Traveling to Italy

Yesterday did not go the way I thought or hoped that it mi. I meant to work, truly I did, but it just was not happening. Oh well, I think we’re back to normal life for a while.

When someone asks me what I do I’ll tell them that I’m a travel agent, and a lot of times they will bring up that they have always dreamed of going to Italy. After al, Italy was once home to the great Roman Empire. Obviously it is the home of the Roman Catholic Church. And who doesn’t like Italian food? Today let’s look at some tips on how to plan a great trip to Italy.

  • If you are going to be short on time on this trip, you are going to be sure to visit the big three, Rome, Florence, and Venice. This is especially true if this is your first trip to this great country.
  • We all know that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you shouldn’t try to explore it in a day either. You will want to be sure to see their Colosseum, and you will also want to see Vatican City.. You will also want to do some shopping there.
  • What’s in Florence you may ask. Well, there is statue called “David ” by Michelangelo. You might have heard of it? You will want to take in their beautiful countryside
  • You know that Venice is built on water, don’t you? You will want to take a tour on one of their gondolas. They have beautiful palaces you can visit too.

Multi generational destination suggestions

I’m always talking about multi generational travel, and how good it is for everyone involved. But first, let’s discuss what it is for those that do not know. Multi generational travel is where a mother and father not only take their children on vacation, they also take at least one set of their parents, and maybe some of their siblings and their children as well. With families tending to spread out across the nation, and the world, these trips are a great way to keep families connected. Today let’s look at some safe places you might want to go on your next multi generational trip.

  • First of all, there is Ireland. Maybe your family has Irish blood, and everyone wants to take a look at where your ancestors came from. You will love the green pasturelands of this beautiful country. You’l also want to spend one evening in one of the pubs. You will definitely get a taste of Irish culture there.
  • Or you might want to try Finland. You will not find many places that you’ll want to hike. And you might be lucky and actually see the sun. But this is one of those very safe countries. This is a wonderful place just to relax. Did you know that France is one of the most visited countries in the world? They have a lot of great culture and art that you will want to explore. You and your family will also enjoy a lot of sightseeing opportunities. And you must try some of their cafe cafes.
  • Our United States made it this top ten list at number seven. When asked specifically what multi generational travelers might enjoy, they mentioned our beautiful beaches. Large families can enjoy beach time because there is so much for everyone to do there.
  • Does your family love to do sightseeing things together? You might want to try Italy. There is plenty of things everyone will want to try. And of course, everyone will lo

Some about Rome

Rome is a pretty popular destination. Italy is known for having exquisite food and wine. Some of the greatest artists of the Renaissance were Italy, and so there is a lot of art museums you may want to explore. And of course, Rome itself is home to the Catholic Church and. Today let’s start by looking at a few basics.

  • First, when do you want to travel to Rome? It is usually best to go either sometime in April or May, or sometime in September or October. The summer months can get extremely hot here. And even if you do want to brave the heatwave, you will want to avoid August because that’s when the people there take their vacations. Airfare is usually at its lowest in September and October, which is another thing you’d want to keep in mind.
  • How long should you plan to stay in Rome? That mostly depends on what you want to see while there. If you want to see all the major sites, you’ll want to stay between four days and a week. Doing it in less than that is going leave you feeling pretty rushed. And part of the point of vacationing is to relax.
  • Speaking of relaxing, you are going to find plenty of places to sleep. The closer you get to the heart of the city, the the more expensive the hotels usually are. If you are short on time, this might be worth the convenience. Europe has a lot of hostels too.
  • And finally, where should you eat? You are not going to go hungry here. There are literally restaurants everywhere you look. And one thing you should be aware of when ordering pizza is that if you are ordering pepperoni, they will think that you want. What we call pepperoni they call salami. x

How Costa sets itself apart

Being in business for myself, I hear, “You must find ways to set yourself above your competition” and similar things all the time.. And for myself, I know I want to give families great service so that they will turn to me to book their travel. Hopefully they will also tell their friends about me as well… Costa is a cruiseline that wants to stand out from their competition. Let’s look at some ways they are doing that.

