Things to do in Chicago in the summer

Right now is a great time to book summer trips because it’s before the summer season when all prices go up. Please let me know if you’re interested in booking a trip.

You may have family in the Chicago area. Or maybe Chicago is just where your family decided to go on vacation this summer. Whatever your reason, you are looking for some things to do there. Today that’s what we are going to talk about.

  • Music lovers may be interested in going to Lallapalooza. This is a four-day music festival which is going to feature a number of different music genres. Getting a pass to the whole event is going to cost you a pretty penny, but you might want to consider just going for one day.¬†This takes place in August.
  • A free alternative would be to go to Chicago’s SummerDance. These events will take place each Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Grant Park. You can take part in this from late June to early September.
  • Going to Chicago? You have to try their deep dish pizza. And if you go to a pizza place on North Michigan Avenue, you will be able to take in a comedy show or visit one of their many museums.
  • Want a bird’s eye view of this city? Try Skydeck Chicago. Here you will be able to enjoy views from over one thousand feet.

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Ice skating in Chicago

I am back to work, and have several projects I need to work on. And then there is e-mail to catch up on.. Taking a break is a lot of fun, and I can actually say that I enjoy catching up as well.

I live in Georgia, and we’re just getting to the place where it is consistently cool… But in Chicago, I bet it is already pretty cold, perfect weather to enjoy the snow, ice skating, and other fun winter sports. Today we are going to look specifically at ice skating.

The first rink we are going to look at is Millennium Park Rink. This is a great place to go to after you’ve done your Christmas shopping. It is a family friendly place. It is free to get in, but you’ll have to pay in order to rent skates. It is usually opened from November to March, but that is dependent on the weather.

Next we are going to look at something called Maggie Daley Skating Ribbon which is not far from Millennium Park. As you might guess from the name, this is no ordinary rink. This is more like a skating path, which has many twists and turning. And again you are only going to pay if you need to rent skates. It is opened from late November to March.

If someone in your group does not like the cold, you might want to try the indoor Rink that is associated with the Chicago Blackhawks.. Skating is just one of the activities you and your family can enjoy there. There is an admission price here.

I would love to know your thoughts, any questions you have.

Cool cafes in Chicago

I’m not particularly into Starbucks, or coffee in general for that matter, but I know several of my siblings and even their children love the place. I can take it or leave it.. What appeals to me most would be gathering with friends and getting a nice dessert.. But I’m getting off track. Some people consider Starbucks a cafe. Other people say you need to have more variety of foods in order to have a real cafe. Let’s look at some places in Chicago.

The first one is called Kopi Cafe. They are going to have a wide variety of breakfast choices, and will also have different soup, salad and sandwich options later on in the day. It sounds like their menu tends toward vegetarian. The place also has a gift shop and library.. My guess is that the place has a hippee feel to it.

The Pick Me Up Cafe is near Wrigley Field. You are going to find pretty standard cafe food, and they will have food for both vegetarians and meat lovers alike. They are open until early in the morning, as in 2 a.m.. This is a place to kick back and relax, not a place you’ll want to stop by if you’re wanting to grab some food and go somewhere else.

I am going to stop here. Please let me know if you are interested in going to Chicago. I would be more than happy to help you plan a trip.

Hotels for children

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Hotels usually cater to adults. I mean, hotels have spas, ¬†free drinks, chocolates. But really it’s the adults that are paying for the hotels, so it kind of makes sense for hotels to give the adults the things they like. But some hotels have special things for the children too. Below are some examples of these.

  • There is a hotel at the Chicago O’hare International Airport, which is called Hilton Chicago O’Hare. They are going to give special activity kits, which would be especially nice if you are flying out. Each kit comes in a drawstring bag and comes with age appropriate toys and coloring books.
  • There is a Japanese hotel in the Big Apple. They are going to give your children a rubber ducky when you stay with them. Older children are going to get pencils with themes from the city on them.
  • Westin La Palamo Resort and spa has several different pools. So it should come as no surprise that the resort hands ou floaties and goggle to the children who visit them. The resort also has fun food for the children.

I would love to give you more information or help you make reservations to any of these places. Please just let me know.

Things to do in Chicago in the fall

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I’m amazed at how much difference one day off and a couple of nice outings can make. I’m feeling ready to get to work and have so much I want to do, so I need to get started on this.

Have you ever thought that you would like to visit Chicago, but weren’t sure when? Fall might be one of the best times to go. This is the in between time where it’s not too hot and not too cold.. And what exactly should you do? I’m glad you asked because that is what this post is going to be about. First, Chicago is home to Willis Tower. If you climb to the top of this building, you can see all four corners of the city. For those that are feeling really brave, there is a glass ledge that is part of this high deck so you can look below and see the city.

There is an art institute in Chicago. You should plan to spend most the day there. They have a cafe where you can buy lunch for everyone.

Going sometime this fall is also going to allow you to catch a Baseball game. I don’t know much about baseball or any sports really, but I do know that Chicago has two teams.. Baseball fans might want to take in a game at each stadium.. Please let me know if you want to go to the great city. I’d be more than happy to help book your hotel.