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I’m so glad to be getting to work earlier than I did yesterday. I really enjoy my job and like having time to do everything.

The big news in the travel industry is that we’re now down to two major online companies that sell travel. That is starting to make a lot of hotels Nervous.. But this is not a monopoly, because we travel agents are also selling travel online. Overall, Expedia is going to have roughly one third of the hotel booking, which is a lot to be sure.

Expedia is about to reenter the business of selling air. Air is what the company first started selling. But when airlines started backing off on how much commission they would pay, Expedia got into the hotel business so that they could make more money… Hotel commissions are where most travel agents make most of their money. In case you’re thinking, “Hey, but I know a lot of different websites that sell travel.” Expedia owns Travelocity and Hotels.com, and other sites like that. They have just taken over Orbitz, who also owned a lot of different websites. The big competitor for Expedia is Priceline who also owns several websites.

All these sites are my competitors. And I can give you a lot more personal service. Let me know if I can help you.