  • They are offering some of the most inexpensive cruise fares in Europe around. They are doing things like “kids sail free” and “on board credit”. They also have longer times in port. And you will be touring places like the Canary Islands and the Greek Isles.
  • Costa is an Italian line, and so they are going to have some of the world’s finest cuisine out there. A Michelin star chef designs their menus. Their main dining rooms are delicious, serving mostly Italian favorites. But they will also have specialty restaurants with Asian food as well as mozzerella bars and pizzerias. They also have a great selection of wines.
  • A lot of different cultures are represented on Costa cruises. So you never know who you might run into, which cultures you might get to explore simply by making new friends.
  • Costa has a great children’s program.. And let me say here that I don’t think many of the other premium brands does much with children. Costa program will keep the littles busy from morning until night. They will also have things for your teens to enjoy. enter.
  • I would love to know any questions you might have about Costa. Have you ever been on one of their cruises? Would you like to? Please let me know.

Culinary cruise


My sister in law came in for a quick visit. She and my brother live out in New Mexico. But she’s back east and stopped by for a couple of hours. So I’m getting a very late start today. I’m It is turning into one of those days where things keep up, things are taking longer than usual, people keep coming by. But anyway, I am going to try to get some work done.

Culinary travel is becoming more and more popular. I mean, who doesn’t like to eat, especially when they are on vacation? People are describing themselves as foodies more and more. So Oceania Cruises has decided to tap into this growing market, and do a culinary cruise along the Mediterranean. And Master Chef Jacques Pepin will be the host of this event.

People who go on this cruise will be able able to go to book signings with the chef. There will also be meet and greets you can attend. And of course, there will also be culinary demonstrations by the host himself. They will have specially designed menus, and lots of ways you can indulge your epicurea side. Please let me know if you are interested in doing something like this. I would be more than happy to help you.

Mediterranean cruises #2

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I’m on and ready to work earlier today, which is always a good thing. I have switched the company I am working for, though I am still Family Trips Inc. When you’re a travel agent working from home, you usually have your own business but are under an umbrella company… I guess that’s the best way to describe it. Anyway, I have initial training to do, and a lot of things to do. So let’s get started.

Back to Mediterranean cruises… There is a French cruiseline called Ponant that is going to be exploring parts of Italy and Greece as well as some smaller countries. This is going to be a seven night cruise. You will have two elegant restaurants to choose from. There are some beautiful suites you can stay in.

Norwegian Cruise Lines, which may be the most reasonably cruise in this list, has a voyage which will explore parts of Italy, France and Spain. On this cruise you will have access to a bowling alley, an adults only beach club, and a comedy club.. Let me know if you are interested in either of these..

Mediterranean cruises #1

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I am coming back from spending kind of a surprise weekend with my favorite aunt and her kids. I had an absolute blast. But I am finding that I’m not as sad as I usually am coming home from time with the family.. I have a lot I need to do, and somehow I feel quite ready to tackle it.. I did have some personal stuff to catch up on. and so I am much later than I would like to be, but hopefully I am going to get back in a more normal routine.

Okay, so let’s talk about Mediterranean cruises. Summer is a great time to cruise Europe, but so is the fall. And it looks like the article I am reading is going to be talking about unusual cruises that are going to France, Spain, Italy, Greece and croatia.

Beginning this year, Windstar is taking two luxury ships to the coast of Spain. You will actually be setting out in Portugal for this eight day voyage. Most of the passengers will be staying in suites. People will be enjoying some downtime, and during that time you can relax at the spa or spend the day at the pool. Your journey will end in Barcelona.

Is sailing through Italy your dream? You might be interested to know that a company called Star Clippers does just that. You will also be exploring parts of Greece and Croatia on this cruise. This is an eleven night voyage… We are going to get back to this tomorrow. Let me know if you are interested in either of these.

Avanti’s Italy part #3

I think we are going to continue on with Italy. There is more of this training, and I’m finding it fascinating… I am going to be honest, my family rarely stays in hotels, we’d rather stay with friends or family, and when we do have to have a hotel it’s the cheapest place we can find. I don’t know anything about starred hotels or what that even means. [Alert : this is likely to be a future post] but even the three star hotel looks very nice to me. And this hotel is in Florence. It actually looks more like a home there would instead of your average hotel.


san Gimignano is another place you can visit through Avanti. This city is in North Italy, and is famous for its architecture. It is also known for its white wine, apparently they grow the perfect grapes to make the wine. You can see the vineyards… Another city is Lucca, and this is a walled city. You can walk around the walls of this city and get an amazing view. Montepulciano is a city you should visit if you are into history. This city is also known to have excellent food and wine.


