Interesting destinations for young adults


Maybe you are a young mother. You and your husband have two small children, and you want to know where your peers are going on vacation. Or maybe you have college students in your family that you would like to take on vacation. You are just unsure of where they might like to go. Today we are going to take a look at some destinations you just might like.

  • With everyone crazy about Meghan Markle and her marriage to Prince Harry, what young person wouldn’t want to go to London? Most everyone would probably like to visit the palace. You are also going to get a taste of many different cultures here. This city also has a lot of free museums you might want to explore.
  • Or maybe you would like to go to Paris. This is another city that will have a lot of fine art. You will want to take selfies at the famous Eifle Tower, if for no other reason than that every other young person does that. You will probably also find some nice vineyards to explore. And don’t forget to enjoy their many cafes.
  • And what young person wouldn’t want to go to the Big Apple? Most would love to take in at least one Broadway show. You may also want to greet Lady Liberty. Times Square offers a lot in the way of shopping. And you will want to try real New York pizza.

Avanti tours

I know I said we were going to get back to our discussion about the bachelorette getaways. The problem is that I don’t think there is enough about travel. So instead, let’s look at some trips that Avanti, a tour company, has put together for those of us still interested in taking a summer vacation.

  • First, let’s look at what Avanti has to offer in London. You are going to be able to go on a a Beatles’ tour. You will also be able to take a look at the city’s street art and grafitti, and tour a gin distillery. You might also enjoy a Harry Potter afternoon. As you can see, this is not your average London tour.
  • Are you a foodie? You might want to try Avanti’s tour of Barcelona. Here you will be doing a tapas tour. There will be cooking classes you can take. You will also be going to a dinner show. There is also a food walking tour.
  • Avanti will be doing a tour of Madrid too. You will be able to do tapas tours here as well. You will also be doing taverns and market tours. Madrid has a royal palace that everyone visiting must see. They also have some interesting museums.
  • Avanti also takes people to Prague. Here you will be choosing between a beer tour and a coffee house tour. There will be are visits to the markets and cooking classes. There will also be a royal palace here to visit.

Suggested trips for solo travelers

Sometimes you would like nothing better than to get away from everyone you know and love, and just experience a different side of life for a little while. Knowing myself, I’d probably just hole up somewhere and work. My idea of vacations is to spend good time with people I love. But maybe you want to get away by yourself and do some exploring. Let’s look at some places you might want to consider for a solo trip.

  • Paris is the first place they mention on this list. Do you dream of seeing the City of Lights, but maybe your significant other has already been or has no interest in going. There are plenty of cafes to visit when you do want some human interaction. Go see the Eifle tower. Enjoy some of their beautiful parks.
  • Or is London more your thing? Maybe you want to take a tour of all the royal palaces without worrying if your little one is going to have a melt down. Take in a play at The Globe. Visit Westminster Abbey. Can’t decide between these first two? Doing both of these on one adventure would be quite easy to pull off.
  • Thailand is an incredibly hot destination right now. Perhaps part of that is most everyone loves their food. Solo travelers are going to love Bangkok . You can usually find something pretty interesting going on in their streets. You can also visit some of their shrines and some great outdoor markets.
  • Do you just love the Sound of Music? Why don’t you go to Vienna where this amazing story took place? There is a lot of interesting architecture here. And if you are a coffee lover, you are going to find more to love about this place.
  • If you are looking for some gorgeous weather, you might want to try Sydney, Australia. This is a fantastic place to just unwind. You can chill out on their beautiful beaches, or enjoy some of their water sports.

London/Cayman Islands

I’m sorry if my posts seem a little disjointed I have several things going. We’re in the midst of having several things to do with friends and making some decisions about my future. I’m doing what I can to work in between the other things. But anyway..

When you think of London, surely one place that comes to mind to visit is the infamous Tower of  London. A lot of famous people have been kept here, including some kings or their wives. Sir Walter Raleigh was held captive in this place for over seventeen years. You might also want to see the crown jewels. It looks like you will need to set up a guided tour in order to get look at these.

Let’s move our discussion from London to the Cayman islands. These islands make up part of the Caribbean. But these islands are more sophisticated. Tourism and finance are the biggest industries here, which means that they enjoy a pretty high standard of living. To be honest, you are going to find their prices slightly higher, but they do have exceptional service.

Let’s stop here for today. We will talk more about the Cayman Islands tomorrow.

London #1

Today let’s look at some of what is available in London. London is one of the top places that people want to go in Europe, along with Paris and Rome. London is the place of romance and royalty, of high teas and long ago adventures.

