More about Norwegian

Yesterday we focused on Norwegian’s children’s programs. Today let’s look at some things they have for adults.

First, Norwegian that families come in all shapes and sizes, and they have accommodations that should be able to meet your needs. They have accommodations that will comfortably fit eight guests. They also have suites that are near the spa, perfect for if you are mostly looking to be pampered on your cruise. For those who have never cruised , most ships have rooms with beautiful views which usually will cost you more to stay in. and then they have rooms without a view. and these are greatĀ if you want an inexpensive room and will mostly use the room to sleep and shower.

Now let’s get to more important things like eating. In their main dining room, u can enjoy four course meals. And cron Norwegian cruises, you eat whenever you feel like it. Some cruises have certain times when certain groups can Eat. That is simply not true for Norwegian. They will also have the buffets which will have all kinds of stations you can choose from. You can also order food to be brought to your room and have a family movie night. Want to try some of their specialty restaurants? Kids even have their own menus which enable them to eat for free even here.

Norwegian has cruises all year long. Summers are probably the busiest times, especially when it comes to families. Winters may be the slowest times.. I woulD love to help you plan a cruise . . Please let me know if I can help you.

Advice for cruise lines just starting out


I’m so glad not to be going away this weekend, while I’ve thoroughly enjoyed both Thanksgiving and this past weekend, it is going to be nice to not have to make any long drives. I’m thinking about doing my Christmas shopping, and things like that.

But anyway… Some new cruise lines are starting to sprout up, and so today, let’s look at a few things they can do to truly excelin this business…. And the first one is something I hear about a lot. Do not nickel and dime people! If you want to say that this is an all inclusive vacation, make it truly that. Don’t have your crew always expecting tips. Don’t charge more for specialty restaurants. Sure, we know that premium service comes with a price. So go on and charge people what it will really cost people to get the experience they want up front.

Cruise lines should also have ideas of what they want to be known for, and the services they want to provide, and actually perfect those things before moving on to “bigger and better” things. Do they want to be known for great service? They should train their staff until they are perfect. I don’t think anyone has found the best way to do internet. Maybe these new lines can work on improving that.

Some people don’t want to just go on a cruise , they want to know exactly what the different crew members do from day to day. So let us go around with the chef for an afternoon. Let us see exactly what the captain does when he isn’t at dinner.

Let me know if you have any suggestions of your own. I would love to hear them.