Besides hotels, Avanti also has villas you can stay in villas. These are perfect if you are traveling in a group. Or villas are also a nice option to consider if you decide to go to Italy with Avanti on your honeymoon.


Avanti really wants you to immerse in the culture of wherever you are going. So they are going to give you the cooking classes and the wine tastings. They want you to get to know the people, and what their lives are really like in the cooking classes, you will not only learn to cook, but you will also learn how the locals shop.


I I find it interesting that one of the tours they call romantic is in what was once a monastery. It has now been turned into a five star hotel. It has two restaurants on the property, and you will mostly be served very fresh foods.


I’m still not through this training. And I’m not sure whether I am going to pick this back up tomorrow. But I would love to know your thoughts so far.

Avanti’s Italy part #2

I am hopefully going to be writing a magazine article this week, honestly, it’s just an online magazine. And I’m doing this to get some advertisement for my business. I’ve always loved to write, and hope this is my first of many ventures toward publication… So I need to get this done and move on to other things.


Let’s get back to Azamara’s Italy.. One thing I did not mention yesterday is that most of your tours should be covered in your package price, you will not have to pay extra on most things. With Avanti, you are going to be staying in very nice accommodations. The lowest places you can stay at are three star hotels. I’m seeing pictures of rooms that are absolutely stunning.


from Rome, we are moving on to Venice, which is where most of you’re traveling is done by water in gondolas. But there are some actual roads there. Not much has changed in Venice in the last six hundred years, wowzers! And again, with Azamara, you are going to stay in very nice hotels. One of your hotel options is a refurbished palace. This hotel does have internet, and also has an elaborate breakfast which most Americans just love. This is what is called a 3+ star hotel. But you can always upgrade to a nicer hotel if you like.


Next, we are going to talk about Florence. The picture they have up to introduce Florence is a beautiful picture of a lake at night, with lights shining off of it. You should go to Florence if you love art. This is the city where the Renaissance started, so you are going to see some of the world’s masterpieces.


I think that is enough for today.. I think Italy may be one of the places I’d personally like to visit most. What about you?

Avanti’s Italy part #1

I had a really nice weekend, and have several things planned for evenings this week… I also heard that the next couple of weeks we are going to be doing some traveling. We aren’t going anywhere until after Friday, so this week should be pretty normal with work, but after that I’m not sure how much I’ll be around for the next couple weeks. I have several things I want to do today, so let’s get started.


Today let’s look at Italy, and what people might do there. Not only is my Grandma Italian, I also have some clients hoping to go sometime next summer… This training I’m listening to is by Avanti, and I think they tend to be on the nicer end of travel. Avanti does not have trips anywhere in the world. They want to do the destinations they do have to perfection, so that’s why they are limited. Avanti has a whole lot of connections with all aspects of travel, making it easier for you, and me, your travel agent, to plan excellent trips without a lot of trouble. You need to describe your dream trip, and Avanti and I can make it happen.


Moving on to Italy itself, it sounds like you are going to do a minimum of a six night stay. You will be staying in at least three star hotels. Your breakfasts will be part of the travel package, as well as one three-course dinner at each of your destinations, meaning each city you visit. You can do three days in Rome, three days in Florence or Venice. But really where you go and what you do are up to you. Avanti’s packages are mostly suggestions. You are going to be able to customize anything you wish. You are also more than welcome to add a river cruise before or after your trip to Italy. Italy is great for those who love art and culture, as well as those that love food and wine. Rome itself has a ton of history, because of the great Roman empire which we all learned about in history. And it is also the center of the Catholic faith, of course. You can choose different tours you would like to do. The Vatican is one of your options. You can also do art tours or do a tour of the colleseums. All of these are three-hour tours, but if you decide to do a Pompeii tour, that is going to be twelve hours.


I am going to stop this for today and get to some other things… I will pick this back up tomorrow.