Safest places #2

Let’s continue our discussion of some of the safest places in the world to visit. I know that some people love the feeling of living on the the edge. But I don’t think that most of us want to feel like we are in constant danger while we are on vacation.

  • Are you someone that just loves the snow? Maybe you and your family love to ski. Or you might want to use the snow as an excuse to to curl up with a good book by the fire. Either way, you might want to check out Norway.
  • Chile is one of the safer places to visit in South America. Now you will want to take the normal precautions when it comes to pickpockets and other petty crimes. Have your money on your person. Travel in a group.
  • Are you looking for a peaceful place right in the middle of Europe? Why not go where the hills are alive? That’s right. Austria is one of the safer places in Europe. Again, your main concern may be pickpockets. But don’t worry, most will not hurt you.
  • I know that there was recently a murder of a tourist in Costa Rica, but that is definitely the exception and not the rule. This is one of the happiest places on earth. It is also quite beautiful.
  • Portugal is another very peaceful country in Europe. You will want to be careful about pickpockets in the big cities. But that is true most anywhere you go.

Reasons to go to the Caribbean #2

I’m trying some different things with the business, but I do want to make sure my normal work does get done. All right, so let’s get back to our discussion on why you might want to go to the Caribbean.

  • This is one place that is fairly easy to get to. Your flights will be relatively short, it usually only takes a few hours to get anywhere in the Caribbean. And it is pretty easy to get a direct flight.
  • Do you have airline miles you want to use? The Caribbean is one place you can get to using those miles.. You might get away with only paying taxes and fees.
  • You can also use credit card rewards to get a very inexpensive trip to the Caribbean you can use your rewards to get into some very nice resorts. And of course, you can get all kinds of rewards when you sign up for a credit card.
  • And if you are part of a hotel rewards program, you can save even more on your Caribbean trip. And yes, you can use those points on all-inclusive resorts.
  • Don’t know which island you would like to visit? Book a Caribbean cruise. A cruise is a great way to experience several several islands at once. You can always go back to your favorite island on your next trip.
  • Cruising is also an inexpensive way to see the islands. Cruises are not only very inexpensive ways to see the Caribbean, you will also get a lot of bang for your buck on a cruise. You will be getting most of your entertainment at no extra charge. Most of your meals will be included as well.

Winter destinations #2


Let’s get back to looking at some more winter destinations you might be interested in trying. Are you thinking about planning a vacation? I would love to help you book it. Please let me know if you are interested. The best way were to reach me is by e-mail, and that is I also have a Facebook group and that is

  • Do you like snow and art? Okay, so that might be a strange combination. But you might want to try Park City, Utah. Here you will find some interesting art galleries. There will be several places to play in the snow, no matter your age or stage. There will also be concerts to enjoy.
  • This might not be such a strange combination, but are you interested in wellness and golf? Or maybe you are interested in wellness and your husband is into golf, although it might be the other way around? Consider going to Scottsdale, Arizona. This place has some excellent resorts you might enjoy.
  • Are you absolutely obsessed with Christmas? Plan a trip to Austn, Texas between December 13th until Christmas Eve. You will love their Christmas Bazaar. You will find lots of live music, several of the city’s bars are involved, and you will always have the chance to shop.
  • You might think of Hawaii as a summer destination, but it isn’t. The islands have beautiful weather all year round. And Mid December is when whale watching season begins.
  • Have you always dreamed of Yellowstone, but aren’t sure when to go? Going in winter is going to cut down on the crowds, except for your fellow outdoor enthusiasts. This is the perfect time to enjoy your favorite outdoor sports at this park.
  • Orlando, Florida is known as the theme park capitol. And although Christmas time might be nearly as bad as summer, other times are going to be slower. Go and check out all those rides.

Traveling with your dog

Earlier this week, we were talking about traveling with kids, and how to do that right. But what about when the four-footed members of your family come along? Today let’s look at some tips that might help you with that.

  • I have seen a lot of hotels that advertise that they are pet a friendly. But I’m not sure that means the same thing to everyone. So you will want to call ahead to make sure your dog will have everything he needs.
  • Before you leave on your expedition might be a great time to take your pet to the vet, just to make sure that there are no health problems to watch out for along the way.
  • Some hotels, campgrounds, and other accommodations provide everything you may need for your pet. But that is the exception and not the rule. So at the minimum, you will want to take your dog’s food and a leash. Did the vet put your dog on any medicine? Be sure not to forget that.
  • Buckle up for safety, ever heard that expression? That’s true not just for you, but also for your pet. Pet stores sell doggie seats and harnesses. And keeping your dog secure also means that your pet will not do anything crazy while you’re driving keeping you safer as well.
  • Going to the bathroom, it’s something all of us do. Does your pet go on command? That’s something you might want to work on before your trip. It will make bathroom breaks quicker, and will enable your pet to get used to going anywhere.
  • Your pet is going to need to take a break out of the car every few hours. Factor those stops in when you’re considering your overall driving time. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Look up some vets in the place you are going just in case an emergency comes up. Keep that information on your phone.
  • Never feed your dog right before your trip. Feeding them a couple of hours will help ensure that your dog will not make a mess in your car.
  • Take your pet on a test drive just to make sure they do well in the car. Drive for at least an hour or two to make sure they do well. If they do not well on that drive, you are going to be better off to find a dog sitter for your trip.

Random news


Sometimes I think of what I want to write about without looking at anything. Most often, I’ll look at travel news and get an idea from that. But sometimes there are several things I want to say a little something about. Today we are going to look at several little things.