One of the reasons that London is once again gaining in popularity is because of the royal wedding that is about to take place between Prince Harry and Lady Meghan. Now I am sorry, but no one can marry at Westminister Abbey who is not royalty. However, there are definitely other places in London where couples can exchange their vows. If you love animals, there a couple of different places near the London Zoo where you are welcome to marry. You can also marry near famous works of art. Do you want be married in style? Try being married at May fair Fair. This is where the high society people go.

London has a lot of different hotels where you can stay. You can choose between inexpensive places and high end accommodations and pretty much anything in between.

This is a city where a lot of foreigners have gathered, so you are going to be able to sample all kinds of cuisine. And again you are going to find a lot of different ranges when it comes to how much you can get a meal for.

We are going to stop here. I think we are going to get back to this tomorrow, but I’m not 100% sure I am going to be online tomorrow

More kid friendly places in London


I have to confess that I’ve taken on several work projects on lately, and figuring out how to do everything in the way way and order is not easier. I do have to remind myself that I go out on Thursday mornings, so time is shorter most weeks… But let’s get back to kid friendly places in London.

  • If you have dreamed of going on a tour of Kensington Palace, this is probably not the best place to take your toddler. However, this palace does have lovely gardens that your little ones will enjoy. Why don’t you leave your little one with your husband or a friend, and go enjoy the tour by yourself?
  • You’ve seen those double decker buses any time you watch anything about London, right? But what you might not know is that kids eleven and under ride those buses for free. So this is one fun thing you can do with your child that isn’t going to cost much.
  • The Arsenal Stadium and Museum has a great self-paced audio tour. This is geared more toward older people. But it is a great place for little ones to run around and climb. Children under five get in free here too.
  • Most families will love walking along the Thames on the Riverside Walk. It is a beautiful view. And along the way you are going to see places like Big Ben and Parliament.

Where to take kids in London

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Sometimes when we think of London, we think of stuffy people in stuffy places, but there are places you can take children in this city. They do have children here too, you know. Today let’s look at some places you might want to take your children in London..

  • The British Museum welcomes even the smallest children. While you are learning about their fascinating history, your young children will be on a scavenger hunt for shapes and colors. The best time for the younger children would be early weekday mornings. Pick up the activity sheets at the front desk.
  • You may want to try Portobello Market, and no, they don’t just sell mushrooms. This is a place where a bunch of things are sold. This is a great place to go when you want to people watch. And they have a lot of places to buy pastries for the children and coffee for the adults.
  • Go to Regent’s park when you and your children just need to run and play. This place has a total of four playgrounds. It’s a wonderful place to get some pent-up energy out. This is also the place where their zoo is located.
  • Looking for some more excitement? Try the London Eye. This is a huge ferris wheel where you can see most of the city. Want to make it even more spectacular? Try to go right at sunset.

More good places to take working vacations


It is a good thing I truly enjoy my job, because I’m working a lot and finding more to do all the time. Or maybe it is because I love working that I’m finding more and more to do. I don’t know. Sadl, part of my work these days is to try to figure out computer problems. I think I am going to need to figure out a new work e-mail address..

Okay, they say that London is a great place to take a working vacation. I know London is on a lot of people’s bucket lists.. Personally I would do my work in the morning, and then not have anything I had to do by the time I started my touring. I know many people like exploring Buckingham Palace. You could take in some plays at The Globe where Shakespeare had his plays performed.

They also say that Vancouver, Canada. One of the best things about this city is the food. And eating is something everyone does, and something most everyone enjoys doing on a pretty regular basis. This city also has some great art. it is also close to both mountains and beach.. Please let me know if you are interested in either of these.

Tauck Tours


I’m definitely starting later than I’d like. I have certain things I do each morning. And then I also have a friend who is hopefully going to be a pretty good client, and I wanted to send her some things. So that has taken some time.

Today I thought we’d learn some more about Tauck tours. I’ve been reading about this group, and would like to learn more… Tauck is a family business, owned and operated by three generations. This tour company pretty much does everything, from river cruising to land journeys across the globe. They craft every trip according to your needs, striving to be known for their personalized service. These tours are all-inclusive, and by now you know that means you are going to get your accommodations, your meals, and admission to any sites in the tours as part of the package price.

Tauck does take families, church groups, book clubs on their tours. To give you an example of the kind of trip that Tauck does, let’s look at their itinerary for London. The first day you’ll arrive in the evening and will just have a reception that evening. On your first full day you will explore you will see the palace and Westminster Abbey, and then that afternoon you’ll be sites significant to Will and Kate’s courtship and marriage On day two, you will explore the British museum, and then that afternoon you will see Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. You’ll also take a ride in London’s Eye where you’ll be looking down on the whole city. Day four you’ll tour BBC, and sites significant to that. Day five you’ll be looking at sites related to the great fire as well as World War II. And then this tour is over on day six… I’d love to go on one of these tours myself. Let me know if you’re interested.