they have everything you might need to plan your special day. You’ll also find some beautiful beaches and excellent resorts in this area.
  • Ever dreamed of exchanging your vows underwater? Cozumel is one of the few places that will allow you to do that. You won’t have trouble finding anywhere you want to go, and most of it is within easy distance. You can spend your days scuba diving, playing golf or tennis, or exploring ruins. And there will be plenty of evening entertainment as well.
  • Los Cabos is the perfect place to plan a romantic getaway any time of the year. This is one place where the desert meets the sea. Want to be pampered at every turn? Los Cabos is your place.
  • San Migual De Allende has been voted “best city in the world” two years in a row. This is another excellent choice for a destination wedding. Again you’ve find everything you might need right here.

The Grand at Moon Palace Cancun

Sometimes you just want to vacation somewhere where nothing will be required of you. You don’t want to have to do any kind of cooking, cleaning or anything else. If that sounds like your type of vacation, you might want to check out The Grand at Moon Palace Cancun. Let’s look at some of what they have to offer.

  • They have a suite that is perfect the family. This suite has a kids’ room next to an adults room. The kids’ room’s fridge comes stocked with candy bars, milkshakes, soda and water.
  • Teens are going to have their own lounge. Teens actually designed this place. They’ll enjoy a lot of cool snacks, including a lot of ice cream. They’ll have the chance to surf the web and play games together.
  • Let’s not forget the adults. They’ll get a king sized bed. Their bedroom will have a private balcony. And they’ll get a very nice bathroom, complete with a double whirlpool tub. They’ll have their own stocked mini bar. You will have a lot of activities to choose from. For starters, do you want to do things as an entire family, or do you want to do things as a couple? A mixture of the two will be perfectly acceptable as well. They’ll have a great pool. They’ll have bowling. They have an excellent spa.

And of course, you’ll have several choices when it comes to restaurants and night clubs. I would love to know your thoughts about any of this.

Luxury in Cancun

I love my family, loved being able to spend time with them last week. And today we had some dear friends who are missionaries over. It was great to see them and catch up… I think my life is about to return to the quiet normal. And I’m kind of ready for that after not working much over the last few weeks.

Sandos Cancun Luxury Resort is a place you are going luxury at every turn. For starters, they have fantastic restaurants where you will be be eating your meals. And this is an all inclusive place, so you will not have to worry about money once you arrive. Your meals, your drinks and your entertainment is pretty much all covered in the price you paid up front. You will have the option of having romantic dinners on the beach. This resort also has an excellent wine cellar.

Here you are going to find nice beds beside the pool so that you can relax in complete comfort. They have a wonderful spa where you can choose from a wide variety of treatments. They have all kinds of ways to help you relax and Recharge.

This sounds like the perfect place to do either a romantic getaway or a girls’ trip. Please let me know if you are interested in learning more.

Toronto Tourism wants kids to plan their trips

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There is nothing worse than having bored kids on a trip. They tend to whine and complain about everything. Sometimes it feels like nothing you do pleases them. If they’re really young, sorry, but I’m not sure what to tell you. But as they get older having them help plan your trip can help them get more excited about every aspect of your trip.

Toronto Tourism wants to help you streamline this process. They have created a new website that will help you get your kids excited about your trip together. . The site is

The website has all kinds of information about what is available in this city. d it’s not just boring reading. There are videos to watch. And your kids will also find jokes.

And speaking of finding things, the website has games you and your children can play together. These include some different scavenger hunts your family can do together. You are going to find many different fun and exciting things to explore on this site. Be sure to check it out as a family today.

Things to do in Cancun

I’m spending some time with family, kind of doing a working vacation. I’m trying to make the most of the time I am able to work.

Today let’s talk about Cancun. I’ve heard that it’s an absolutely beautiful place, perfect for a nice vacation or a honeymoon. There are some incredibly beautiful beaches.

In fact, the first place we are going to look at a beach place. It is called Playa Delfine which is beautiful. Surfers and other people who love adventure are going to love the huge waves here. It is the perfect place to take pictures. And you will always have access to nice food and drink.

Cancun is also a great place to see dolphins. To do this you will want to go to Dolphin Discovery. This center has several programs that help you get to know the ways of the dolphins. You can actually ride them if you would like.

Cancun also has a lot of great nightlife. They have something for you, no matter what your interests are. You can dance the night away if you want, or enjoy nightclubs. Again, I would love to know your thoughts on this. I would especially like to know if you would like to go.

Luxurious getaways in Mexico

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I have a crazy week ahead, just have a lot going on with friends in the evenings. Not sure I am going to accomplish much extra. But sometimes it’s nice to take something of a break. And I love being with friends. So anyway, let’s get started.

We are going back to the same article we were looking at yesterday. But thinking about this more, theseluxurious resorts could work well for girls’ getaways and things like that as well as couples’ times away.. The first resort we are going to look at is El Dorado Royale. This is an adults only resort that has won several awards. You can get your own private pool. There are secluded beaches for you to enjoy. You can even get concierge service. As far as restaurants, you can choose from several gourmet places, including Italian and international. There is one restaurant that does dinner and shows for you.

Let’s move on to another resort. La Blanc Spa Resort is set in the heart of Cancun’s Hotel Zone. This is another adults only resort, and would be the perfect place to get away from all your cares and enjoy everything in the Hotel Zone. This district has a lot of great restaurants, and different choices as far as nightlife… Please let me know if either of these properties interests you.

Plan a romantic getaway in Mexico

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My weekends are getting crazy. And  I think things are just going to get crazier as we get into warmer weather.. I have more people I’m hanging out with and things like that. It’s kind of just a crazy time.Anyway, I have several things I want to do, so I need to get started.

Mexico happens to be the place I’m studying right now in travel agent school. And a good friend of mine has just gotten engaged. So this article from the travel news kind of caught my eye.. Cancun and the Riveria Maya both have beautiful beaches and so makes great places to take a romantic getaway. Maybe especially if you are wanting to do something kind of nice or on the luxurious side. And of course, Mexico is close enough to the United States whether you want to go for a long weekend or take a longer vacation, it’s perfect.

El Dorado CasiTas Royale is one of these luxurious resorts . It is a four star all inclusive. This place is on one of the beautiful beaches and is a favorite for destination weddings and hone moons. You can have a Jacuzzi in your suite. The resort also has top of the spa services, including classes which will show you how to give each other massages.You will be able to chooSe from twelve different restaurants and the same number umber of pools for the ultimate vacation n experience.

might pick this back up tomorrow, but haven’t decided. Please let me  know if you are are interested in this.