  • Marriott wants to start something new with breakfasts at their chain named Aloft. The hotel chain wants to do something for all the foodies out there, even though they do not have a full service restaurant in their hotels. You are going to be able to order your breakfast, and they will  make it according to your wishes.
  • When you are at an  airport, most people want to get on their flight as quickly as possible. You are already go an hour early for domestic lights, or two for international. People have done research on n which airlines leave on time most often. [And by on  time, they mean within fifteen teen minutes of the original departure time.]They have found that Delta,  Japan Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines.

I would love to hear any questions you may have about any of this. I would also love to help you book your next trip. Please let me know if I can help you.

Yoga at the airport

I have to admit that I’m not big into the health bandwagon. I eat pretty healthily most of the time, but when I’m doing something fun with friends or out with my siblings, when I choose what I’m eating, I choose what tastes good and not necessarily what is good for me. I’m not in an exercise program or anything.

But having recently been in an airplane for hours on end, this made me laugh out loud. I mean, you’re sitting on the airplane for these long stretches of time, and you’ll feel like you’re in a can of sardines because you’re packed in there so tightly. It isn’t exactly a lot of fun. I think having exercise stations at the airport would be pretty popular, especially for those on lay overs between long flights.

Yoga is on the rise, and I can’t help but wonder if part of the reason for this is that we’re sitting on computers so much of the time. But parents are starting to get children involved in yoga as well.

It is nice that airports re putting yoga studios in when they can. But I wonder if they are going to charge you to exercise? The yoga stations are named with those upscale lounges and places you can actually sleep in at the airport, and I know these places usually cost you a pretty penny to get into.

My personal thought is that these yoga stations should be free. I would love to know your thoughts.

Taking a break as a mother #3

Just to let you know, things have come up in my family, and I do not think I am going to work tomorrow. I’ve said it before, January is going to be a pretty crazy month for me.

We’ve been talking about mothers gets away from time to time. It is good for us to step away and have time just by ourselves. Make it a time to do the things you enjoy, like sleeping late, reading a good book, or even binge watching your favorite shows or movies.

  • I know we kind of already talked about this, but dads can and should watch their kids from time to time. In my family, Mom was always the one to keep order and make sure everything was done right. Hey, she had eight children,, order was necessary for survival. When Mom left us for a day or two with Dad, it was a time to order pizza, eat more dessert and watch tv.
  • Having Mom gone is a treat for the children too. Any time you do something different, it seems fun, especially when you are young. It is a time for children to bond with Daddy.
  • Another thing you might want to consider is taking the children to the grandparents, and have your home to yourself for a while. This way you have all the comforts of your own home while enjoying the quiet.

Taking a break as a mother #2

Have you ever absolutely loved something you did, but felt like you had to take a break? When you’re with little people 24/7, sometimes you need that break. What would you do? Maybe go to the bathroom by yourself? Take some time to talk to an actual adult for a change? We started talking about this yesterday in Taking a break as a mother, but let’s looks at some more tips today.

  • No matter what they tries to tell you, your husband can and should keep your children from time to time . It will be good for father and children to have time to bond. Leaving them for a day or two at a time should not hurt anyone.
  • But if you’re wanting some alone time with said husband, consider leaving your children with your parents or his. If your parents are far away, do you have any friends who would like to watch them?
  • Make your mommy getaway plans far in advance, so everyone will know when these things will take place. If you are going to do a whole weekend, think about doing these retreats once every three months. If you just want a day, you might get away with doing this every other month.
  • Let family and close friends know that you would like to start these getaways. Some people might have places that you could stay.

I will have more on this tomorrow. Let me know know your thoughts.

Taking a break as a mother

Being a mother is a wonderful thing. A lot of young girls  know they want to be mothers when they grow up from when they are young. And most women can’t resist babies. But like every other occupation, sometimes we need to step back from the day to day of our lives and just enjoy being ourselves. Maybe we feel the need on reconnect with our spouse, or maybe it’s times to really plan that trip we’re always about with our girlfriends but never seem to take.

Having children makes them our top priority. As infants, they come completely dependent on us. We have to do everything for them, even if it’s in the middle of the night, and we’re completely worn out. And then comes the stage where they are constantly following you, and you can’t get a moment’s rest, no matter how much yo may need it.

First, let’s look at at some ways you can tell you need to take a break.

  • Babies need their diapers changed, that is just part of life. When you feel personally offended every time one of your little people need to be changed, it is probably time for a break.
  • When the only thing you really want is some time to yourself, it may be time to consider planning one of these. You may be one of the most people persons, but when all you do each day is to pray for naptime or bedtime, it’s unwise to go on like this for too long.
  • Or maybe you’re rushing through all the stuff you know you need to do each day. You aren’t happy with anything you’re doing, but you can’t seem to make yourself do anything the right way.

This is an important topic, and we are going to talk about this again tomorrow. Until then, I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Traveling… With children

I’m an aunt, and it’s one of my favorite things in life. But let’s face it, children change your life. It’s harder to be completely spontaneous in what we do, especially when it comes to. Today let’s look at some tips for traveling with children.

  • When you are traveling with children, it is harder to travel light. This is especially true if you’re traveling with small children. You don’t want to forget any of the essentials. But one thing you should know is that each of cruiselines and resorts are going to have the diapers, the baby formula and food you might need.
  • Should you buy, or register for, a portable crib and special travel strollers and things like that? It depends greatly on how much travel you want to do, and if you want to take your babies to remote places of the the earth.
  • A lot of international flights are going to have baby beds you can attach to your seats. Book your flights early and make your request for a baby bed. And then you will want to call and remind them at least once before you fly.
  • Be sure to pack toys, books and snacks for the time that you are actually traveling. If you’re flying, the people around you will thank you for this. Older kids will appreciate you downloading movies on you Ipad.

We are going to get back to this discussion tomorrow. But I would love to know your thoughts on anything I’ve said.