Cold War Ship turned into luxurious yacht

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Some days I feel like I have everything together. I am able to get things done. Things come together well. I have great ideas… And other days nothing goes right. This morning was the latter. But thankfully I should have several hours to work this afternoon, so let me go on and get started.

The picture above is of what used to be used as a spy ship during the Cold War, if you can believe it… The ship actually had its beginnings as simply a normal ship. But in 1970, it was turned into a spy vessel, and it was used by the Soviets to spy on us.

But now it has been transformed into a luxurious yacht. You can rent this yacht for about twenty-five thousand each week. If you do decide to rent it, you will have the whole thing to yourself. It has an indoor pool for your use, and an outdoor Jacuzzi. It also has a lot of sportingequipment that is at your disposal.. My big question is how would you eat on this thing? At this price, are you cooking for yourselves?.. Let me know if you want me to find out more about this.